• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/04/2022
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Shortsale, Tube, Hermie, Hunk O Junk, JJ, Clavin, Voodoo, Whoopee

Smallish crowd this am, SS rolled in hot so we got started with the Pledge and warmup then I discussed the options for today: PainLabbers could take off and do their thing or stay with us for first half with no required running then we would split up for 2nd half. They chose to stay and we got right into it. I brought some toys to play with and was hoping they would join us.

Look around at the toys…..a sandbag, 30# plate, a medicine ball, some barbells, and a BUCKET O TURDS……I don’t think the morning could get any better. And then Tube broke out the speaker with……music???? It was not the 2 types of music I was used to listening to….you know? Country music and Western music. Oh well, I’ll give it a try and see. Maybe it will grow on me.

We got our marching orders and got to work. The timer would be the BOT with a farmer carry walk thru the parking lot. “How long do I walk?” you ask….as long as you want to cause pain for your fellow men. While the farmer carried the BOT, we did various exercises at different stations as follows:


ruck swing with the 40# barbell

upright rows or flutter kicks/bench press with 30# plate (do either or swap from 1 to the other)

Big Boy situps

Medicine ball merkins (harder than I expected): 1 hand resting on ball (not your balls, the medicine ball Sargento). Do a merkin then roll the ball (again the medicine ball, not your ball Rosco) to the other hand and repeat.

(my favorite) Elevator Sandbag Burpees: burpee with sandbag chest press and increase the merkin part of the burpee by 1 with every “next” burpee. After each burpee you jump over the sandbag.

We took turns with each station so everyone got a chance to carry the BOT. We did this for 2 rounds (with a short mosey btwn rounds) around the lot or lunge if you didn’t want to mosey. I believe Hermie was bear crawling for part of this time. We listened to some music from Tube. I think it was music…..I blacked out part way thru and woke up with Tube in a headlock giving him some Nolan Ryan’s to the face. Sorry Tube, put some ice on it and it will be ok in a few days. Something about that music just made me want to do that. Very. Strange.

This got us to just past halftime so we split off the boot campers with a mosey while the PainLabbers stayed with the music. The boot campers moseyed to the baseball field hill for some Hillevens (elevens on a hill, see what I did there?).  At the top we did American Hammers (because I really hate hammers) and at the bottom we did jump squats. We bear crawled up the hill each trip, which was really not a good idea in retrospect but what the heck? We did it with SS leading the pack. If there were Olympics for bear crawling, I think SS would get at least a silver, probably a gold medal. Now if he “gender switched” I bet he could get a gold easy so maybe that is something to consider SS. That gold medal sure would make your eyes sparkle especially with a nice yellow dress and some makeup…..maybe 1 day.

After I finally got over the bear crawling we took a couple laps around the track and every 1/4 lap we did either 20 Merkins, 20 big boys, or a combination with total 20 reps. That got us almost to time so we moseyed back to start with a quick wall sit on the way then some Mary at the end.

We finished with a COT then a quick video for Turtleman-GREAT IDEA Tube!!! We all said something to Turtleman on a video that Tube sent to him. He’s coming up on 3 weeks in the hospital and he’s doing great. I know he’s ready to get out of there. Keep those prayers going up-he needs them and appreciates them. Looking forward to a cold beer and a big fat steak with Turtleman, hopefully really soon. Thanks for coming out guys.