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Day: July 14, 2022

Redo at Ricky Bobby

Last week when YHC showed up to lead here we had a total no show event. So YHC bagged it. Not feeling it then. needed a rest. But not today! Whoever was on deck never showed so YHC took the bull by the horns and ad libbed it pretty well as follows:

Go to the middle of the field for COP:

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Grass pickers X 20

Tesla Stretches

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Blimp time!

Burpees X 5

Lunges X 10 (each leg)

IWs X 15 (in cadence)

Merkins X 20

Plank Jacks X 25

Squats X 30

After each roll we run to the center of the field and do “chop-chop” with a grass drill one way, go the end and do the next exercise and then run back to the middle for SSH with called grass drill. Then after we get to the squats we reverse and go back down the Blimp ladder.

Over to the benches for some work:

10 step ups (each leg)

10 dips

10 inclined big boys with a twist

10 dirkins.


1st – Bear crawl to the center, broad jump to the other side, mosey back

2nd – Bear crawl to the center, crab walk to the other side, mosey back

3rd – Lunge walk over, mosey back.

Rugby sprints across the field, 2X

Mosey over to COT and hold plank for @ 2minutes and we’re done and a pledge!


Short crew but a good crew. Quality always beats quantity. Humid morning at the Bobby, welcome to summer time!

Lots of things going on out there guys. Fourth turning. Listen to Neil Howe. We’re on a tough spot as a world right now. And it’s getting to people. But guess what men? This is where we STEP UP! Get out and lead something. A workout is a start! How about a site Q? Anyone getting on any local boards or things like that? Church leadership? I have news men, the world is taking applications now for strong guys to lead! You are needed. Trust me. get out there and make it happen. Cause no one else will.


Two fingers of death

Since you weren’t there, you wouldn’t know that this particular exercise was not well received by the PAX.
We did some meandering around the park with rucks with sets of merkins, LBCS, SSH, MNC, Abe Vigodas, Rocky Balboas and Two Fingers of Death.

Convergence Saturday at Folsom 0700
F3 Dads the 23rd at Gashouse 0700
Green River Tubing the 30th
Lunch the 20th Bubba 33

Big Pappy
Purple Haze’s sister in law
Stogie’s coworker

Folsom Hero WOD 7/14


10 gravel pickers in cadence

10 Moroccan night clubs IC


5 Burpee’s


Got started on some Core work but the 30 seconds rest time was too much standing around  modified it to 10 secs

30 secs on 30 secs off for 3 rounds

Bear plank Shoulder taps

Reclined flutters

Reclined knee tucks

Mountain climbers

Hero WOD made in the honor of US Army Spl. Keenan Cooper of 82 Airborne division KIA 7/5/2010 a week before his 20th Birthday in Afghanistan when his unit was attacked with a IED.

Going for rounds

AMRAP for 19 min using sandbag/vest

20 Squats

10 Folsom Sandbag getups (5 each side)flat from back no hands  

200m run

7 burpees rinse and repeat 

Circle up and get 5 min of Mary in  

Prayer Requests

Big Pappy

Stripers Brother

Stogies coworkers family



Purple haze Sister in-law

Michael Hefner

James Goudelock

Wirenuta family



Lunch 20th Bubba 33

Convergence 7:00 Folsom

Tubing 30th

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