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Day: October 11, 2022

Nickel and dimed to death

All home folks so no disclaimer.
Whether Aaron Rodgers or Alex Rodriguez i think that act like total douche bags. Narcistic, check. Bad teammates, check. All about getting the glory. Check.
Decided to do A-R-O-D
with a Texas twist cause everything is bigger in Texas.
All solo style-no partner.
100 Alabama ass kickers
Run to Mayor’s truck and back
200 Rosalitas
300 Overhead claps
400 Dips
Run anytime you a need break on the exercise.

This sucked. Q FAIL. Doesn’t work. 400 of anything is dumb, dumb, dumb. Definite partner work. Stupid Ass Q.
Omaha to bleachers off curbs for dips. Took up 35 minutes though.

YHC form sucked ass halfway mark. Will makeup on own with good form once my arms decide to work again in the morning.

Next part is nickle and dimed.
5 burpees, 10 freddie merc, 5 hillbillies, 10 imperial walkers, 5 pretzel crunch right, 10 lbc, 5 pretzel crunch left, 10 flutters, 5 abe vigodas 10 SSH, 5 pretzel crunch right, 10 lbc, 5 pretzel crunch left.
Mercifully our time ran out.

Convergence Saturday at Bulldog 0700
Christmastown 5k Speed for Need
Christmas party

Termite’s brother
Gumby’s mom
Def Leppard 2.0 wedding
Those unspoken

YHC took us out

300th Post

17 HIM showed up this am for some Folsom beat down, today was a special day for me as it was my 300th post since I started F3 last October. I’ve been post counting and eyeballing the calendar to try and to line up my 300th post for a Q, I’ve had my eyes set on the 11th for about a month.  To keep up the trend for my other milestone post Q’s everything is 300 reps (probably won’t do a 400).  As we got started we had a few stragglers show as the warmup started, but late or on time just glad to have them there.


10 Gravel pickers IC

20 Side Straddle Hops

Moroccan Night clubs

10 Burpees

20 more SSH waiting for Sparky

10 more Burpees so he didn’t feel left out


Mosey to Shelter


Dora with partner, one does the work, one runs top of parking lot and back.

300-Step ups count both sides




I Found a variation of the AB workout from the movie 300 and it happened to be 300 reps to continue with the theme.  

300 AB workout, 300 Reps of abs.

50 Big boys with a reach up

25 Side crunches to left

25 Side crunches to the right

50 American hammers both count one side

50 Hi/low scissor crosses one cross low one high.

Leaning knees drives left 25

Leaning knee drives right 25

Wiper planks 50 each side

We barely made it back to COT for time. I appreciate everyone who came out for my 300th post and thanks to Balljoint for pushing me to get into F3 and handing over site Q duties for Folsom.



Convergence 15th at Bulldog WA Bess School

Stanley Creek Massacre



Sarlacc’s job Interviews

Family’s that have lost babies


MW grandma

Stripers Brother

Our F3 brothers and family

Purple Haze mom

Hacksaw and Roundups family

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