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Day: October 6, 2022

161 hour rule

So we here in the Gastonia region have the understanding that backblasts should be completed within 48 hours. This hurts, but YHC has been slippin’ with this one. 161 hours ain’t good. My apologies.

The weather was perfect. The weinke was ready. This is what happened…


Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey west toward the bail bond shop. Everybody grab the position for wall sits, then with marching, then with overhead claps.

Mosey around the corner for…not what Short Sale expected. He thought we were going to do Route 66. Hahaha! Head fake to some 11’s. Do merkins at one end, run to the light and do dying cockroaches. This took quite a while because it was a fur piece.

Mosey down South Street to the corner and do monkey humpers IC pointed at McQuitter’s wall as a salute.

Keep going down the block, hang a left and head into the parking deck for the Thang. At the top of the deck we saw a sight probably no one ever thought we’d see. A high rise construction crane in downtown G’town! Another salute to this is the Dora 123.

Partner up, #1 runs around the top part of the deck while partner #2 does the exercise. 100 Daniel Sons (it’s a crane, get it?), 200 CDDs, 300 LBCs. It was awesome!

Mosey down the deck and around the block to the start. Under the pavilion we did a Bear Crawl ring of fire with the PAX doing Shoulder Taps while we took turns bear crawling acound the circle. Time!

Announcements: Amoeba Ruck 10/8, Dredd 10/, Convergence 10/15, Christmas Party 12/3

Prayer Requests: Purple Haze’s mom, Golddigger’s grandmother

Come back Q


After realizing it’s been way too long I decided to hit up Slaw for a Q . I asked if he would cover if I got hung up at work but no need I made it.

Warm up

Right over left , don Q’s lbc’s



Hade a few things in mind but decided on a stroll around the lake loop.

Our tour had a few stops along the way . We stopped about ever 25 mile or so and did ring of fire merkins, squats, lbc’s , imperial walker- toy soldiers Leppard ‘s not the only one to mess that up . As we made our way to the Dam we stopped for a few mike Tyson’s and hip slappers . We really don’t do enough of those anymore.

As we made our way back to the flag area we grabbed a few blocks for a round of colt 45’s and 2 rounds of Merkin plank walks across the blocks. This was not as easy as I thought it would be but still a good upper body choice

Prayer request

Huck, Sarlacc, those with family dealing with illness, and a few more I can’t recall

As my job takes me to many different places I was working at a treatment facility today and just talking to the lady in charge made me think about how lucky I am to not have someone close to me that is currently struggling with addiction. Men this will affect us in some way sooner or later and I hope I am ready to fight if I need to.



This Thursday pub’s crew ran to Martha’s and back. The Diablo guys did dirty deeds in the alley behind the pub. (Their BB by others).

Dredd at Gashouse this Saturday. Be there or be square.
Convergence at Bulldog next Saturday with the across the southern border guys.
Amoeba ruck later that same Saturday.
Christmastown 5k. Need track commanders to ride in chairs.
Christmas party at Lewis Farms.

Sargento’s friend with pancreatic cancer
Termite’s friend
Bedpan’s uncle
Those unspoken

Thanks for letting me Q.

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