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Day: July 21, 2022

The GOAT – July 21, 2022

Well, I am glad I checked Team Up last night. I had forgotten, I had agreed to Q and was planning on FARTSACKING after the exciting Charlotte FC and Chelsea game.  So on a short four hours of sleep, I got myself ready and had a work out in mind with music.

As I arrived I only saw one other car (Pilgrim Progress) a short time later more cars started arriving. Tesla arrived at the nick of time as he does every post. How does he do it?

I saw a new face and introduced myself. We had Hot Corner from F3 Mint Hill joining us today. He was visiting his dad who recently had shoulder surgery.

After a quick disclaimer and the Pledge of Allegiance we set off on on Front Street and circled up in the parking lot at 8th and 10th Avenue.

Goofball x 20 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Seal Jacks x 15 IC
MNC x 10 IC
Imperial Walker x 10 IC
Plank Jacks x 15 IC
Broga Stretches

15 Minute AMRAP:
6 Jumping Squats
8 Merkins
10 Freddie Mercury
12 SSH

*** After each round increase the rep by 2.

After the AMRAP we headed to THUNDER DOME as Orangeman referred to it. Here we did 11’s. 10 dips at the top and one squat at the bottom.

When we finished we had about 8 minutes remaining and headed back the way we began on Front Street, but this time we did five hand release merkins at each light pole (5 in total).

As the clock struck zero, I called 5 burpees for the train that we saw on Front Street. LOL.

F3 Dads at Gashouse at 7:00 a.m. on July 23

Tubing Trip (Check Slack for Details) on July 30

Blood Drive on August 10

Tesla’s M
Hot Corner’s Dad who is recovering from shoulder surgery
PAX traveling



Satisfying everyone

As promised YHC had a new route – one that promised to be titillating.  5 ran, one rucked one pushed the rock.  Route as follows: Gaston Day to New Hope, left on Redbud, go down on Pamela but before reaching the apex jump on Audrey and take it on home.  We all worked up quite a sweat with this one.



F3 Dads Gashouse this Saturday

Tubing Green River Saturday July 30


Whoopee’s uncle, Roscoe’s M, Termites brother, Gaston law enforcement,

New Exercise… Car Pushing!

Rolled into the big metropolis of Ranlo for my VQ at the Down-Lo.  I cut my way out the car and swam through the humidity to the flag where I found Bed Pan ready to go.  No FNGs, no late comers, no nobody just he and I… tough crowd!  Started with a warm up then headed to the track but diverted towards  the Fire Department parking lot.  We were charged by an attack “ankle biter” along the way but we outstepped him and arrived safely.  Some Dora 123 (Merkins, Squats, LBCs) using the triangle around the VFD (which btw is about a 1/4 mile).  I came around one time and saw a car stopped where I had last seen Bed Pan doing LBCs and I think “oh no, he’s been run over”!  But I quickly discover that he’s created a new exercise that involved pushing a guy’s car to a nearby parking lot after running out of gas!  We finished up with a quick round of block work.  Found a set of stairs on our mosey to Ranlo Baptist and stopped for some calf raises.  Triple Nickel (Dying Cockroaches & ???) in the parking lot of RBC.  Back to the Ranlo park, with a pause at the flag for the pledge, for some step-ups and dips.  Returned to the concession stand for COT.

Announcements:  F3 Dad’s this Saturday @ Gashouse @ 7am / Mountain Tubing trip 30th

Prayers:  My family, those PAX traveling and on IR

Me, Myself and I

I showed, and waited, and nobody showed to know. I worked and I left. With Castle Rock traveling the world on a big boat in Europe, everyone must think it’s a good time to fartsack. 

Prayers to all those traveling, dealing with illness, depression or loss of loved ones.

Stogie-fied Blocks at Folsom

Sparky was slated to have the Q at Folsom, but I messaged him earlier in the week to see if I could take it in order to continue my Q streak. But I told him I wouldn’t know until mid-morning Wednesday (after doing two boot camps in a row, I was not sure about my body (mainly my lower back)). Legs were sore from some stupid things I called on Tuesday and Wednesday, but my arms and shoulders weren’t too bad… so, blocks it is! Maybe not as good as Sparky, but worth a shot, right?

Warm Up: ‘cuz, i’m still “jacked up on Mountain Dew!” from posting at The Ricky Bobby the day before

20 SSH – in cadence
15 Plank Jacks – in cadence
15 Seal Jacks – in cadence
10 Star Jacks (Star Jumps?) – OYO

10 Mountain Man Poopers – in cadence (‘cuz, I just gatta)

20 ‘Roccan Nigh Clubs – in cadence
10 Arm Cirles Front – OYO
10 Arm Cirles Back – OYO

The Thang:

Mosey Up the Hill to the block pile…

At each light along the way to the block pile:
– 10 Merkins
– 20 Mountain Climbers

Everyone grab a block…

On your six:
– 12 overhead extension with the block
– 12 vertical bench presses with the block
4 sets OYO – if finished plank for the six

– 12 curls with the block
– 12 overhead press with the block
4 sets OYO – if finished plank for the six

– 12 straight, vertical chest/shoulder press with the block
– 12 vertical chest/shoulder twists with the block (Steering Wheels?)
4 sets OYO – if finished plank for the six

– 12 clean and press with the block
4 sets OYO – if finished plank for the six

– 12 curls with the block
– 12 overhead press with the block
4 sets OYO – if finished plank for the six
(We’d done enough overhead presses, so half way through we omaha’d to 12 squats instead of the overhead presses)

Put blocks up and partner up!

Zombie walk (two lunges and a squat) back toward the COT while your partner does 5 Burpees or Flying Squirrels

We omaha’d near the last light and moseyed to the flags/COT.

Finish with:
20 Stogie-fied Gas Pumps – in cadence
50 LBCs – OYO followed by Flutters if done before everyone else…

And that’s TIME!

Thanks for putting up with me again…

– Dad’s 2.0 workout Saturday, July 23rd at Gashouse @ 7am
– Tubing Trip – July 30th – Green River
– Blood Drive – August 19th
– NEW Gas-House and Prison Break Shirt Pre-Orders available NOW!

Prayer Requests:
– Gear Wrench’s brother
– Striper’s brother
– James Goudelock and his family
– Sarlaac’s Daughter and family
– Purple Haze’s Family
– Huckleberry
– Turtle Man
– Really, all the folks dealing with Cancer and their families
– Pax on IR
– Tesla’s Family
– Gastonia Police Department with regards to a situation that happened last night
– Mayor’s Gate Guard at work passed away – pray for that family

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