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Day: July 6, 2022

Early July At The Yank

Gavel needed some reinforcements for Qs in July and YHC helped with the first Saturday of the second half of the year.  Like I usually do, I added some trivia into my Q.

All vets, so a quick disclaimer and we were off.

Mosey down to the covered pavilion for some Corewood.  We did 6 or 7 different ab exercises on my count.

We then moseyed up to First Baptist Church parking lot where there was a circuit of 11 different exercises written in the parking spaces.  The pax would do the given exercise, take a lap around the parking lot, then move on to the next exercise.  With the heat and humidity we were all in. a full lather at this point.

We then headed over to the old middle school for some four corners.  We did dips, calf raises, lunges and leg raises.  We did 10 reps, then rinse and repeat for 20 reps and again for 30 reps.

Mosey down to the track for some Dora.  Merkins, LBCs and squats.  That took us to time.  Moseyed back to the yank.



  • Sandlot moved to 7AM start on 7/4
  • 7/16 convergence.  Yank will be closed
  • 7/30 tubing.  Ms and 2.0s welcome

Prayer concerns:

  • People traveling
  • BOS’ 2.0 in Europe
  • Safety of grandparents
  • Orangeman
  • Turleman
  • Huckleberry
  • Tesla
  • Whoopie
  • Tooth Fairy’s 2.0

Great work, men!

No Fireworks for the 4th of July

We didn’t have much of a turn out in Mt. Hollywood on July 4th, only one PAX showed up for a workout.  I thought there would be more people show up since everyone had the day off.  The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776.  The numbers for the day are 7/4/17/76.

Warmup: 17 x burpees

Moseyed down to the school crossing in front of Ida Rankin.

Suicides: At the start do 7 x American Hammers; run to the first pole do 6 x Merkins; run back to the start and do 7 x American Hammers; run to second pole do 6 x Merkins.  Continue going back and forth in suicide style until you get to the sixth pole.


Moseyed to the shelter of Ida Rankin.

19 x WWII sit-ups

19 x Bobby Hurleys

19 x Ranger Merkins

19 x Mtn. Climbers

Run a lap after 4 exercises are complete.  Repeat x4.

The total number of exercises completed adds up to 76 reps.


Moseyed back to the middle school parking lot:

4 x Dips, Derkins, Step downs

7 x Dips, Derkins, Step downs

17 x Dips, Derkins, Step downs

COT, Prayer List, Pledge of Allegiance

Hill work at Folsom

Warm up


5 Burpees



10 pull ups

10 Derkins

10 incline merkins

10 regular merkins

run to the top of the parking lot and back down 3 rounds

Then we started at the top of the parking lot with 10 SSH

20 squats

20 lunges

then run to the 2nd light pole get two burpees and back. We done this for 3 rounds

Next was from the 2nd light pole up to the triangle area

50 flutters

50 LBC

10 merkins

Once these were completed we ran back to the shovel flag. Everyone thought we were complete but we still had 3 minutes!! We ran back up to the triangle as fast as you could got 5 burpees then ran back down!


A good day at the GasHouse

We started the morning off with several Men gathering around waiting on the Bell to start working.
7am so we began.
Warm Up, then Pain Lab pax went one way and we moseyed up to Grier Middle Parking lot.

11’s Star Fish and V-Ups.
10s one Pax goes in said direction. another pax goes the opposite way.
10 merkins down to 1.

after that we did some rocky Balboas and calf raises.

Partner work partner 1 takes a lap and partner 2 does the work. exchange once the lap is complete.
we made it through several exercise’s then it was time.

several prayer request.
announcements: convergence 7/16
2nd F coming up the 20th.

The Bed Pan is Full.

Tequila Sunrise – June 17, 2022

Modified Murph and Quarter Pounders


5:30 Go Time!   I disclaimed the legal stuff and we started with The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.   Warm Ups included SSH’s, Sun Gods, Mtn Climbers and Produce Pickers.   I saved the message until the ending COT.  #DRP   #ACCELERATION

The Work

First up, a steady mosey around the school track.   Spin the Music, RUSH was the morning playlist:  Tom Sawyer, Spirit of the Radio, Working Man, the list goes on and on.   I called out a “Modified Murph” – 5 cycles of the following:

  • 10 Pull-Ups
  • 20 Merkins
  • 40 Squats
  • 1 Lap around the track (rinse and repeat)


Next up, mosey over to the wall for some wall sits, 15 minutes remaining so we didn’t linger long at the wall.   Then, off to the grass field for modified Quarter Pounders.

  • From the Goal Line, run to the 25 yard line, 25 Mountain Climbers, then back to Goal Line
  • From the Goal Line, run to the 50 yard line, 50 SSH’s, then back to Goal Line
  • From the Goal Line, run to the 75 yard line, 75 LBC’s, then back to Goal Line
  • From the Goal Line, run to the 100 yard line, 100 Flutters, then back to COT


With 40 seconds remaining, we did American Hammers until time expired.   I believe the PAX were gassed!   I know I was.


We talked up the upcoming events.  July 15 Brew Ruck in Lake Wylie.

Prayers & Praises:

For all of the spokens and unspokens we gathered as ball of man and prayed us out.


Honored to lead these fine Men at Abyss, thanks Huffy for the opportunity to lead !

Dan Sippel, 54, Quasimodo

Prison Break

Thirteen showed up for the COT, but I only remember seeing nine (ten, if you count me) out running or rucking. Oh well, some rucked – some ran.
Ball Joint ran faster.


– Convergence at Folson – July 16h (all other AOs will be closed)
– F3 Dads 2.0 Workout at Gas-House – July 23rd
– Tubing Trip – July 30th

Broke’s M’s surgery went well – Praise Report!

  • Gear Wrench’s Brother
  • Striper’s Brother
  • Sarlaac’s Daughter
  • Purple Haze’s M and Sister-in-law
  • Stogie’s friend Nan with Cancer

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