• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/01/2020
  • AO: Diablo Sammich
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hermie, Les Nessman, SledgeOMatic, Dry Rub, Whoopee, Tube, El Toro (Roscoe, honorable mention for drive by while running at the Pub).

Today was a big day. Site Q handover is bittersweet. Knowing Sledge makes it a lot easier. He will do a great job. He’s got great support from the Diablo regulars and hopefully more FNGs are on the horizon.

I promised a few things on Slack hoping for a few looks-loos coming to see what we would do but no unexpected faces. I promised Livermush: that is the new name for my sandbag-Livermush is a good name. Who doesn’t like livermush? It’s good for your heart, right Defib?

We started with the pledge then headed to the Planet Fitness parking lot, Livermush in tow. She sat in the center of the parking lot and along comes El Toro to join us-this is a solid guy who is a friend of an old PAX who used to post with us here in F3 GasHouse named Rudolph. (shots fired brotha)

We started at the center with Livermush doing 10 squat thrusters with our rucks. We then moved out to each corner then back to Livermush. Each time we got back to Livermush, we did 10 squat thrusters with our rucks.  At the corners we did 20 reps of a called exercise. The exercises were the following: Squats, Merkins, Upright Rows, and American Hammers.

Round 2 was similar…..but different. We still did squat thrusters when we got back to Livermush. The exercises were chest press, Flutters, Curls, and Squats. We rifle-carried out to the corners and rucked back to Livermush.

Next we rucked a lap around the building, did some merkins, step ups, then a round of 10-20 reps of each-man-call-an-exercise back at home.

Before calling it quits, I went to the truck and got a gift for Sledge for taking over Diablo Sammich. If you recall in the movie when Sheriff Buford T. Justice orders his Diablo Sammich, he got something to drink….so, when handing over the Sammich, what else could I give him? A nice cold Dr. Pepper of course. I got there early to run my 5K before the ruck and stopped by 7/11 to get it. Unfortunately it sprayed all over after being shaken from me running back with it.


Freight is running a 5 K every day in October to help raise awareness and money for the F3 Foundation fundraiser called Give2Give. Think of how much you have gotten out of F3. Be generous-this money is going to great causes and if nothing else, it helps the yuckity yucks of F3 Admin make us look good in the public eye. I am pledging $1 for every mile he runs this month. Give your $$ to Grantan Def Leppard.

Honorable Mention to Dry Rub. There were several times he and I were the only ones who posted and without his encouragement I think I would have thrown the Diablo in the sink and washed it down the drain. Thanks my friend-#ISI

Sledge, it’s all yours…..