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What you can do

Good crowd this am at GasHouse. Even better was the rain last night with lots of puddles. We started with the disclaimer and pledge then Tube took the PainLabbers and the rest of us headed for some boot camp fun. We got to Grier football field/track and I let Watts Up pick the first dose of pain: Bricks or Baseball? He picked bricks so we started with some Squat the Line on the wall-form a line on the wall, get in BTTW position, center 2 guys drop from BTTW and do 10 squats then back into BTTW position and next 2 drop for 10 squats, then continue until all do squats then recover. Just FYI, Linus did his squats in (sort of) slooooooooow motion. I think we did 2 sets of these (10 squats then 5 squats). We moseyed over to the baseball field hill next to the benches and did some 11’s on the hill: Hip Slappers at the bottom and Squats at the top. The ground was a bit mushy and made those hip slappers a bit more painful. After passing Stroganoff and Roscoe doing their own thing (more on that below) we moseyed over to the steps at FPC for some more 11’s: at the top we did Mountain Climbers and LBCs at the bottom. Next we moseyed over to Sherwood playground for another little bit of pain: partner up, P1-hand from something on the playground and P2-run to the mask and do three 8 count body builders then swaparoo. In case you are wondering, Time Frame’s mother is 72 years old so we did a combined total of 72-ish body builders. We moseyed back to Roscoe and Stroganoff. I hit a few puddles along the way but unfortunately no one joined me. I’ll have to find a way to fix this next time. Bandit, do you still have that big sheet of plastic? It’s getting about that time again…..

Once we got to Strog and Roscoe, we joined them for a little bit of fun. Roscoe was taking orders from Sargent Hulka with some EMOM: 10 Squats and 15 American Hammers. Not sure about the numbers but you get the idea. He’s been recovering a stress fracture and avoiding any running. After a couple rounds of that, we joined Strog with some genuine Wolfpack Grinder stuff:run laps around the track and on one end squats and other end LBCs. Time was running low so we moseyed back home and joined the PainLabbers for a little fun then finished up with COT. Lots of prayer requests for sick friends and family members.

Roscoe brought up a John Wooden quote that was especially timely: “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”In other words, if you are on IR for some reason, try to come out and post anyway. You can modify. You can PainLab. You can ruck. You can work your butt off in the end zone doing Squats and American Hammers EMOM for 40+ minutes. You can WolfPack Grinder for 40 + minutes. You can always do SOMETHING so do it. Stay connected with your brothers and do what you can. Reach out to your fellow pax who you have not seen lately and get them out there. Anyone seen HushPuppy? JK2? Dry Rub? Turtle Man? DaVinci? Dr. Feelgood? Voodoo? HIPAA? I’m sure you can think of others. I was out for an extended period of time so in fairness, some of these guys may be posting and I have just missed them because I have been gone. I’ve tried to stay active with a few PAX, but it’s not the same. Reel these guys back in. Call them. Go pick them up before a workout. Whatever, just let them know they have been missed and should come back out.

If they are lagging behind, lag back there with them and keep them company. I know I have been that guy and having someone hang back with me makes that pain a little more bearable.

Thanks for coming out today guys. Every one of you has helped build GasHouse in one way or another.




No running

I have not been Q for a looooong time. Really long. Like……long. So when Flintstone asked me to Q a week or so ago, I knew there was only 1 answer.  I knew after Dam 2 Dam I would be a bit sore, but that, as we all know, is not a good enough excuse. Sure enough the legs were a bit sore. Tube committed to posting to my Q with the agreement that running would not be on the menu. Little did he know at the time that was actually going to be good for me….maybe.

There was a crowd of around 8 when I pulled up despite the rain and cooler weather. It felt good to be out there….who believes that??? It sucked. It was cold. It was raining. My bed was way more comfortable. However, it was great to be back out there with the guys. It has been too long. It’s easy to complain about the cold and wet mornings when you have an option. When you cannot be there for legit reasons….well, that’s when you really appreciate the gloom and your F3 Brothers.

I started with a quick disclaimer just after giving props to Folgers for both his name and for continuing to post-real big props to this guy. He is a big-time rock pusher. If you don’t know the origin of his name…..ask him. I know where you can find him most mornings at 0530. We hit the pledge then got to work. I started by ‘splaining we would not be running today which caused a groan from a few guys who knew this meant lunge city.

We started off lunging to the wall and did some dips. We then got back to lunging and I gave Clavin a choice: Money or Chicken? He chose money so we headed to the bank (instead of KFC). We only lunged part of the way then slow-moseyed the rest of the way. Once we got there I opened the weinke using my trusty Otter Bag from Apple (thanks Clavin) and we got to work. We started against the wall in a line for some “Squat the Line’ which goes like this: everyone Balls to the Wall then start on one end and first PAX drops for 10 squats while others remain in BTTW. He finishes squats then back into BTTW. Next PAX drops for 10 squats on down the line. The Q had mercy (and got tired) so we had others drop for the squats from other end then the middle. Once everyone got some squats, we all dropped and recovered. Note to self: this would be much better with like 2 PAX next time, maybe even solo. We lunged to the other side of the bank and realized the AC units were in the way for us to use the wall (thanks Stroganoff) so we lunged back to the first side of the bank. Next up were some Australian Mountain Climbers with sets of 10, 15, and 20. We had a short intermission then started with the big thang: 22’s: 22 reps on 1 side then drop by 2 reps every time across and back. The first sets were Merkins and LBCs. The second set were Hip Slappers and Big Boy situps. I have to say those Hip Slappers kicked my rump. They were tough-I guess I need to be doing more of them.  It was getting close to time so we started with our trip back home with Murder Lunges; 4 lunges for each leg then 1 Merkin. Repeat with 2 Merkins. Repeat with 3 Merkins. Keep going up with Merkins until you get back to home base. Some of us took a short cut (followed the rules, but still took a short cut). It was an un-named PAX whose name rhymes with Asstone. I believe we (and by “we” I mean all of us except Asstone) got up to 12 Merkins before we got home and about the time Asstone was offered a ride from some random dude in a wife beater who thought we were chasing him (in slow motion????). We had a few minutes at the end so we did 5 reps of any called exercise from each PAX then called it a day. We finished with COT then got outta there.

Today was a really good day. It was good to be back. Last night I took some pictures of Jocko’s book Discipline Equals Freedom to read to the PAX while we recovered between exercises. I didn’t add any commentary because…..well, Jocko wrote it. Anyone who reads Jocko probably understands what I mean. If you have the book, you can look these pages up: Begin, Weakness, Destroyer Mode, Fear of Failure, and Not Feeling It. Here are the cliff notes:

Begin-get out in the gloom and work your ass off

Weakness-everyone has weakness, work your butt off and fight every day to get better, don’t accept weakness as a final destination

Destroyer Mode-Q power, get some

Fear of Failure-fear of failure can and should motivate you however be most afraid of doing nothing

Not Feeling It-go anyway, get it done, the only thing you should procrastinate is procrastination.

Thanks for the invite to Q Flintstone. It was what I needed. I should have done this a long time ago. Glad I have been around HIMs to keep me somewhat involved even though I have not been very visible.



big woman

I haven’t posted in longer than I care to admit since the COVID stuff started. Showing up this am to Q Diablo felt great. Dry Rub and Les Nessman were there to greet me like I had never left. We started with the pledge then I gave a quick rundown of the plan. We would do my home ruck workout with some rucking in between exercises. I counted reps to myself and others did AMRAP. The exercises (approximately 25 reps) with the ruck were as follows:

Merkins (no ruck), upright row, standing chest press, squat, flutter kicks, bench press with flutter kicks. We moseyed for awhile and did a total of 3 sets of exercises.

On the way back to finish up, we were talking and I realized tmro is my 12 year anniversary since my colon cancer surgery. I mentioned one of the things I remembered about that was when some big woman came in my room on a particularly bad day for me. I am sure she could tell I was not doing well. I don’t know where the music came from (could have been TV or radio, heck she could have been singing) but she and I started dancing-just the 2 of us in the room. I guess she came to make my bed or something. I really believe she was some sort of angel-I know that sounds corny and farfetched, but I don’t know that I ever saw her again. She pulled me from a pretty dark place and turned my bad day into something that I now remember with a smile on my face. As I look back on that time in my life, I did not have F3. I did have some pretty solid friends considering I had just moved to town about 18 months prior. Those “pretty solid friends” are mostly-scratch that, they are ALL F3 guys now. They got me and my family through that tough time and continue to be a big part of shaping who I am today, along with all of you. Think about that for a minute. We have talked about Shield Lock, Concentrica, and a lot of other F3 things over and over. Not until you need, I mean REALLY NEED them, are they essential. Unfortunately, when you need them is not the time to start working on that. Keep that in mind when you lose your way with your F3 brothers. More importantly, think about that when your F3 brothers don’t post for a week…..or a month….. or longer. Reach out to them. Get them back out there even if it’s just for a little old ruck with 2 of your brothers. It might be the spark they need to remember why they need to be posting.

thanks guys-Whoopee


We ran or rucked….nothing exciting until Flintstone flanked the 4 ruckers while on the Greenway coming out of the woods near an apartment complex. He’s lucky we didn’t smack him with one of our purses. Great discussion for Q Source.



Buckeye asked on Slack if anyone was running Coconut-I replied I would go early at 0600 for a 300 Workout. Run 5 miles and stop every half mile for 30 Merkins hitting a total of 300. JJ was there also and we started at 0600-HOLY NUTS, Buckeye took off and did not slow down. We were sub 8 min miles for the first few and got finished about an hour or 2 before I had planned so we had time to get some squats in……let’s get 300 squats. Hmmmm, still got time. No runners in site. Let’s do some flutters… about 300 of them. Crap, where is everyone? Finally Defib and Stroganoff show up along with Oompa and Flintstone….then along comes DDC for a drive-by to say hello then he’s off again.

COT then off to Q Source with a good crowd.

Thanks for the 300 push JJ and Buckeye. I’m thinking the 300 might be a regular habit for me…but don’t need to leave so early. I don’t want so many exercises at the end….or do I? We will see…..

Good work men-Whoopee

Dr. Pepper

Today was a big day. Site Q handover is bittersweet. Knowing Sledge makes it a lot easier. He will do a great job. He’s got great support from the Diablo regulars and hopefully more FNGs are on the horizon.

I promised a few things on Slack hoping for a few looks-loos coming to see what we would do but no unexpected faces. I promised Livermush: that is the new name for my sandbag-Livermush is a good name. Who doesn’t like livermush? It’s good for your heart, right Defib?

We started with the pledge then headed to the Planet Fitness parking lot, Livermush in tow. She sat in the center of the parking lot and along comes El Toro to join us-this is a solid guy who is a friend of an old PAX who used to post with us here in F3 GasHouse named Rudolph. (shots fired brotha)

We started at the center with Livermush doing 10 squat thrusters with our rucks. We then moved out to each corner then back to Livermush. Each time we got back to Livermush, we did 10 squat thrusters with our rucks.  At the corners we did 20 reps of a called exercise. The exercises were the following: Squats, Merkins, Upright Rows, and American Hammers.

Round 2 was similar…..but different. We still did squat thrusters when we got back to Livermush. The exercises were chest press, Flutters, Curls, and Squats. We rifle-carried out to the corners and rucked back to Livermush.

Next we rucked a lap around the building, did some merkins, step ups, then a round of 10-20 reps of each-man-call-an-exercise back at home.

Before calling it quits, I went to the truck and got a gift for Sledge for taking over Diablo Sammich. If you recall in the movie when Sheriff Buford T. Justice orders his Diablo Sammich, he got something to drink….so, when handing over the Sammich, what else could I give him? A nice cold Dr. Pepper of course. I got there early to run my 5K before the ruck and stopped by 7/11 to get it. Unfortunately it sprayed all over after being shaken from me running back with it.


Freight is running a 5 K every day in October to help raise awareness and money for the F3 Foundation fundraiser called Give2Give. Think of how much you have gotten out of F3. Be generous-this money is going to great causes and if nothing else, it helps the yuckity yucks of F3 Admin make us look good in the public eye. I am pledging $1 for every mile he runs this month. Give your $$ to Grantan Def Leppard.

Honorable Mention to Dry Rub. There were several times he and I were the only ones who posted and without his encouragement I think I would have thrown the Diablo in the sink and washed it down the drain. Thanks my friend-#ISI

Sledge, it’s all yours…..



late BB

We rucked, it was so long ago I don’t remember what else we did but at least I got the pax their credit……and WattsUp can mark me off his list…….FINALLY

Site Q anyone?

Today……we rucked, did some Merkins, did some squats, blah blah blah blah. What really matters is I will be handing over the site Q keys to someone else next week. I have been happy being site Q of Diablo, but lately it has been more of a burden and I think I have not done a good job of it. Work seems to be getting more hectic and the weekly commitment at a particular time was wearing me down. After bringing up the need for a new site Q for a few different days at Diablo, we had a volunteer this am that I know will do a great job and I plan to support as much as possible.

thanks for all the support with Diablo GasHouse.


6 studs

Six studs showed this am for some Diablo. We started with the Pledge then took off at lightning speed headed for the dreaded Hill de la Gastone….once we got there instructions were given: every mailbox on right do 6 exercises of your choice-any exercise, 6 reps, every mailbox. We got to the top then did some flutters then headed back down and off to the right, then up to Food Lion. We got to the parking lot by Planet Fitness and did some 6 corners, barely avoiding a single guy in a fast car getting some $$ at 6am at an ATM. We also saw a lone Pubber that looked a lot like Roscoe. As much as we see him during Diablo, he should be given credit for posting with us. We had some deep discussions about some hot topics-lots of opinions and perspectives were both shared and discussed. We headed back to start and hit the wall for some dips and step ups, circled the bank a few times with some other exercises, and made it back in time for COT.

It was only after completing the workout we were notified it was Les Nessman’s 45th birthday….I guess he didn’t want to do 45 reps of anything.

This morning was really good-I enjoy hearing others’ opinions especially when it comes to controversial topics. Although I (sometimes) get a little passionate (read: loud and obnoxious) when discussing these things, I really enjoy hearing why other people feel the way they do….except Freight. He doesn’t really have an opinion so  much as he wants to argue the other side of whatever topic is being discussed. The fact that he can argue either side and still enjoy it is even more frustrating to me. I wonder if he realizes that…….probably not. He would never do something like that just to irritate someone.

We ended with COT. Happy Birthday Les Nessman. Glad we have you out here to share your opinions and experiences while we all try to get a little better each day.


Shoot ’em Up

OK all you rednecks and gun toting bearded beasts-

It’s finally here. We’ve got a date for the first shoot ’em up event, hopefully the first of many. This first one is going to be at Foothills Public Shooting Complex on Saturday, September 12. They open at 930 AM so the plan is get there around 930 AM, sign in and get set up to start shooting ASAP. Bring your own lunch and we can use their pavilion and eat lunch there at 12 noon. Anyone that wants to stay and shoot in the afternoon can do it, but I’ll probably have some chores to do and head out after that. By chores, I mean I’ll probably take a nap and get ready for the Tyson vs some other old man fight event at Allen Tate’s house that night-see a separate pre-blast from Huckleberry. I’ll be bringing my 9 mm pistol, 30-06 rifle, and .22 rifle. They also have skeet and trap if you are interested. should get you to their website. Need to get on there and sign the waiver thing ahead of time.

Here are some specifics:

Date: Saturday, September 12: 930 AM


$12 Admission

$5 per round of skeet/trap (25)

$10 steel target range (pistols only)

$2 lane fee

$1 for extra targets

Address: 283 Fielding Road, Cherryville, NC 28021

Bring your own gun, check out website and sign waiver ahead of time, bring your own ammo (they have some but may still have limited quantities in 9 mm), make sure you have right kind of ammo.

Pack a lunch and we can eat at their pavilion together after couple hours of shooting.

Let Whoopee know if you are a HC. If we have more than 15, I will need to make reservations.

Hope to see you there-Whoopee

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