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When asked why he climbed the mountain the man simply replied,” Because it was there.”
Ten percent of Americans do NOT write down goals . My m and I started our lives together with a great many and as she is my best friend we tried to complete them and over time to add new ones. But then when our 2.0 came along, life became complicated. Thankfully gas prices were nearing $5 a gallon and we had to move again ( I despise continually moving!) But we found a perfect church home which we lacked back in Lincoln County and made new friends and eventually my finding F3 and reawakening that inner drive that had gone into hibernation mode.
A year before starting F3 I had bunion surgery and after a few weeks recovery found that running had become easier to return to and I reset my goal for my first 5k and did it in honor of my father who had passed a number of months prior. I saw some Midoryama/ F3 shirts and knowing my 2.0 loved Ninja warrior asked finding out there was a local group exercising in the dark …. you know the drill, right?
This was not on my radar , but months later speaking with a neighbor ( TimeFrame ) he told me he had been coming and I should try , only I planned on maybe one or 2 posts a month with my schedule.
The moment I knew I had locked into something new and different was when I posted during November of 2017 ( only weeks in!!) and pax numbers had been so weak and this was only days before Thanksgiving and Sargento asked if anyone had posted more than twice that month. Mine was the only hand out of approximately 14 pax!
Where am I going you ask ? Well, hopefully my discussion here about my goals set from last year coupled with some promises made and kept may help inspire others to set/ reach and continue to grow goals … because if you’re not moving, you might need to check for a pulse!
At the Christmas party last year I promised Dr. Seuss and Virus that I would return someday to the Goat and also promised Breaker Breaker to return to the Storm. Also on my radar was going back to Midoriyama , going to all AOs , a daily double, try and post 7 or more days and even try to post all AOs in one month. Ambitious to say the least since I work most Saturdays and take kids to school 3 mornings if each week along with everything else.
I finished last year out not touching any of these goals other than to post Bulldog and all the others. I was not dejected, s new year dawned.
I began this month securing first one, then 3 Saturdays off…. mostly excited about the final Saturday where I could Attend Folsom at the convergence! By the second week of this month I had completed a daily double and started mapping out how to reach all AOs in a single month realizing that Mt Holly and the Dallas AOs would be more challenging to reach so first, being married I wisely asked permission not only to complete this task but also to receive a reprieve on Sundays ( these had wisely been set apart for ONLY family / detox /God/ unwind / relax time ) . Next I used my days off ( they are in a rotation) I next plotted my month even adding a few more posts at my usual haunts. I completed all these goals including doing 8 posts in a row ( dreadful … cannot imagine Hipaa running the Qfor 7 in a row!)
I learned much in my travels and fully enjoyed seeing new locales/ workout styles even seeing some faces I had only seen a time or two.
Whoopee said it best that each location has its own unique personality. While at The Fighting Yank a couple weeks ago, Orangeman said that their site is much like an asteroid at the outskirts of Gastonia.
Also it was amazing to talk with some I never had only recently met like Gumby who seeks to post an amazing 35 times this month and Broke who plans on posting 210-220 times this year! It was truly inspirational to see others with amazing goals set before them.
Do your goals need to be high? No not really.
I end with this our pastor Dickie Spargo at Bethlehem Church has used a few times this year “If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.” Ecclesiastes 11:4

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