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Day: October 10, 2022

Run it back

With there being a celebrity Q at the Gashouse, I wasn’t sure how many pax we would have at The Yank.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see we had a half dozen at 0700.  All vets, so there was a quick disclaimer.  As I like to do I sprinkled some trivia questions into the workout.  The way it works is I ask the question.  Give the pax some time to deliberate.  They give me one final answer.  If they get it right, we move on.  They get it wrong, we all do 5 burpees.

Moseyed the long way around to the pavilion for some Corewood.  We did the following:

Crunchy frogs
Dying cockroaches
Heels to Heaven
American Hammers
Freddie Mercuries
Pretzel Crunches

Mosey up to the track for a double quarter pounder.  We did 25 merkins, ran a quarter way around the track and did 50 squats, another quarter lap then 75 LBCs, another quarter lap then 100 SSHs and then finish out the rest of the lap.  When we got done we liked it so much we decided to run it back.  Literally.  We nurred a quarter lap to do 100 SSHs, nurred a quarter lap to do 75 LBCs….50 squats…25 merkins.

Slow mosey to the upper pavilion to do some dips and step ups.

Mosey back to the track for Dora.  100 seal jacks, 200 shoulder taps and 300 Moroccans (I went easy).

Mosey down to the fountain for what turned into a triple quad.  Squats on one end and CDDs on the other.



Prayer Requests


Bouquet’s VQ @ The Storm

F3 at The Storm
October 4, 2022, 5:30am
46 degrees

Warm up
Side straddle hops
Imperial walker
downward dog
Lunge twist stretch

run around parking lot
Gratitude merkins – no repeats
Sally abs – leg raises, open close, flutters
3min 23 seconds

Run to bottom entrance & back
20 Bobby Hurley at speed bump
Sprint to next speed bump
5 burpees
Sprint to next speed bump
20 Bobby Hurley
Run to baseball field

3 sets of the following, 10 on 4 count
High knees & Ts
Mountain climbers

Run around parking lot to side of school
backwards bear crawl up hill
5 burpees

Run behind school to roundabout
20 Bobby Hurley

Run to bench side of school
One foot on concrete pillar or bench for
Single leg lunge squats 20 each leg
Decline merkins 20
Single leg lunge squats 15 each leg
Decline merkins 20
Single leg lunge squats 10each leg
Decline merkins 20

5 burpees for the train

Run to start
1.85 total miles

The Pledge



Prayer Request

Bouquet closed in prayer


Backin Up My Boy

Man I’m loving the cooler weather!  15 PAX and 1 FNG (nice work ehing Chubbs) showed at PB to put in some work and get’er done.  Montross said he might be a little late getting back in since he was going to attempt a full 5 miles this morning (his 1st in a while).   Off we went and back we came.  T-Ron was right so YHC jumped in and finished us out.  Welcome FNG Robert Comery aka Rum Runner.

Announcements:  Amoeba Ruck 10-8 @ 1st ARP / Alzheimer Walk 10-8 / Bit of Hope 5K 10-8 / Convergence 10-15 @ Bulldog / If you know any Track Commanders for Chrismastown 5K let Broke know ASAP

Prayer Requests:  Mayor’s M traveling / PH’s Mom & Dad / Mayor in general / Huck / Sarlacc employment / one I couldn’t hear / Striper”s knees

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky!

Digital Encouragement

Let your light shine before Men, in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

Mathew 5:16

Last night Sarlacc reached out to have someone take the Q at the Sword. Wichita was unable to make it this morning.

When I seen this message my first thought was, I can take the Q and use one of the many verses Wichita has sent me in the mornings. Not to copy him or to steal ones thunder. Simply I felt that a small piece of Wichita would be at the Q.

Do you send someone or receive from someone encouraging messages or scripture from the Bible?

Just like the verse above seeing that message can illuminate someone’s morning.  I challenge those out there to send a message to another Man maybe it would be best if you send one to your M. Whoever you think needs to see it do it. Be the Light that God knows we can be. Not some low light incandescent be that HUGE L.E.D. light bar you see on a truck going down the road.

God Knows you can because he made you in his image.


Prayer request:

Sarlacc has a few job interviews this week. Stripers Brother, Purple Hazes Mom, Hacksaw and Round Up, Hacksaws Mom passed away last week. Gear Wrenches inlaws.


The Bed Pan is Full….

Courage is needed to fight Chupacabras

These cool mornings are great, especially for a running AO such as Coconut Horse.  As the days get shorter, the darkness can stretch out throughout most of the run, as it does right now along the Coconut Horse route.

With Flintstone rucking (he ran 19.5 miles the day before), YHC was soloing the route.  There is definitely a Chupacabra that lives along the route through the Greenway as we have heard it multiple times as it has gotten darker.  Luckily, I knew today’s Q Source topic was Courage so I was compelled to run through the darkness and battle the deadly animal if necessary.   I guess it knew I was determined to get through the route on schedule and decided to stay in its lair today.

We had a third show to discuss  Courage and it was a lively discussion and one that is so important to F3 in my opinion.  If we are going to be the leaders that our families and communities needs, it will require some courage.  There is a battle going on to diminish the role of us men in the community and if we do not stand up, the deterioration will continue.

Remember the mission of F3 isn’t to go out and workout 20 times/week.  The mission is to use the workouts as a vehicle to invigorate male community leadership.  That’s the point.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and be involved.

F3 is the answer to many things us men are dealing with these days.

Until the next one.



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