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Breaker’s Five Year Anniversary

Wow! 5 years with F3 and what a lot of fun it has been.

No FNGs – brief disclaimer


The Thang

Mosey to American Legion parking lot

The Pledge

21 Merkins

Mosey to cemetery

Lunge walk around circle

At next circle – Zombie Walks

Mosey to bottom of hill

Triple Nickel

CDDs at bottom

Squats at top

Start mosey back to shovel flag

Stop at Four Squares Church parking lot

  • 25 I/C American Hammers
  • 25 I/C Flutters
  • 25 I/C LBCs

Finish up at shovel flag for COT


Prayer request

YHC closed in prayer

Thank you men for the opportunity to lead and to F3 Gastonia for helping me become a better man, physically and a better husband, father, and F3 Brother!

Over and out!

Breaker Breaker

The Goat – IPC Week 0 (The Fat Coe Sand-Wich)

Bubba Sparxx was out of town this week and was looking someone to take the Q. After a few post on Slack and no one would step up, YHC said yes. The plan was to head to Folsom Thursday morning to knock out week 0 of IPC, but why not take it to the Goat and that is what I did.

Its 5:30 am and time to get to work.

No FNG’s, so a brief disclaimer and onto the warmup and then the IPC


  • Complete the workout for time
  • Measure out 100 feet in a straight line
  • A standard Coupon is needed for this workout

The Thang

Coe – 5 rounds:

  1. 20 thrusters
  2. 20 merkins

Brenton – 3 rounds:

  1. 100 foot bearcrawl out
  2. 100 foot burpee broad jump back
    • Perform 3 burpees and then 5 broad jumps

Coe – 5 rounds:

  1. 20 thrusters
  2. 20 merkins


The Pledge



Prayer Request

YHC closed us out in prayer,

Over and out!

Breaker Breaker

IPC week 3 relay at Folsom

The IPC has been a popular event around Folsom this year. I’ve seen other regions run the events as a relay and it looked like fun so I asked around to see if there was any interest in doing one at Folsom. A handful of hardcore hims agreed to participate so we set it up for Friday morning. We split up the work and the running trying to keep pax’s strong points in mind to stay competitive. We lost Wirenut at the last minute due to work. But we still had enough to make it happen everyone pushed hard and we got a time that took 3rd place for the week 💪🏻 Special thanks to Huckleberry for proctoring and filming he’s filled a much needed role in that position this year. Hopefully we can do the relay on a regular basis I feel like it promotes teamwork and fellowship.

Folsom Week 4 Iron Pax Relay

8 men braved the tropical storm winds from Hurricane Ian this am to knock out the Iron Pax relay for week 4. It wasn’t quite as organized as Westsides relay Q last week but we got it done in 28:02 💪🏼.  I feel like we could have shaved another minute if we didn’t have that headwind on the run back or a hill to go up but still proud of our time.   Thanks to all the guys and to my 2.0 F3 Scoonter (Bryten) for coming out to film/proctor for us.  Link to our YouTube video below.


Wirenut Is Here?

We had low 40s and HIM as far as the eye could see. It was the best running weather of the season in my opinion. Had you been in the industrial park behind Gaston College, you could have seen a lanky giraffe lose a fight with a side walk. Who knew they could flip so easily!?! I notice Mini Blind picking up the pace and getting in around 5 miles with Grandpa Leppard. MB will be handing out butterscotch and talking about how he used to be faster than everyone in about 2 months!

Rumor has it Wirenut got some new running shoes and took them for a 4 mile test drive, but a quick Twitter check will show there now sign of Wirenut in the COT. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Defib and his band of Merry Men

Today at the PUB we had some EC going on.  Defib and Flintstone went for a 3 mile EC mosey before the workout.
Time Frame had the sub Q for Diablo Sammich and had Tube and just as we left the lot, Bandit and Goose appeared for a ruck! #Kotter

Sargento was there before the beginning of the run but left with several minutes to spare so he didn’t get credit for the BB.  You hate to see it.

Anyway, YHC decided to call the Dangerous Route.  There was some debate on whether this was the original PUB route.  Anyway, a disclaimer was given to jump the guard rail if the stretch without a sidewalk was too precarious.  Also, instructions were given to mosey behind the Walgreens to avoid the stretch where there is no outlet. #safetyfirst

We ran and once we crossed New Hope we go down on Pamela.  There seemed to be unspoken performance anxiety at that point.  Anyway, once we were on our way up Gardner Park Drive there were some ladies approaching on the right.  Termite puffed out his chest and then took a spill so we stopped and collected what was left of him.  We let him lead at that point to ensure his safety and he broke away for the next little bit, obviously energized by the shock of the spill and adrenaline dump.

We arrived back to start and everyone was better for it.

Roscoe 10-42

Aurora Gastonialis

It was a wonderful Wednesday in the Gloom with my F3 brothers that showed up to participate in one of the most memorable workouts to take place at Martha Rivers park that day.

We started at 0529 since Whoopee had to leave by 0600 and we wanted him to get a workout in #F3250 rules….

Stroganoff posted today and that was awesome to have him back in the Gloom what has been a prolonged case of injuries and sandy V.

Disclaimer/Warm up/Mosey to front of the park for 10 burpees.

Mosey to the turd shack for 10 burpees and 20 Merkins.

Mosey to the edge of the woods for 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 LBC’s.  It was at this point that Watts Up noticed the clouds had formed into amazing light show in the dark.  This was coined the Aurora Gastonialis and you didn’t have to be in Iceland or Norway to see them.

We then moseyed into the heart of the dark woods along the trail for 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 LBC’s, and 40 squats.  Our night vision was better once we were in there a few minutes but it was spooky dark when we got there.  Watts Up was on his game and guessed the 40 squats were going to be a thing.  We then did 30 flutters, 20 CDD’s, and maybe 10 WW1’s or something.

Next we moseyed back to the turd shack and grabbed the wall for wall sits, wall sits with air presses, wall sits with air presses and marching, then derkins with feet on the wall, then donkey kicks.

We moseyed to the big parking lot and bear crawled the length of a traffic island and then took a lap and repeated that 4x.

We then did some mary with lots of gut exercises.  We then lunge walked a bit, then lunge walked with chinooks, then kareoked left and right, followed by a long run back to the AO where we finished maybe a minute late.

There was some excellent mumblechatter today, with the best being a reflection of how much fun Linus’s Q was on Monday at the sandlot.  Somebody said, “I wonder if he know’s how funny he is?”   Then someone else described him as the “Aunt you haven’t seen in five years who has been heavy on the XANAX the whole time”.

Anyway it was a great day to be in THE GLOOM.

Announcements:  Amoeba Ruck Oct 8th

Convergeance Oct 15th at the Bulldog

Prayer requests:  Family, Friends, country

Roscoe 10-42

Goose’s World Travels

This morning at Diablo Sammich at its new location Publix on Hoffman Rd started with a nice cool breeze from the distant but approaching Hurricane Ian.

As YHC pulls into the parking lot the Pub regulars were gathering for there morning jaunt.  Flag was planted and friendly hellos were being exchanged.  YHC must comment on as far as I can tell Flintstone was running around the parking lot when I showed and was still running when I left an hr later only stopping for the pledge and COT.  Way to push brother.

Bandit and Goose arrive to join Tube and myself for a morning ruck.


Diablo breaks off from the Pub Runners.

We ruck over to the Dr. office parking lot.  Each Pax calls a 20ct of an ab exercise.


Heels to Heaven

Michael Phelps

Dying Cockroaches

Ruck to Old Well Ln.  Down the hill and back up twice.

Continue down Hoffman Rd to Elkhart Cir, down maybe 100 yards to turn around and start heading back.

Stop back by the same Dr’s office for more 20ct of Mary.

This time:


American Hammers

Big Boy sit-ups


Over to the handicap parking signs:

20 calf raises feet parallel

20 calf raises feet turned out

20 calf raises feet turned in

Ruck back to flag

It was a great morning with ever better guys.  We got to hear a little about the world travels of Goose.  Seems that he has been everywhere.  Nothing educated and inspires like travel.  This must be true of Goose.  He is both educated and inspirational.  Bandit is beaming….and rightfully so.

Thanks Tube for the encouragement and telling me that the location has changed.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  To the Diablo Sammich participants.  If you are wanting to post at the Sammich, it is at the Pub now.

Roscoe led up in the COT and prayer.

Prayers for FL in the midst of this storm.

Tube’s M with kidney stones.  Those things suck bad.

It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Stay safe out there.  Gonna be rainy.




Last of the Midoriyama Heat

I freestyled this one with some mobility and running drills. last 15 mins or so was some ultimate rules football. It was a blowout for sure and I think Leppards team won (only bc he was on my team this time). Temps were in the 90’s most of the day but began to cool off during the workout as a cooler front moved in.  It was fun as always!

IPC week 4 at Folsom

I rolled into Folsom at 4:20 this am to set up for week 4 Iron Pax Challenge. We had a couple PAX that wanted to get a head start due to this one being a long grind with some mileage.  We got Stogie and Ozark started around 4:35ish and me and Balljoint accompanied them on a few of their runs for moral  support until the rest of the gang started rolling in. It was about 50 degrees and alittle breezy but we had some music and a lot of work to warm us up and keep our minds off it.  Here was the prescription.

100 Gas Pumpers
50 Jump Rope
1 mile run

25 Hello Dollies
25 Burpees
50 Jump Rope
400-meter run

25 Hand Release Merkins

25 V-Ups
50 Jump Rope
400-meter run

25 Leg Raises
25 Jungle Boi Squats
50 Jump Rope
400-meter run

25 4-count flutter kicks
25 Bonnie Blairs
50 Jump Rope
400-meter run

100 Big Boy Sit-ups
50 Jump Rope
1 mile run

Everyone was pushing themselves and one another this morning. No matter the time everyone should be proud for even getting out of bed to get it done.


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