What a beautiful morning for an F3 Dads 2.0 Workout! What are the odds we have a downrange show up? Welcome “Rook” from Ohio!! Unfortunately he didnt have a 2.0 present so thank goodness we have PainLab to accommodate his stay here in Gastonia!

On to the show!


Circle up for Disclaimer, Pledge, 5 core principles for the FNG, and warmup



The Thang (Part 1)

HIPAA’s morning school routine. Let’s get these kids conditioned for early rising!! No more sleeping in!!!


Arm – 25 Shoulder Taps

Leg – 25 Jump Squats

Abs – 25 LBCs

“R” – Run a lap around the parking lot

“M” – 25 Merkins

Phew, we didn’t hit the snooze button this morning so no need to repeat this cycle. While we continued to get ready for school,  I issued a challenge to all the kids this morning:

2.0 challenge – During the school year, make an effort to make a new friend. Seek out the ones that need someone. Kids have a lot going on too and need a shoulder to lean on. They may not have that opportunity at home for someone to listen. They battle just as much, if not more, than we do. Be the change!

OK, we finished getting ready for school. Now its time to get on the school bus. Line up, two lines behind the bus driver for:

Beep, Beep, I’m a Bus! Duck walk from parking lot to sidewalk at Garrison. When Bus driver says “Beep, Beep” PAX say “I’m a Bus!”. Good times and we got the kids safely to school where the teacher Mr. Roscoe took over.

After we “road the bus”, I had the PAX head to the front of Grier. First Exercise, Karaoke left and back and then a quick lesson on leadership. A leader must be work hard! Second exercise, Karaoke right and back “A leader must LISTEN” (extra credit to Mayor for getting it right!). Next exercise, skip across the lot and back. “A leader must be encouraging to others”. Next exercise, high knees across and back. “A leader must be positive!” Next exercise, bear crawl across and back. “A leader must take responsibility for the outcome!” Next, we did 5 merkins, ran halfway across the parking lot, did 5 merkins and 5 squats, ran across the rest of the lot for 5 merkins, 5 squats, and 5 flutters. Mosey back to start for 5 merkins, 5 squats, 5 flutters, and 5 burpees. Great push by all the 2.0’s. Though the ages varied widely (I think 4 to 20), lots of effort from these young emerging leaders. Instructions were given to head to the ball field for some kickball.

The condition of the field left something to be desired. It was probably the worst state it has beenin the last seven years. Don’t be surprised if we hit up Stroganoff to lead an effort of community engagement to redo the mound and take all the high grass and weeds out of the infield. You couldn’t see the bases unless you were standing on them. Anyway, teams were divided and we got after it with a competitive spirit. Big Pappy’s bonus 2.0 was the pitcher for the first inning and lots of joy was had by the PAX holding hands, directing, and carrying these precious kids. Lots of action, foul balls, pitchers rolling junk and skipping the ball to the plate. One particular outfielder actually took a ball to the face! (remember to catch with your hands, not your body!). Big Pappy made an unbelievable catch from a young sweet girl,  the crowd reacted with a heavy “AWWWW”, he felt terrible. Captain Stubing with an amazing play at first. He nailed Gavels 2.1 with a 2ft throw at 90mph to the face, it was a force out. HIPAA had to relieve Mayor at the hot corner as there were sooooo many “E5” lit up on the score board. 1P2A showed Mayor his skillz snapping off a game ending line drive. We played about three innings and each team went around the order. It was a lot of fun as kickball is a blast at any age!

We went a little over time but made it back to the AO about ten minutes after 8. The Mayor had his own Painlab on the way back by carrying a 2.0 (does this count as a double post?)

I recommend attending F3 Dad’s whether you have 2.0’s or not. Interacting and influencing the younger generations are a blessing. As I posted this week on Slack, our very own Goose has graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy. He is almost considered a Gashouse OG as he came out early and often through his high school years.

Virtuous leaders are what is going to change the world and we need more of them. Thanks to the PAX of F3 for inspiring YHC to be better and thanks to HIPAA for leading!