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Day: October 3, 2022

Sword/ Romans 8:12-17

12 men showed at the sword this morning, for physical and spiritual exercise. We discussed Romans 8:12-17. If we are not killing sin, it’s killing us! There is no rest time, no coasting! If you area child of God, if you have repented and follow Him, you have been adopted! You are a child of God, an heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ!

Prayer request- Purple Haze mom, Wichitas wife, others

announcements- ruck this weekend, Dredd with Q at Gashouse

Thanks for letting me lead this morning!

The old way

Honored to be asked to represent the old guard at the Sandlot this morning.  As part of the redwood series (AKA old man series?) I had the honor to  Q this morning to demonstrate how we “did it in the old days”. Full disclosure I am not a redwood but did start with F3 in 2015 so according to Flintstone that’s close enough. Besides it was a beautiful morning to get some work in.  (In the old days it snowed or rained on every workout)


SSH (5)  Merkins (6), LBC (7), Don Q (8),  MNC (9), Burpee (10)

The Thang

Mosey to Martha’s (This AO was previously known as Martha’s house before there were 2 workouts at this location) stopping at each light pole for 5 merkins.  (In the old days this was uphill)

Entry fee to Martha’s – 10 big boys facing uphill

Mosey to parking lot for 11’s with Mike Tysons and LBCs.  YHC described this as warmup number two.  As an old guy the start of a workout is more painful than the end so warmups are more important than ever. (In old days I thought warmups were stupid)

Pause to review the 5 core principles of F3

Mosey to large soccer fields for several rounds of not 4 but 6 corners (AKA lightpoles) (In the old days we would use only 4 corners but now that we are more advanced its time to up our game to 6)  Called exercises were SSH, Squats, Merkins, CDDs, Flutter, and LBCs at each of the lightpoles on the periphery.  However before starting each round of corners must do burpees (In the old days burpees were called for just about everything and nobody complained)

First round of corners were sets of 25 SSH, 25Squats, 15Merkins, 15CDDs, 25Flutter and 25LBCs

Second round was 50 SSH, 50Squats, 30Merkins, 30CDDs, 50Flutter and 50LBCs

Reviewed the mission of F3 – good job Watts up (In the old days everyone stated the mission statement in unison while singing America the beautiful)

Third round of corners was to be cumulative first pole 25 SSH, second pole 25 SSH, 25 squats, Third pole 25 SSH, 25 squats, 15 Merkins, Fourth pole 25 SSH, 25 squats 15 merkins 15 CDDs…. but at that point we ran out of time

Mosey back to Snoballs (used to be Brusters Ice cream – boy those were the days)but stopped to discuss 43feet the podcast – if you’ve never listened – give it a go – quite entertaining to hear Dredd and the darkest of all helmets discuss happenings of F3 nation (In the old days we had AM and FM radio).  Finally back to parking lot for COT.  (In old days we ended the workout with a COT – glad that’s never changed!)


Some guy named Dredd has Q at Gashouse – probably gonna suck – I wouldn’t miss it.

Ameoba Ruck 9am Saturday Downtown – study your maps

Co-Convergence with Lake Wylie – 10/15 7am at bulldog.


Prayer requests:

Boudin’s daughter joining Peace Corp and going to the Gambia for 2 years

EZ family members

Radar’s sister

Nutria’s brother-in-law going through chemo

Buckshot’s new baby


Until next time Defib out!


MerkHumpers & LBSwings

Wanted to get this posted so PAX get credit.  All they need to do is show their tickets to the gun show and it’s proof.

In no particular order,

Merkins, Squats, KB Swings, Imperial Walkers, Curls, Arm Extensions, Calf Raises, Lunges, Squat Curl Press, Lawn Mowers, Grass Pickers, Around the World, Halo, LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, Flutterkicks, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, those other things and the ones where it sucks.

Bulldog it this week, or don’t.

Coconut Horse

4 runners/HIM accepted the challenge to get up and get after it for a 5 mile run. We then covered Contentment at Q source.


Radar sister – undergoing chemotherapy

Roscoe’s friend Kim lost battle to cancer

JJ’s paster’s wife passed away with cancer

Appreciate the push – until next time Defib out!


At Gashouse Saturday we had 6 for the normal bootcamp, 3 from across the river on the east side doing the ironpax challenge, 4 out running 18.5 miles, and several more for painlab. Gashouse is getting complicated. Tighten it up Whoopee! All I was responsible for was the bootcamp so this is what we did.


Some stuff

The Thang:

Mosey up the street to Parkwood. Tesla was with us until he realized he was with the wrong group. In the parking lot it went like this. Bear crawl 5 spaces, do 5 squat jumps, run back to the start and do 5 burpees. Run back to where you left off bear crawling and bear crawl 5 more spots. I mentioned I was going to mark these off for them but decided they needed the mental challenge as well. Rinse and repeat this the length of the parking lot. 32 spaces. I thought this went well. I may have heard some grunting and a little yelling at one point.

Mosey up to New Hope to the hill across from Milano’s. at the bottom and top diamond merkins 5 ic, squats 10 ic, flutter kicks 15 ic. During this I changed the count up a few times for some more mental training. After this we ran around the back side of whatever this facility is back to Dixon. Down Dixon to the Presbyterian Church we stopped at each telephone pole for 5 monkey humpers ic. By this point the talk of NC State vs Clemson was heating up between SS, Strog, and Watts up. JJ keep trying to get involved but he’s a Carolina fan so what he had to say wasn’t relevant. The Duke fan, while in a good year, stayed quite.

At the Pres front parking lot we broad jumped from one parking space line to the other and did a burpee at each line.

We moseyed down to Akers Pharmacy and did 10 Freddy Mercury’s ic at each corner.

Back at the Schielle we stopped at the corner for a few rounds of wall sits and Mike Tyson’s.


Announcements-Ruck 10/8, Convergence 10/15, Rumor is there’s a Christmas Party on 12/17, Dredd has the Gashouse Q next week


Mt. Hollywood Sprint


10xSSH;  10x Hill Billies;  10x Gravel Pickers

Mosey to Church Parking Lot.

Perform exercise until the Q says to “GO”, and then group would sprint to the other end of the parking lot and jog back.

LBCs – AMRAP – Until Q says GO – Sprint

Merkins – AMRAP – Until Q says GO -Sprint

Bobby Hurleys – AMRAP – Until Q says GO -Sprint

Mtn. Climbers – AMRAP – Until Q says GO -Sprint

Plank Jacks – AMRAP – Until Q says GO -Sprint

Moseyed to Central Ave.

Route 66 – With CDDs

Beat Down in Mt. Hollywood

Started workout with warm-up

SSH x 15

Toy Soldiers x15

Mosey to the school crossing in front of Ida Rankin Elementary School.  There are six utility poles between the school crossings, we started at one end and did 5 burpees at every pole until you get to the end.  Then we came back the opposite direction but this time doing 10 Big Boy Sit-ups.   We did one final set with 15 Merkins.

Mosey to the (Mt. Hollywood pit) parking lot behind the First Presbyterian Church.


Start with 10 Tiger push-ups with feet pushing against the wall, then bear crawl to the other end and 1 American Hammer. Repeat in ascending/descending order until you get to 1 Tiger pushup, and 10 American Hammers.

Mosey back to the Mt. Holly Middle School parking lot.

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