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  • When: 03/23/2019
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  • QIC: Watts Up
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  • PAX: Cheese Head, Hunkajunk, Marco, Sledgeomatic, Watts Up

YHC knew with GasHouse/PainLab occurring mid-P200 and it being spring break season, the turnout would be light. Linus knocked out the pledge and the warmup before taking his minions off for whatever they do. Four HIMs joined YHC to meander to the corner for PainLab on this Saturday morn.
YHC had made a withdrawal from the HIPPA garage o’ goodies and with the help of Hunkajunk’s kettlebells create a small circuit of fun. While the exact exercise what not specified at each station, suggestions were given… Stations were transitioned after approximately 25 reps of the green band.
Station 1: Weighted Ropes – Both Arms↕, Single Arm↕, Both Arm ↔
Station 2: Kettlebells – Kettlebell Swings, Curls, Shoulder Press
Station 3: Weight on a Rope – Forearm Twists and Steering Wheels
Station 4: Ground/Picnic Table – Dips, and Ab Exercises
Station 5: Green Band – Pulls

YHC did not bring a source of motivational musical accompaniment. Luckily Marco saved us all from this major Q fail and stepped in with some tunes.
With all that set, let’s begin…

Everybody around to all the stations.
Route 66 out with lunges between each stripe and squats at the stripe.
Route 66 in with deep/slow karaoke between each stripe and air presses at the stripe.
Another round o’ stations.
Pick your favorite kettlebell, put it over your head and take it for a walk around the parking lot.
Stations again.
Pick a kettlebell get on your six – Marco lead for chest presses x25 and overhead extensions x25.
R&R Stations
Quick cleanup of the equipment and some mary waiting on Linus, et al to reappear.
Marco was given the final call after GasHouse made their appearance and with seconds left called 10 Burpees!?!?!
Linus reestablished control after the melee and took us out with announcements and COT.

It was great to Cheese Head back at PainLab. Also inspiring to see Hunkajunk, Marco and Sledgeomatic continuing to post…
Thanks for the opportunity to Q.

Watts Up powering down…