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Day: July 8, 2022

Accountability – obviously lacking

Several weeks back, Sunday, June 26th to be specific, three men met at 0630 in the Harris Teeter parking lot. Two were coming of IR and one didn’t feel like running alone. So they took a 2.5-ish mile walk and discussed various topics of life that respectful men sometimes face in our aging journey.

We returned at 0715 and were joined by two others – one recently having some of his guts removed (not the courage kind, but the soft tissue kind that wreak havoc on our pelvic area. Another had smart sacked b/c he had been physically pushing the rock. He posted to mentally push the rock.

Once inside the air-conditioned grocery store, I led Q-Source on Accountability. It’s a lengthy chapter as it raises some discussion on the difference of self-discipline or relying on others (see shield lock, whetstone, or fellow F3 brother) to be accountable. Easier said than done as I lost the check point to post this backblast timely.


After some confusion as to who had the Q this morning, Wirenut backed down and deferred to his elders and allowed YHC to take the Q downtown.  Downtown was on the normal schedule for years so it was great to be back.

As usual, there was a lively crowd.  Downtown has changed a lot in the almost 7 years of the AO.  F3 helped raise funds for the bathrooms beside the Pavilion.  More people live work, and play downtown now than before.  You gotta love it!

There were no FNG’s so we started with a brief warmup of 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, and 10 Big Boi Situps.  We started with an Indian run around the lot but the message to go to the bridge wasn’t passed down so we took another lap in the parking lot and it was pandemonium. YHC got back in front and led us to the Bridge.  We bear crawled the bridge together and ended at the light on Long Avenue.  Waiting to cross, Broke made the claim that “he has a red light, let’s go!”  As soon as a few PAX took their first step the light turned green and we risked our lives by dashing across the intersection.  It was at that time that someone said, “you have to Commit!”

We moseyed to the lot near the ATM across from the Sheriff’s office for the main event.  30 merkins at the bottom, bunny hop all the stairs on the way to the upper lot, 5 burpees at the top, mosey down the other stairs and descend the merkins by 5 but keep the bunny hops and burpees.  It was hot, humid, and this was a gasser.  We “recovered” by doing 3 calf raises on every step back to the top level.

Next we went down the steps with squats on each level 25-25-5 with 50 LBC’s at the bottom.  We then moseyed to the top of the deck, this time doing a better job of committing to crossing the street as one group at the appropriate time.  Leadership takes practice!

Once at the top, we did a few minutes of Mary before returning to the Pavilion.  Along the way, some PAX decided to run through mud since it was a shorter route.  We were witnesses to a female berating a male on the street.  Someone said he may have thrown something at her.  YHC doesn’t know who she was, but heard her tell the male who was likely homeless, “you need to take responsibility for yourself!”

Boom!  There I had my COT message.   Taking responsibility for yourself and not blaming other people or circumstances for your problems is a surefire way to continue to have problems.  It is the victim mentality.  Through faith, hope, and grace, you can overcome a lot by taking responsibility for your situation.

When we returned to the Pavilion, we did a stretching exercise until time was up.

Announcement:  Convergence a week from Saturday…F3 Dads the week after at the Gashouse and Tubing on the 30th.

Prayer Requests:   PAX and families travelling, Children dealing with abuse, law enforcement

After the workout got a chance to speak with Camellia.  Said he was a newer PAX who was friends with Sister Act.  In spite of that he seems like a great HIM.  Great to see and meet new PAX as you post in the region.  As 1FQ, I encourage you to visit some of the AO’s you don’t normally attend and meet new PAX.

Always a pleasure to be downtown.  Love that AO!


Big Kahuna

8 men showed for a JV workout. Started out with some mobility, core, and hip work, followed by some Ultimate Frisbee. I bought a new frisbee called the “Big Kahuna”. It was a hit. Very stable and easy to throw. Game was very competitive and I’m pretty sure my team won.

BOB and a Gorilla Complex

Dang, it’s hot. At 5:15 and not a soul in sight, YHC was thinking the heat had scared the Midoriyama PAX away. To his relief, all the boys showed up a few minutes later. Some clouds had rolled in to block the sun and the rumble of thunder was heard in the distance. No matter. It’s still freaking hot out here, so YHC developed a Weinke that would keep the PAX’s heart rate relatively low. Mumblechatter at this AO is always a given, and with Mayor and Freight (and a rather snarky Def Leppard) in attendance, YHC knew we were going to have fun!


  • SSH X 13IC
  • Abe Vigodas X10 IC
  • Right over left stretch
  • Left over right stretch


YHC searched the F3 Exicon and came across a block routine called “The Gorilla Complex”. 8 rounds of:

  • 8 Curls
  • 8 Overhead Presses
  • 8 ALPOs
  • 8 Tricep Extensions
  • 8 Merkins on the Block
  • Run a lap around the parking lot behind the turd shack

If you notice, the exercises are arranged where the first letter of each exercise spells “COAT”. There’s an “M” at the end for Merkins. This was done so YHC could remember the exercises called. The Weinke had them listed with ALPOs and Overhead Presses reversed, so it would’ve been “CAOT”. Mayor and Def Leppard assumed it was their civic duty to call the Q out for not following his own Weinke to the letter. YHC crumbled his Weinke and threw it at the feet of the 2 hecklers, flew a one fingered peace sign their way, and assumed control of the workout.

The heat was really getting to the PAX. Freight hardly talked (probably because he and Gumby were in bat flipper mode). Def Leppard’s mumblechatter game was at a professional level, and Mayor begins to tell the PAX he’s a draft horse because he has Clydesdale’s hooves on his arms. Ash Pond is discussing his sex life (or lack thereof) and Pall Bearer’s eyes are rolling around in his head. Luckily, we finished  shortly thereafter.

Next we did a crossfit WOD simply called BOB. It’s simple, but effective. 13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps of:

  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Big Boys
  • Squats

The rain began to fall as we pushed through this one. It felt really good. We were getting covered in grass and mud but no one cared. As we finished, the rain stopped. We had a few minutes for 5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,5 reps of curls and overhead presses. Return the blocks to the storage area, get the pledge and that’s it.


  • Convergence 7/16 at Folsom
  • 2nd F lunch on 7/20
  • F3 Dads on 7/23 at Gashouse
  • Tubing on 7/30

Prayer Requests:

  • Mayor’s M
  • Gumby’s Mom
  • Huckleberry
  • Turtleman
  • Purple Haze’s M and Sister-in-Law

YHC took us out in prayer.


Great work by all the guys today. It felt like an oven but they pushed through. Special shout out to Pall Bearer who is consistently posting in the heat and pushing hard. He’s lost 7 pounds this week! T-Claps to you, brother! Ash Pond pushed through with no problems despite he’s a Kotter. Freight and Gumby bat flipped for 45 minutes as if the heat didn’t bother them at all. Def Leppard’s face was as red as his shirt but he was still dragging Mayor’s butt during the Gorilla Complex. Mayor still knocked it out and kept the mumblechatter going despite having hooves on his arms.   Does he need to see a doctor or veterinarian?

Thank you men for allowing me to call you guys “brother”.



Shelby Clowncar – 7/6/2022

YHC had the Q and reached out to get a clowncar together.  Had a strong showing of PAX and put in work.

Highlights were

  • 1 PAX arriving over 10 minutes early for a 0530 workout just to find out it started at 0515
  • An 8 year old breaking a cinder block doing murder bunnies
  • An unnecessarily long wall sit
  • Duck walking traffic circles
  • And the closer… an amphitheater Triple Nickel up and down the stairs with 5 burpees at the top and 5 burpees at the bottom

Thanks for those that traveled.  More clown car opportunities to come.

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