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Day: October 22, 2022

What is a painlab?

We did pain!  Not really.  No one wanted any, so I joined possibly the best boot camp in the history of F3 let by another buck.  Buckshot – you’ll have to read his bb to find out what happened





Merkin Mile

Traffic must have been horrible in the big metropolis of Gastonia this morning because the PAX didn’t start rolling in until right at 0700. 15 in total and after a quick warmup, 5 headed to Pain Lab and 10 chose bootcamp.

After a mosey to the track at Grier, we got started on the main event….a Merkin Mile.

Each round consisted of a buy in of 5 burpee’s, 10 oblique crunches each side, 15 mountain climbers and 20 big boys. This was followed by a lap around the track performing various Merkins every 100 meters.
Round 1 – 25 Merkins at each 100 meters

Round 2 – 20 Werkins at each 100 meters

Round 3 – 15 Diamond Merkins at each 100 meters

Round 4 – 10 Perfect Form Merkins at each 100 meters


A recovery lap around the track with NUR, karaoke and high knee skips was taken to let the arms recover.

Time for partner work. 10 Booyah Merkins then each partner does 25 LBC’s. R&R with 8, 6, 4 and 2 Booyah’s.


One more recovery lap with 25 dying cockroaches and 25 squats every 100 meters.

Mosey back to the start to finish with some Mary, but since we had a little time we stopped for 20 rocky balboa’s and 12 hip slippers for Whoopee.


Christmas Party 12/3

See YHC if you have someone interested in being a Track Commander for Christmastown 5k


Prayer Request




Praise for Sarlaac job

Nutria has a friend and brother in law with cancer


YHC took us out.
‘I’m Broke

What We Doin?

Old School 10/22/22
Lively group of smack talkers gathered on a brisk morning. Most guys still rocking the shorts except Slaw is ready for winter with the sweat pants, hoodie and (I looked this up) a toboggan/beanie/Knitted winter hat/Snookie/Sherpa. We always just called them toboggans when I was growing up. Let’s get the blood flowing… with a lap around track.


Warmup: Cotton pickers, Right over left stretch, Left over right stretch, Low Slow Squats, MNC’s, let’s go!

Mosey toward Court Square stopping at intersections for 3 burpees.

4 corners: 10 military merkins (elbows in tight), next corner 10 military merkins, 20 CDD’s. Next corner 10 military merkins, 20 CDD’s, 30 overhead claps. Next corner 10 military merkins, 20 CDD’s, 30 overhead claps, 40 MNC’s.

Mosey to gazebo for ab circle. 15 single count of each:
Flutters (Count right side)
American Hammers (Count right side)
Freddie Mercuries (Count right side)
Reverse Crunch,
Oblique crunch right and then left, corrected to be called Pretzel crunch.
Elbow Plank in honor of Sargento’s royal elbow having surgery Monday.

Mosey back near to the entrance of Court Square for triple nickel, 5 perfect form merkins (Broke was the first one I heard call these as they are hand release and then shoulder taps on each shoulder is one and they require full extension to complete). Run over the court house steps to opposite side near the electric car chargers for 5 low slow squats, 5 times. Freight was leading and Mayor and Blart were close.

Mosey long way around the court house square and cross the street to fairly new parking lot for Route 66 with CDD’s and bear crawl eleven spaces. I am not good at bear crawling and I am told that means I need to do more to get better but I am not sure that is working. Several of these guys make it look easy but it is not for me.

Mosey the long way near Country Kitchen by the old textile plant back up to Kotter’s Korner to the start. Still some time left.

Partner up. Partner 1 runs the parking lot and does 10 merkins and runs back while partner 2 flutter kicks. Switch for 3 turns each. Then change the exercises to LBC’s and SSH mainly because I was merkined out.

As someone once said (Freight today): “Nobody cares what you can do when your fresh”, so one sprint around the track. I took an early lead and faded on the back stretch. Wirenut rolled his arse past everyone to finish first. I was first in my age group.

Word: Be sure you are doing the things today with and around your child that you will be glad you did when they are grown because it will be here so soon. My daughter is getting married next Saturday and will live in Shelby and while I am so happy for her and I will miss seeing her every day as she is one of my favorite people!
Thanks to all the guys who came out and always push me to do more than I thought I could!

Christmas Party 12/3
Christmatown 5k 11/26

Gumby’s mom
Pallbearer’s son Luke
Pockets dad

What’s your excuse

Brisk October morning for an inspiring run.  Our fearless nantan suffered a displaced fracture to his humerus (no its not funny) last week while battling combatants at the Crammer Mountain golf club.   Even though he is facing surgery and the bone is still displaced he not only posted but RAN the 5 miles this morning at an 8:20 pace. Put that in your stovepipe next time you hit the snooze.


Can food drive – collecting can goods Sat Nov 4

Christmas party Dec 3

Christmastown 5K


Prayers for Sargento – surgery Monday

John Griffin friend of Sargentos with pancreatic caner

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