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Day: July 9, 2022

Prison Pockets and Nerf Bullets

YHC wasn’t sure if the 4th week would bring the PAX in or keep them away. It definitely didn’t keep them away and everyone was here before time. Lots of bat flippers present so I need to bring it. Time comes and this is what we did.

SSH,Hillbillies, Gravel Pickers


If you were at Midoriyama Thursday Slaw introduced this workout from the Exicon.
Gorilla Complex
With a cinder block or other coupon of Q’s choosing, PAX perform the following OYO without stop: 8 Curls For Girls, 8 High Pulls, 8 Overhead Presses, 8 Tricep Extensions, then drop coupon for 8 Merkins. Follow this up by a quick mosey for a brief upper body recovery, typically no more than 50 yards. Rinse and Repeat 8 Times.. Freight couldn’t wait to repeat this one. I will say it’s definitely harder in the Midoriyama heat.

Partner up

Hand Release Merkins. Boo yah Merkin in the middle and star jump on the other side. Counting down from 10 on each side.

11’s with Imperial Walker Squats and WW I’s on the hill in front of the police department.


Tubing 7/30
D3 dads Gashouse 7/23
2nd f lunch see Sargento /Bos
F3 dads camp
Convergence 7/16 at Folsom 07:00

Prayer Request: my Mom, Huck, Turtleman, Bear race participants and families, Brokes M, each other, our country and the leadership,
Haze SIL, Pockets dad, Mayors M.

YHC took us out

Great turnout today. Lots of hard work done. These guys pushed hard the whole time. I appreciate each one of the guys that showed. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Abstinence is the best policy

It was an old time religion workout at the oldest “over the river” AO in F3 nation.

No alcohol was served. Unlike the sunrise service at that other place.

Disclaimer. You vs you. Don’t get hurt. Modify as needed.

Oompa’s patented warmup:
All in cadence. 10 SSH, 20 Abe Vigodas, 30 Flutters, 40 Moroccan Night Clubs, 50 LBCS.

Bootcampers with YHC. Mosey to flag at the front of the Schiele. Pledge. Mosey to Grier track.

Bastardized Wolfpack grinder.
Run a quarter of the track.
Run a quarter of the track.
Run a quarter of the track.
Run back to start. Plank for the six.
Rinse and repeat.
First lap: 10 toy soldiers;50 mountain climbers;
20 hand release merkins; 40 LBCS
Second lap: 30 squats; 30 shoulder taps; 40 hammers; 20 box cutters
Third lap: 50 monkey humpers;
10 makhtar n’diayes; 10 hip slappers; 50 Freddie Mercury’s
Fourth lap: 20 hillbillies; 40 mike tysons; 30 cdds; 30 Imperial walkers
Fifth lap: 40 lunges; 20 dying cockroaches; 50 marge and homers; 10 flying squirrels

20 minutes left.
Mosey to parking lot in front of Grier.

Elevens across the parking lot

Bad form squats. There are plenty of examples from all the pax we know. Pick someone’s and do it.

Bad form merkins. Same as above. I think I heard Roscoe get mentioned as a great reference to follow. It was hot and humid, so the sweat might have distorted my eardrums.

10 minutes left.
Mosey to the Indian/Eagle statue at the entrance to the Schiele.
On your six, feet on the mini amphitheater seats. 25 crunches. In cadence of course.
Bear crawl to top. 10 dips. IC.
Reverse walk back down to the ground. 10 inclined merkins. IC.
Rinse and Repeat until bells.
Circle back up with painlab.

Repeat Pledge with them. Slackers.

Prayer requests:

Broke’s M
Stamey family
EZ Rider friend with cancer
Defib friend with cancer
Purple Haze sister in law
Others from previous backblasts and those not mentioned

Convergence next week at Folsom 16th (0630 or 0700)
F3 Dad’s week after 23rd
Lunch the 20th
Green River tubing last weekend of the month 30th

YHC took us out.

Thanks to Captain Stubbing for not making it all “Covenant Village” today at the bootcamp.

Game time at The Yank

Since taking over as site Q at The Fighting Yank I’ve decided to up my Qing. Some times by necessity and others are planned. This one was sort of planned. I’ve enjoyed going to Midoriyama so when I played ultimate frisbee for the first time I knew we could do it at the Yank.

We warmed up but with no written weinke I don’t remember what we did.

The Bunker stayed with Tiger and the boot campers took off.

On our mosey I noticed we had an uneven amount of guys, but Wojo brought his cleats and is a pro, so his team was going to be down one.

Stop at a hill for some hill work. Stop at each light poll do 5 HR merkins, run back to the crosswalk for 5 CDDs. Repeat until I say stop, about 6 polls.

Mosey to the track for our game. We used Pilgrims Progress’ disk and he helped set up our end zones. After a few falls, bumps and fouls the game was over. Def Leopards team lost even though he wasn’t there. Brutus was the MVP on offense and defense.

Back to the flag for the pledge of allegiance.

Convergence next Saturday at 0700, Folsom. The Yank and Bunker are closed.
F3 Dads 7-23 at Gashouse
Tubing? 7-30

PAX traveling
BOS and family with c0vid
Pocket’s dad recovery from surgery
Tiger’s sister in law
Families involved in recent violence


It was a fun morning, sweated for sure. You should have been there. Until next time.

Gavel out.

The Fireworks Continue

Or it was just me seeing stars at the end of this workout. Either way, good to have a few solid dudes helping out.  Here we go!

10 Grass Picker IC
10-dying cockroaches
Morocann night clubs


10 Curls IC
10 Halos, FlapJack 10 Halos
15 Mountain Climbers IC
10 Lawn Mowers IC, Flapjack 10 Lawn Mowers IC
15 KB Swings IC
15 Squats IC
10/15 Dips
10 Merkins IC

30 Second Side Planks
Beast Position, arm & leg raises
15 Dying cockroaches IC
15 seconds Michael Phelps

3 Rounds

Seeing stars.

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