On this day in history our 26th present of the US was born – Terry Roosevelt was elected vice president with William McKinney who was assisnated in 1901 and Teddy took over at the age of 42


Warm up included 26 Merkins OYO and 42 Squats IC

Mosey to parking lot for route 66 with SSH and lunge walk (spontaneous add to weinke because Pockets was there)

Teddy Roosevelt was an avid outdoorsman and explorer.  After this presidency he led an expedition to the amazon and nearly died from an infection after wounding his leg.  In honor of his “explorer” nature  time for some Dora.  (With a defib twist)

100 Burpees 200 Bonnie Blairs 300 Big Boys.  Other partner runs length of parking lot at turn around do escalating merkins (first run 1 merkin second run 2 etc).  A real crowd pleaser

Mosey to baseball field – Teddy was responsible for the initiation of the construction of the Panama canal in 1907 – So 1907 Burpees called (Pax were ready for a mutiny so modify to 50 (the canal is 50 miles long).  We did set on the minute – 6,7,8,9,8,7,6 (for total of 51)

Mosey back to flag

This upcoming time of year often sets off depression.  Keep a look out for signs and symptoms from those around you.   22 for the vets and time


Morons for beer CSAUP in Columbia 11/12.  Plan on clowncar down


Turtleman, Huck, Gumby’s mom, SA’s family, Sargento, Reggie Hayes family

Until next time Defib out