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Day: October 26, 2022

Individual Initiative

Four runners took off on the Coconut Horse route while two ruckers went off to parts unknown for about 45 minutes.  It was a morning where we discussed gloves or no gloves, short sleeves with gloves, shorts and long sleeves, and other gear related questions.

The conversations were all inclusive for the first 3 miles but then separation occurred as sometimes happens and everyone tends to run their own race.

Short Sale joined for Q Source on Sua Sponte leadership.  Basically the 5 core principles pave the way for the framework of F3 structure, but the individual initiative to make things happen is the secret sauce of F3.  Decentralized Command and cover and move all day long!


Canned food drive


Prayer requests:


EZ rider’s family




Members Only

Crowd has been very light at Members Only for quite some time now.  Even a few “regulars” haven’t been seen in a while.  Hope that trend turns.  This is one of the opportunities we have for Q source each week.

Started with two runners, one rucker and one walker.  Another runner joined later.

Met at 7:15 for pledge.

Announcements:  Christmas party upcoming, November is opportunity for those who don’t Q often to step in and lead

Prayer requests:  Breaker Breaker son and daughter in law moving back to area from Daniel Island, Sargento arm, Huck and Turtleman, little girl in my son kindergarten class who is a cancer patient – she in remission but need continued prayers

YHC took us out

Always an honor


The Future

A good crowd at Midoriyama today. Several PAX were out getting in some EC. Golddigger was out pushing Nugget in the stroller. The Nanatan rolled through fresh off of the royal elbow’s surgery. He seems to be doing fine. He rolled through to bring some of the devil’s elixir to a PAX formerly known as a good Baptist. Being watched by the royal XX chromosome from the car we got started.


Sealjacks, merkins, and some monkey humpers as the royal family drove away.

Let’s go get some blocks.

The Thang:

We lined up out in the street at a light pole and this is what we did. At each light pole do 10 burps, 10 thrusters, and 10 overhead presses. Rifle carry to the next pole, set your block down, and sprint back to the pole that you just come from and back to your block. Rinse and repeat this to the end of the road-7 poles. This was way worse than I thought it was going to be. Shoulders smoked! Nugget seemed to really enjoy this. Oh yeah if you are wondering GD was toting a block and pushing the stroller.

We left the blocks and headed over to dog park hill for a triple nickel. 5 Freddy Mercurys ic at the bottom, Nur up, 5 corkscrews ic at the top, and run down. Legs are now smoked. Nugget got out of the stroller on this one and attacked the hill. He passed Leppard at one point. Time to mosey back to the blocks. Nugget refused to stroll and chose to run getting several kills in route.

So the plan was to rinse and repeat the block work but that wasn’t going to happen and we didn’t have the time either so I changed that up. 1 blockee at the first pole and add one at each pole to pole 7. Good times!



Announcements-Christmas party 12/3

Prayer Request-Tophat knee surgery soon, Gumby’s mom, Mayor’s friend’s child, Leppard 2.1 wedding coming up


Golddigger and Nugget give me hope for the future! I read the Q’s Creed of which I’ll post on the Slack channel for those that haven’t seen it.


Prison Break 10/26

Rolled in at 5am to the Prison Break parking lot expecting to see all the early starters taking off but to my surprise the only ones out there were our ruckers.   Everyone must have misplaced their rain gear today.  6 of us braved the mist and puddles to get some work in and Pall Bearer sent us out in prayer.


MORONS4BEER deadline to sign up and for T shirt October 31st Midnight, please help us gather boxes of stuffing to take down to Columbia with us.  Clown car to leave Folsom at 7:45 November 12th  

Two riders for Christmas town 5k and a possible 3rd committed. Broke would like to get 4 so keep looking for a track commander.

December 3rd Christmas Party

29th dress up in your favorite costume and come post at Folsom

Prayer requests



Purple Haze mother

The F3 babies

All the sick PAX and families

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