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Day: October 25, 2022

I’ve Gotta Work Tomorrow

Well it’s finally fall and we’ve got ourselves a beautiful brisk morning on our hands here in Downtown G-Town. No FNGs quick disclaimer, no Leppard so no extra explanations of what we’re doing and no SA cause he needs his beauty sleep cause he’s gotta work tomorrow. Light warmup with some good stretching and some good mumblechatter to go along with it.

Mosey to the parking deck. The bottom deck is still closed for construction so only 5 levels of insanity for this one.

First round starting on bottom deck we did 5 Burpees per deck all the way to the top.

Second round starting at the top we did 10 Big Boys per deck back down to the bottom.

Third round we ran it back doing 15 HR Merkins at each deck back to the top.

Forth round was more of the same with 20 Bonnie Blair’s (count each leg) at each deck back to the bottom.

Fifth round back to up to the top with 25 Flutters (right leg only) per deck.

Sixth and final round we ran back all of the previous working sets per deck all the way back to the bottom. This was a task that left us pressed for time so I had Omaha out with only 2 Bat Flippers (Ball Joint & Freight) completing the final round.

With a quick mosey back to the Rotary Pavilion we had just enough time to take a quick breath and finish up with the Pledge.

Great Job men I enjoyed this one. I really appreciated all that showed to know and pushed through the daunting task of putting in some work with me this morning knowing all the time that you had to work today and tomorrow.



New Q November, Christmas Town 5k Broke needs Track Commanders, Christmas Party, MORONS4BEER


Mayor and Family, PAX with Babies on the way, Huckleberry, Turtle Man, and many more spoken and unspoken.

Until next time (What were We Doing) I’m out



Don’t miss a Buckshot Fighting Yank Q…

A cold, dark morning started off with a surprise, as the field behind the old middle school revealed itself to be quite unusable for our purposes…so at 6:55am I sped off to find a different field for us to set up shop in.

Landed in the random field next to Alexander Memorial Baptist Church, and across from those hideous lofts being built in downtown Belmont. You see, the name of the game this crisp fall morning? Angleball. We needed the space, we found the space.

Thankfully, my other Buck brother, Buckeye, was present to lead the men through some warmups doing something stupid, before coming to find myself, Gavel, and Watts Up as we finished setting up the game. Here’s reason #1 you shouldn’t miss my Fighting Yank Q’s…I saved them from the Stupid Shuffle.

Angleball was played. Gloves are a bad idea. Rebar is worse at shooting.

Reason #2 you shouldn’t miss a Buckshot Fighting Yank Q…as the PAX finished up their game, which unfortunately I couldn’t play in because I had strained my back the day before, I presented them with donuts and coffee.

That’s what I call a COT.


An honor to lead, an honor to be a part…


40 Reps will kill a man

Some great HIMs showed up for my 40th Birthday Beatdown on a humid and great morning at TRB and here’s what we did…


  • SSH x10
  • Imperial Walkers x10
  • Gravel Pickers x10
  • Burpees x9

Mosey to the back lot for some Rack n Stack

  • 5 Mike Tysons
  • 10 Monkey Humpers
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 ‘Merican Hammers
  • 30 (mm) LBCs
  • 35 (mm) Squats
  • 39 (mm) Flutters

Mosey around front of the school all the way to the bleachers

  • 8 Derkins, 17 Dips
  • Across the Field and back
  • 17 Derkins, 8 Dips

Head back to the flag pole where YHC did 39 burpees while the other PAX  planked or did a wall sit. Thankfully, Gator is a good friend.



An honor to be a part of this group.


Panthers beat the Bucs 21 -3 without McCaffrey😲

I signed up for Bulldog last night cause it was open. My man Orangeman shows up for the Gloom! It only takes two, lets do this.
We start with warmups for a few minutes, crank up some Van Halen and get to work.

50/10 set 1: crunches, flutters, crunches, flutters, American hammers, big boys, American hammers, big boys. Mosey around the parking lot. R&R

50/10 set 2: reverse crunches, heals to Heaven, reverse crunches, heals to Heaven, grab your kettle,  overhead press, curls, squats, triceps, overhead press, curls, squats, triceps. Mosey around the lot. R&R

Mary for 6 minutes

Christmastown 5K on 11/26 and Christmas party on 12/3 @ Lewis Farm

Prayer request: My M has laser lithotripsy tomorrow morning to remove kidney stones, Orangeman’s M not well, Orangeman’s Boston friend traveling, Tesla, Gilligan, Sargento’s recovery. Turtleman’s recovery




The Storm 25-Oct-22

Flagpole for Pledge
Principles of F3:

  1. Free of charge (zero cost, never charge for a workout)
  2. Open to all men (no matter the man, you are welcome)
  3. Held outdoors (rain or shine, heat or cold we are out there)
  4. Peer led (led in a rotating fashion by the men who attend)
  5. End with a Circle of Trust (always ends with a COT)

Mission of F3:  Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Motto:  We welcome men of all fitness levels and all physical abilities to our workouts. We have no requirement for membership other than you show up on time to the location and follow what the workout leader has planned. We will not leave any man behind!

Warmup:  SSHx15 IC, Gravel Pickers x10IC, ROL/LOR, MNC x10IC, Arm circles

The Thang:

Mosey to front

  • Slaughter Starter
  • Partner DORA (merkins, squats, flutter kicks (right leg only) while partner runs.

Mosey to bench area for wall sits

  • Change partners for more DORA: CDDs, lunges and leg raises while partner bear crawls to light pole and back.  Burpees were sprinkled in throughout.

Time check for Mary.  Some challenged the Q so an emotional hijacking took place and more burpees were called.

Circle up for Guantanamo’s (Pax circle up and hold 45 degrees while one member runs around the circle and pushes the legs down).  One minute left so we finish with more burpees.

Announcements:  No Q November (get on the list), Christmas Party, Track commanders and HC for Christmastown 5K

Prayers/Praise: Sarlacc (Praise for new job), Tooth Fairy (Praise for Daughter), Sargentos recovery, Huckleberry, Pallbearers son,


COT: Whoopee took us out.

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