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Day: July 31, 2022

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

9 pax and 1 dog (no, not Bentley..maybe one day) came out on a gray Sunday morning for a bike, run, or ruck. 6 stayed for a discussion on Whetstone and relationship.

Iron sharpens iron,
    and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17


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Gumby’s mom

WIrenut’s family


Leppard took us out.

Nice work, guys!


Los tres amigos

The weather is perfect this morning. Tiger has the Gashouse, but the crowd is a little light overall, must be that tubing trip.
Tiger starts us off with warmup, then we part ways.
Let’s begin with a ruck down the nature trail riffle carrying our kettles. We stop at the gazebo to get in some core exercises like American hammers, big boy sit ups, and I think some heels to Heaven. We then ruck to the next covered area with the picnic tables. We did more of the same core adding some incline pushups . All of these are 50 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. Next, we riffle carry our kettles around the trail to the bathroom cabin ( I’m sure there is a fancy name to it). Let’s bear crawl up the ramp and around the corner. Then pick up our kettles and sumo squat for a minute. Return to the trail and ruck back to the parking lot while curling the kettle as we go. Then we do our circuit exercises. 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest.
Set1: squats, imperial walkers, alternating side lunges, Bulgarian squat, monkey humpers, calf raises (alternating)
Set 2: Merkins, CDD’s, Peter Parkers, Heal to Heaven, Superman press, American hammers.
We then did Mary for a few minutes until Bootcampers returned and joined us.
Great work out! Prayer requests were taken and Turtleman continues to be the talk. JJ says he is looking good and is staying positive. We are looking forward to his return 💪.

Mutual Incompetence at the Horse

Flintstone and YHC knew we were going our own way this am.  Flintstone was running 6 solo for his marathon training plan and YHC knew he was going to run but not the entire 5.  JJ was there at the start as he was getting in his early run so he can get to church on time.  As the Q, I say he gets credit for a post.

Technically the workout began at 0630 as expected but we were still talking and stretching at 0635 when Stroganoff rolled in.

“You’re late” was what we told him.

Strogi is getting his groove back so we took off for Martha’s House for a slow mosey 3 miler while Flintstone did his 6 miles.

Strogi and YHC talked “Mutual Competence” at Q Source and shared a lot of practical leadership lessons learned at each of our Mammon’s.  You had to be there.  The more you fail the more you learn, hence the title of the backblast.

In other news, Gastone has served the Coconut Horse well these last many years but agreed to give up duties.  YHC is happy to announce that Stroganoff has agreed to be the new Site Q at the Horse.  Hopefully next week we will have more than four PAX!

Blood drive Aug 10th

Future F3 Dads skating and Yank workout

Prayers for travelling PAX as well as Huckleberry, Turtleman, Big Pappy’s family


YCH put out a twitter poll this morning about future CSAUP’s.  We need to do at least three in the last part of the year.  If you want to help organize one or have an idea, please let me know!


We wrapped up July at Members Only

YHC arrived at an empty parking lot at 6:21 today.  That looks like it might be GoldDigger’s car, maybe.

Tesla rolls in a 6:28, then Tiger and Sprinkle at 6:29:30.

Two rucked, three ran.  (GoldDigger ran before we ran, while we ran, and was still running after we ran.)





F3 Dads, Aug 20

Sign Up for F3 Aug 10 Blood Drive



Tesla’s fam
Sprinkle’s fam
Blmt fam lost their 17-yo child
Kentucky flood victims/fams
PAX’s friend with cancer
College students starting
PAX with medical issues and/or injuries



We covered Mutual Competence.  Good convo.

YHC has been out of pocket for most of July, due to a combo of COVID, vacation, and work trips.  It was great to be back out in the Gloom again with some solid PAX.

–Bubba Sparxxx


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