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Day: July 25, 2022

Balljoint does the Labyrinth

Wednesday has normally been my running day at Prison Break, but since I Kinda shamed or voluntold Maybelline into being the site Q after dirt left us, I feel like I kind of owed him a Q.

Warm up: SSH, gravel pickers, right over left (the non patented version), MRN

Mosey to the Park…pay toll to get in park: 10 burpees. Head down to about middle of parking lot.

The Thang: Modified Seldon Cooper- 8 count body builders, merkins, big boys, and imperial walker squats. Start with 10 run a lap, then 9, 8 etc… After that mosey to playground find a pull up bar. Do some Dirty Linsdays- Lunges and calf raises 30-10, 25-15, etc.. but between each set do 10 pullups. With time running our. Mosey to picknick tables for 20 dips, 20 dirkins and 20 step ups. Scout run back to the flag and finish off with 5 burpees.


Announcements: Tubing 30th

Goudelock Family
Maybelline Coworker Jennifer
Purple Haze Family
Simpsom Family

ūüĒ•Convergence @ Folsom

Once in a lifetime are you given a opportunity to showcase your AO as the site Q for a convergence.¬† Sargento being the mighty leader that he is gave me about 8 days’ notice that “Hey Convergence is at Folsom, can you get some guys to Q it?” yeah man I got this…hold my Beer…actually never mind ill just carry it!

As I Roll into Folsom around 6 to get stuff set up and do a little EC , I find cones blocking the bottom parking lot and a bunch of no fishing signs. good thing we aren’t here to Fish…so threw the cones in the grass and carried on. Little did I know Gaston County Park & Rec was hosting a kid’s fishing tournament at 8am.ūü§¶‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

7Am Time to get to work! Sargento welcomes everyone, list the core principle, and disclaimer. (we had 6 FNGs!) Sargento hands me the controls…quick pledge and I hand it off to 1st of the Folsom Hammers GearWrench. This Dude has more post them Alen Tate does and he has only been with us for 8 months.. Rookie of the Year in the bag..IMO.

GearWrench warm up:
Gravel Pickers- 20
Bruce Lee Abs: 20 of each : Hammers, Leg rasies, Lbc, Penguins, Crunchy Frogs, Flutters
then 30 of each…all the while we are dodgeing cars trying to park for the fishing tournament…we even had two ladys from Park &Rec come see what “a bunch of kids” were doing in the middle of the parking lot…we are workin thats what! Lets get out of here..hand off to Wichita and he takes us to the tennis courts…less traffic there.

Wichita 1st Hammer station:
5 burpees in a minute..if you get done before the minute is up plank until minute is up then rinse and repeat for 4 minutes. well this didn’t go as planned…there was a verbal exchange between Freight and Wichita and it was decided to make it 10 burpees a minute after the first round. After 4 mins of that nonsense, the exercise switched to 20 merkins a min for 4 minutes, then 20 Mike Tysons a minute for 4 minutes. come to think of it that whole thing was nonsense….well just wait to see what Sister Act has for us.

Sister Ast 2nd Hammer station:
Have yall ever heard of the HighTower? 9 reps 5 rounds of burpees:
9 regular burpees
9 Eight count Body Builders(plank jack Burpee)
9 Krackin Burpees (3 hand release merkins Burpee)
9 Triple Jump Squat Burpees (3 jump squats after burpee)
9 Bodybuilder/Krackin/Triple Jump Squat Burpee
Thank you SA that was Dumb

BallJoint 3rd Hammer station:
Mosey down to Soccer field…Grab a Partner and a Block! P1 does the work P2 runs the width of the field and up the hill to the tennis court fence and back.
100 reps of Curls, Trisepts, Squats, Block Swings, Rows, and Chest Press.
After all that, cool down with a rifle carrys block down and back while the other relaxs with some SSH. Time!

We named 6 FNGs! Welcome Jazzy Jeff, BFF, Genius, Helmet, Swisher Sweet, and Chin Strap!!

Announcements: Tubing on the 30th

Tiger SIL
Nutria Family
People Traveling
Termites Brother
Purple Haze SIL/Family
Goudelock Family

We had Country Kitchen Breakfast after! it was awesome…lots of carbs Wichitas favorite.

Thanks for coming to Folsom.



Street with no name

On this hot and humid morning, I felt it best to keep us moving so we could feel the wind blowing through our hair.
Well 20 years ago maybe so lets just say that we will keep it moving so the sweat doesn’t hang around all day. I decided we mosey around and explore some different places this morning and one that has become possibly a staple in the world of Old School.

Warm up: the normal stuff.

Mosey to behind Sammy’s for some 11’s Merkins and Seal Jacks!

To the Bank to Deposit some Sweat Equity. I chose to use the horse shoe shaped lot and we did shoulder taps and mountain climbers.
25 shoulder taps mosey to the exit and 25 mountain climbers. Decrease by 5 down to completion.

I failed to mention that we did a ton of squats at many, many many, stop signs.

While moseying around Dallas we went down a street that I have seen other Pax go back in the day. But where did it lead us to.
Some say that a mythical creature who can run 4 minute miles and box jump over a car resided once in this area. Others say he was built by a scientist and one day he got loose and is hiding in plain site. Oddly enough this street had no street sign just a pole in the ground as if it was waiting to be named. I heard a name mentioned in past couple of weeks of this place and I guess some how with the sweat coming down our face and blurring our vision we accidentally stumbled across…

Triple Nickel Hand Release Merkins. All the way to the stop sign and back!

Back to the flag for some ssh,lbc, buttkickers, then we karoked, and Nured until Time!

Prayer Request:

Announcements: WE going tubing fellas 7/30 check slack for the details.

The Bed Pan is Full!!!

Humble Lessons at the Sword

5 pax came  out for a run or ruck this Monday.


I appeal to you therefore, brothers,[a] by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.[b] 2 Do not be conformed to this world,[c] but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

“As its (the gospel’s) truth affects the way we think, it begins to change the way we feel; that, in turn affects what we want, and the way we behave. Thus, the gospel fuels the way we live.”

From: Lessons from the Upper Room by Sinclair Ferguson


Tubing this Saturday

F3 Dads-Sept. 17

JJ5K-Sept. 24


Gumby’s Mom

James G. family

Wichita’s new job

Parkwood Youth Retreat


YHC took us out.

Great time of fellowship and God’s truth!



Summer Doldrums at the Horse

We had a small but energetic crew at the Coconut yesterday.¬† Sargento, DDC and JJ ran the normal route.¬† YHC rucked for 3 the opposite way.¬† Short Sale ran his own route but we all arrived safely back at the HT right on time.¬† Sargento didn’t take any chances playing with traffic as far as I know.

Two stayed for Q source led by YHC on the Shared Leadership Team (SLT).  Coffee was consumed in volumes.

Prayers for many including Queso and his football camp, Feta on getting his driver’s license (hopefully) today, and Huckleberry and Turtleman among others.

Lots going on in the region….blood drive…..Tubing next Saturday….

Missing Gastone, Whoopee, Stroganoff, Maybelline, Flintstone, Gavel, BOS, Rebar, and others…hence the name of this BB.



Members Only 7/24

Four total for Member’s Only, three rucking one solo runner.¬† Numbers really down over last few weeks, let’s get them back up men!¬† Start with the pledge and the mission of F3.

Reconvene for at 0715.

Announcements:  blood drive 8/10, tubing 7/30

Prayer requests:  Nutria brother-in-law having surgery for cancer, Nutria sister mother-in-law with health issues, friend of Sprinkler family in Mississippi with tragic death, Tiger sister-in-law with health problems

YHC took us out

Always an honor



We decided to part ways with the Bootcamp 2.0 party for no other reason than to just use weights. I am sure that they had a fun time, cause we could hear them on the back field at Grier.

Set 1: 50/10 work/rest R&R

crunches, baby makers, heels to heaven, rev. crunches, American hammers, boat hold

Moseyed to the tail, bear crawled up the hill, incline pushups, step-ups, moseyed back to base.

Set 2: 50/10 work/rest R&R

Burpees, curls, o/h press, o/h triceps ext., squat shadow boxing, cdd’s, isolated curls

Moseyed around the parking lot to the benches. Triceps dips, incline pushups, mosey back to base for more work.

Meet back at the circle of trust.

Prayers for those said and unsaid, prayers for those traveling.


Shots Fired!

13 showed at Crossroads on Sunday. Slaw nor Def Leppard were amongst them. We had runners, ruckers, walker, riders and just plan movers. Speaking of movers have you heard I’ll be moving on 8/13? The ride was about as eventful as the one they had last week. 2.5 miles in we lost Seuss. I went back for him but couldn’t find him. At 2.5 in he could definitely get lost but Mayor called him and he was good. I spent my legs trying to catch up with the group thus suffering the entire ride. Unfortunately we dropped Gearwrench on his mtn bike. We gotta get that guy on some skinny tires. Anybody got any good deals? At about mile 10 a sniper shot out my rear tire. It exploded throwing air and debris everywhere. It looked liked Days of Thunder! I was convinced I’d actually been shot and was just in shock and couldn’t feel it yet. Broke and Freon took off for a truck and Mayor, Defib and I changed the tube. We got done just as Freon was turning on the road. Thanks anyway Freon! We all learned a lesson on CO2 cartridges as it exploded in Mayor’s face sending Defib scrabbling for the ditch. Maybe it was the sniper again? Anyway we had a good group and most if not all stayed for Q Source to discuss Shield lock.


Announcements-Tubing next Saturday 7/30 at Green River Cove tubing meet there at 10:30, Camp Thunderbird 8/20 may be a few tickets left, JJ5K 9/24, F3 Dads workout at The Yank on 8/20, A family skate 9/17, Shirt orders are up, Freight is moving on 8/13


13 joined in the bootcamp workout on Saturday at The Fighting Yank. Humidity started out at 95% making for a good time. Sargento kept a check on it during the workout. At one point we dropped to 93%! Good job Nantan.


Mosey over to spread out on the side street

Sealjacks x 15ic

Don Q’s x 10 ic

Standing flutter kick squats. Move your legs back and forth kinda like a lunge but without dipping down then do a squat. You kinda have to get a rhythm going on these.

The Thang:

Mosey up to the Piccollo Antique wall

We did some wall work alternating in wall sits for 30 seconds in between

Aus Mtn climbers, Donkey kicks, Shoulder taps

Mosey over to Woodrow going toward Central

Here we did some side shuffles, Karaoke, NUR, Bear crawl, Crab walk

Mosey over to the Library and partner up

The library has a U shape drive that goes around back. P1 gets at 1 drive in and P2 gets at the other. Do 5 standing flutter kick squats, run to meet your partner in the back, do 5 booyah merkins. Rinse and repeat 5x.

Mosey to the front of the old school and partner up again

Dora 1,2,3-Hand release merkins, In and Outs, Calf Raises. Run around the front square. Now the first round of this we were at about 27 minutes into the workout. This is the point Sister Act left. He is upset because I didn’t give him credit for posting in the namarama¬† but I mean he didn’t even make it half way! You hate to see it!

Mosey around behind the school to the wall. Line up across the parking lot across from the wall.

Zombie Walk to the wall and get up on top of the wall 5x. Rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosey down Myrtle st hill.

Triple nickel on about 40 yds of the hill. Starburst at the bottom and Flying Squirrels at the top.

We moseyed back to the statue for a few minutes of Mary.



Announcements-Tubing Saturday 7/30 meet at Green River Cove at 10:30, Freight is moving on 8/13 back to Dallas and is looking for someone to take over Members Only as site Q



Good looking group this morning. The humidity ramped up the amount of sweat to a ridiculous level! Just remember if you can get through these days you can get through any of the others. Keep pushing!


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