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  • When: 03/21/2019
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  • QIC: Sister Act
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  • PAX: Sister Act, Diva

2 showed for a nice mosey at The Pub this morning.  With the P200 starting tomorrow, a smaller than  normal crowd was expected.  With YHC not able to participate in the P200 because of dance obligations, I jumped at the chance to take the Q.  Having to Q was a fireproof way of me not falling for the fartsack trap, and getting my butt out here.  With time quickly approaching and being there solo, I was already talking myself into a shorter slower run.  Diva shows up right before time, so I quickly had to get my mind right.   Diva had just completed a Marathon this past Sunday, so he held back, and ran with me this morning.  We got in 5 miles, with the route to Snoballs and back.  Thanks for the push brother.

Annoucements:  Convergence 3/30 at 7:00, 2nd F that same night, 3rd F event 4/12, Community Foundation Run 4/13, Mt. Mitchell hike 5/5

Prayer Requests:  P200 PAX, each other



Appreciate the opportunity to Q.

Sister Act