Sister act was originally on the roster to Q today but came down with the crud. So I posted I needed a sub in to take it over. Ozark raised his hand until I got a text from him that his truck wasn’t having it this morning, so I threw together a impromptu Q on the crapper at Folsom shortly after arrival. 7 HIM showed to put in the work. Here’s what went down.


Right over left, left over right stretches

10 gravel pickers in cadence

10 Moroccan night clubs in cadence

20 side straddle hops

5 burpees

Go to bottom of parking lot and partner up, catch me if you can to AG center. Partner one drops down for 5 Mike Tysons while the other NURS, after partner one sprints to catch them they trade places.

Grab the pledge

Get on your six.  Hold six inches and spell the uppercase alphabet with your feet.

Mosey to AG center parking lot. Dirty 11’s big boys on one side, merkins on the other burpee in the middle every time.

Go to track. Get on the steps triple nickel

5 step up count one leg run to bar and do 5 pull ups. Repeat 5 times.

We Moseyed back to COT and got a round of iron hulk in before time.


Christmas town 5K

MORONS4BEER November 12th sign ups end 10/31

Stanley creek massacre

December 3rd.

Prayer requests

Stripers brother



All the F3 babies

All the sick PAX and families

Pall bearers boy