• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/04/2022
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Boudin
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Orangeman(R), Pilgrims Progress, Dirt(R), Bos(R), Doodles(R), Tesla(R)

Clock struck 7 am and it was time to get work.



Slow mosey down to the Bunker for a warmup.



15 Gravel Pickers IC

10 Merkins IC

20 Squats OYO

5 Burpees for the Train.

The group then split into 2.  Sargento led the men that stayed behind for The Bunker.  7 men in total started out on a mosey from the Bunker.  We went around the back of the Bunker then up on Hawthorne Road then stopped at the bottom of Myrtle street.

10 Squats at the bottom then mosey to next telephone for 10 merkins then mosey back to start.  We went to the next telephone pole on Myrtle each time.  We ended up getting 9 or 10 rounds in until it was time to head back to the Bunker for some joint work between the two groups.  Sargento then took over for some wall work.

Wall sit with a march

10 Dirty hook ups

Wall sit with a march and air press

20 Hip Slappers

Wall sit with a march.

Now that the boot campers rest was over we moseyed back to the park near water fountain. Near fountain we did the following excercise then mosey up the walk way toward the shelter for 5 burpees.

25 Big Boys

50 Overhead claps IC

75 Merkins

100 LBC

Time winding down we fellowship mosey back down to the fountain for bear crawl around half the fountain then up the walk way.  Fellowship mosey back to the Yank.

Time 8:00 am

Sargento took us out with COT.


Prayer Request


Sargento took us out in prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. SYITG