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Downtown 8/26/2022

10 men at Downtown this morning

Warm-Up:  Slaughter Starter(20 Burpees)

Mosey to parking deck. First called exercise is 11s. Start with 10 Hip Slappers at bottom, take stairs to top for 1 Hand Release Merkin, stairs back to bottom. Continue until finish with 1 Hip Slapper at bottom and 10 HR Merkins at top.

Next Start at bottom 5 Mike Tyson’s, 10 Mountain Climbers, 15 LBCs. Work way to top adding 5 rep to each exercise each time you go up a level. Alternate Joe Hendricks and Brad Crawl on ramps going up.  We finished at level with 20 Mike Tyson’s, 25 MC, 30 LBCs.

Mosey back to Main Street.  Start with 1 Burpee at light pole. Next pole 2 Burpees. Finish at last pole with 5 Burpees.  Head towards flag

Time for some Iron Hulk. 1:4 ratio of Merkins and Air Press. Start with 1 Merkin, 4 Air Press. Do this 10 times finishing with 10 Merkins and 40 Air Press.

Finish up with 10 Burpees. Time



Batteries Not Included

Despite multiple Q-Fails (for which PAX were much more tolerant and forgiving than they had to be), all PAX got a solid beatdown.

After the pledge, quick disclaimer, and warmup of SSH and Peter Parkers (10xIC each), I explained the format: 3 exercises, 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest, repeat for 3 rounds. I came prepared with everything including bluetooth speaker for some tunes, so let’s get started. Uh-oh, hadn’t used this speaker in quite a while and it’s got low battery. For that matter, my phone battery wasn’t well charged up either. Oh well, let’s just get going and hope for the best. Mumblechatter commenced with commentary about preparation and the wisdom of leaving devices plugged in to charge overnight…

Circuit 1 = Kettlebell swings, Halos, Merkin pull-throughs

During this circuit, the Tabata timer was not optimized – a condescending male voice interrupted the soothing riffs of death metal to announce exercise transitions. At the end of 3 rounds, I directed PAX to lunge-walk towards the field while I try to fix the timer. Turns out I had to start over and probably made it worse.

Circuit 2 = Big Boys, Flutter kicks, Leg lifts
Lunge-walked toward the road, then mosey back.

Fortunately, Watts Up corroborated my position that charging your phone overnight is not ideal for battery life. Unfortunately, it’s also less than ideal to drain battery power to the point where devices quit working.

Circuit 3 = Kettlebell pullovers, Rows, Curls

Sometime during this circuit is when the bluetooth speaker died, so we pivoted to music straight from the phone, whose battery was holding up well. After 3 rounds, I directed PAX to lunge-walk diagonally through the parking lot to the end of Watts Up’s truck.

Circuit 4 = Goblet squats, Mountain climbers, Superman pull-ups

With 3.5 minutes remaining after Circuit 4, we had time for 1 full round of Mary.   Ball Joint ended things by calling for 1 full minute of LBC’s.

Sign up for Iron PAX challenge throughout September.
Sign up for 50 mile relay on Sept 10.
F3 Dads Roller skating is Sept 17 at Kate’s on Franklin
JJ5K is Sept 24.
Oct 8 is convergence with Lake Wylie region.  Need to pick a different name for this besides “Trans-Vergence.”

Prayers:  Buckeye’s baby, BOS, Turtleman, PAX participating in Iron PAX challenge, Nutria’s brother in law Dylan

Privileged to lead today and grateful to the supportive PAX – the only thing that showed up with low energy level was the bluetooth speaker.

 – Nutria

Tesla Returns to The Yank!

Been awhile but YHC finally got a Q at The Fighting Yank! We took it on with vigor as we shall see below:


SSH – burpees X5

IWs X 20

Grasspickers X 20

Tesla Stretches X 20

Mtn Climbers X 20

Time for some 3 Corners, have not done this one in a while.

First Corner, up at the gated property:

Trumpers, LBCs, Jump squats. Repeat 10, 15, 20

Second Corner

Merkins, Jump Squats, American Hammers. Repeat 10, 15, 20

Third Corner (Corner of Knowledge)

Dips, Stepups, Dirkins, Repeat 10, 15, 20

Line up for some of the next set:

Burpee Broad Jump, 1/2 way across the front.

Lunge walk rest of the way.

SSH X 20

Squats X 20

Run back to benches.

Time to go to the Field of Dreams and do some BEAR CRAWL SLALOM!

Went great, everyone got 3 turns.

SSH X 20

Jump Squats X 20

Run halfway back, 5 HR merkins. All the way, 10 HR merkins

Still have some time for two halfpipes;

Top: 5 Plankjacks.

Bottom: 1 burpee

Other side: 5 monkey humpers.

Done and flag time




Great to be back in the old saddle! Nothing like a little EC to start with and some Bear Crawls for breakfast. We got it done! Great group and a pleasure to lead at the best AO in Gashouse!




He’s Sovereign

The last Monday of August and plenty of HIM started their week off right. There were runners and ruckers and just plain walkers. Rocks were pushed until we all came together to hear the (s)word.

29 “Therefore since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone—an image made by human design and skill.

We were created by God, for His glory. He doesn’t owe us anything, quite the opposite, we owe him everything. He can do whatever he wants to do, period. It is only by his grace and mercy that we have anything good in this world.  Through His grace and mercy we have a Savior. Praise the Lord!


Announcements: 50 Mile Relay 9/10, Skating with Mayor 9/17, JJ5k 9/24, 2nd F lunch 9/28, Co-region convergence 10/8 at Bulldog

Prayer requests: Striper’s brother, Sarlaac’s daughter, Huckleberry, Turtleman, Gearwrench’s friend’s brother in car accident

4 sided triangle

11 pax posted at Midoriyama on Tuesday. The Italian bicyclist ran, grandma walked, and the rest of the pax followed me because I definitely knew where I was going.


Some stuff like SSH, merkins, and squats.

The Thang:

It’s almost running season for me again and honestly I’m looking forward to it. I’ve kind of missed it. Somebody help me this doesn’t sound right! I’ve grown to welcome discomfort overtime. I like the feeling of pushing hard. Running provides that for sure. Anyway I decided to bump the running up a little since we’ve been doing shorter distance running in the heat. Also from time to time I like to throw in running with a brick or two just to make the suck a little worse. So we only had enough for 1 a piece but that sucks enough. Down the road we went. At the picnic shelter we stopped for some step ups and dips. Down the trail at the lake we bear crawled the first bridge. We stopped for some seal jacks ic. Bear crawled the next bridge. Off the trail onto the powerline. We stopped for some Hillbillies and squats. Mosey and stop for some Imperial Walkers and Lil Gumbys. Mosey to what looks like  the first intersection of a triangle area on Google maps to do 5 brickees. Mosey to the next intersection for 5 more. Now it’s much more overgrown than it appears on Google so I began to question which way to go. I should have went with my gut but went with my 2nd guess and stayed on the power line looking for the next intersection. As you may guess that was wrong. Now we weren’t ever lost because I knew where it would take us too but we did start to run low on time so I made the call to turn around and hit the trail to cut through to the dam road. At this point the storm was rolling in and the woods were getting pretty dark. We stopped a few more times along the way for some punches holding the brick ic so the group could stay together. We ended up about 5 minutes late which was just enough time for it to start raining.



Announcements-All the same ones for September

Prayer Request-Defibs friend in NOLA going to Hospice care


Q fail, yep and I’m ok with it. I learned from it and that’s the point. If we don’t try we will never know. We will never grow. Get out of the comfort zone and do something stupid, meow.

Plank for the Six

Another big group at Tequila Sunrise. Started with a warm up: SSH, Toy Soldiers, and Imperial Walkers. Then mosey’d down the hill to Merewood. We used the Merewood/Glen Arbor loop for a workout, completing three laps total. Each lap consisted of a workout stop at each lamp post. We did alternating exercises of 10 reps arms (merkins, CDDs, diamonds), 20 reps legs (squats, lunges, monkey humpers), and 30 reps abs (LBCs, Am Hammers, flutters). Sargento ran and Rebar modified following a twisted ankle with Breaker Breaker, and we all met back up at the school parking lot for the pledge and COT.


Iron Pax will be held weekly on Thursday at Folsom. Register here.
Week 0 workout.

Sept 8th – F3 Gastonia / F3 Lake Wylie Transvergence.  Multiregional Convergence at Bulldog

Sept 10 – 50 mile F3 Gastonia 50-mile CSAUP  at 0400 in Dallas

Sept 17th – Skating with Mayor at Kate’s on Franklin

September 19 – Dark Helmet on Q at Mount Hollywood

Sept 24th – JJ 5K

Prayer Requests: Boss’ dad and family, Tesla family, PAX in Charlotte, those who have recently lost loved ones, Easy Rider’s family

Humbled and Honored to lead.


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