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Day: July 2, 2022

Circuit Day

Its a gorgeous humid morning, man I miss those brisk mornings. Whoopee is here for the Gloom! Good work on the recovery 💪

Bedpan has returned to Gashouse to bring the sweat and pain for bootcamp. Bedpan gave us the warm up then we split up.

I had a circuit set-up in the back corner of the lot where we  brought additional toys and loud music

The circuit included:

reverse crunches, curls, crunches, merkins, overhead press, bear crawl (around the circuit), plank jacks, shadow boxing, butterflies, squat w/kettle, BURPEES, and jump rope. 50 seconds of work / 10 seconds to transition to the next. After each completion of a full circuit, we fellowship moseyed around the parking lot.  At least that’s what Voodoo calls it, sounds good to me. R&R

We gather back to the start and get a little Mary in as the Gashouse returns to base.

Prayer requests were made for Turtleman, Huckleberry and two others. Forgive me, I forgot. I need to put these in my phone at the time.

Whoopee had a good first day back from IR and did not hurt his tummy. Good work men!


Friends dont’t let friends forget leg day.

It’s a beautiful moonlit morning and the trio is ready for some work. We ruck to the park stopping several time for squats. We stop at the benches and do some step-ups, then ruck left up the trail towards the pull-up bar. We each took our turn maxing out reps, I forget exactly how many. I do remember that Hermie did the most pull ups 💪.

We continued around the trail stopping every few minutes to squat or merkin our way through the gloom. We shared mumblechatter along the way and got-it-in on leg day!

We circled back to Pelicans to do Marry for the last few minutes. 

Prayer request were heard. 

God pray for those heard and not heard. Thank you for allowing us another day.

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