• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/04/2022
  • AO: PainLab
  • QIC: Tube
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hermie, Hunk o Junk, Clavin, Voodoo

Rolled in this morning to a crowd of two. Slowly a few more Hims rolled in. This isn’t our normal crowd, where is everyone? The weather is freakin perfect this morning! 

Whoopee suggested we combine for the first half, so I prefer a good crowd, why not. It tends to create more mumblechatter. And I like to hear the crap that comes out of Whoopees mouth. We do the pledge and get right to it.

Whoopee has his toys broken out and Voodoo discovers that there is an extra box in the bed of his truck. He peaks inside and realizes that this box is in the wrong bed, he should have left these toys at home- oops! I’m glad I didn’t see them, I hope Voodoo isn’t scarred for life after seeing what’s in that box. When I asked about it, he said you don’t want to know. Whoopee just smiled and winked.

We get to work and begin doing the circuit that Whoopee has planned for us, except we are missing one thing. TUNES! Voodoo called it as I ran to get my Bose box. I decide that this little circuit needed some Metallica radio. I find that hard rock gets me to push myself a little harder. Unlike listening to something like Country music that just makes me want to cry about some ex-girlfriends or my dog that died. Everything is going great, Hermie is doing cartwheels across the parking lot and next thing I know, Whoopee has got me in a headlock and giving me Nolan Ryan’s to the face, wtf!? He apologized and said he had a flash back from when he was a little boy and someone tried taking his Twinkie. OK?

Warmups are over. Let’s get back to work! The Gashouse split off and went jogging and Painlab stayed for the real pain.

One set each: 50/10 we only have 30 minutes

Halos, frog crunch, Russian rows, side plank thread the needle, black widow knee slide, W’s,  1 minute rest

Butterfly sit-ups, seated corkscrew, levitation crunch, siteup elbow thrust, crescent tucks, backward 7’s. 1 minute rest

Burpees, squat shadow boxing, side lunges, CDD’s, and then Gashouse returned from their jog to help us finish some Marys.

Shout out to Turtleman who has the toughest workout of us all, stuck up in an isolated room at CMC Main. You got this brother, keep Pounding!

Thank you God for giving me the means to come out here and push my body. Thank you God for this beautiful weather to enjoy this F3 workout. 

Please pray for those that could not make it out this morning for what ever reason they have, good or bad. Amen!