• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/01/2022
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Watts Up (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dirt (H), EZ Rider (R), JarJar, JJ, Wanderer (R), Whoopee (R),

YHC was reading Whoopee’s BB was thinking “Luckily that panther didn’t get us”.  But the made YHC think, did it really happen since the backblast hasn’t been written???

Well, here it is…


Seven was total (well six when we started since Whoopee was still getting his shoes on) when 0530 hit.  All experienced PAX, including a JarJar who hadn’t posted in a light year or so. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, we did some warmup.  You know the typical stuff; SSH, Arm Circles, stretches, etc.

YHC found a workout from yester-year when PF was just an empty grocery store.

Mosey behind PF to their ramp…. (Why did they build a ramp behind PF, when they have a flat front entrance, inquiring minds may want to know, but its a good place to stop)  Bear Crawl up the ramp x 2.  This caused a little discussion/grumbling from the PAX, so we did it a 3rd time ( I think it was really Dirt’s idea BTW)

With that pitstop done, on to the FL parking lot.

Start the spots nearest PF.
Sprint/Mosey to the nearest lightpole – 10 Jump Squats
Nur to starting spot, 10 SSH
Sprint/Mosey to the next lightpole (1 Burpee at the first lightpole) – 15 Jump Squats
Nur to starting spot, 15 SSH
Sprint/Mosey to the third lightpole (1 Burpee at the first & second lightpole) – 20 Jump Squats
Nur to starting spot, 20 SSH
Plank for 6 (or join them)
10 count.
“Recovery” run around the frontage building.

Now it gets fun.

Repeat with Jump Squats replaced with HRM and SSH with Mtn Climbers.  YHC suggested an alternate locomotion format, but that didn’t workout well.  Most moseyed.

Funner yet…

Repeat again with HRM replaced with Monkey Humpers and Mtn Climbers with Hammers.  Locomotion: Skip

No time for another round.

Head the steps between the parking lots… 10 calf raises each step.

Mosey back behind PF.  Oh, the ramp, lets stop an bear crawl down the ramp.   Once was enough, plus time was counting down.  Head back to the flag.

The group rounds the Bellacino’s corner with YHC, EZ Rider and Whoopee leading….

Out from the dumpster jumps a massive (read that as HUGE) black panther.  Did I mention it was big?  From here the details get a bit fuzzy, or maybe it was my vision.  The battle was intense.  It was touch-and-go for a bit.  But we managed to save the remaining PAX from the panther.  We did such a good job, not sure they even knew it was there.

Having made it out alive, we continued onto the flag, with a brief stop at the wall for some dips and step-ups.

Announcements were made and prayers lifted.

Thanks to all for the opportunity to lead.



Watts Up Powering Down.