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  • When: 03/21/2019
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  • QIC: Clavin
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  • PAX: Watts Up and Clavin (r)
  1. Arrived at Diablo Sammich and wondered where the menu was or my server . Two minutes to go and here comes my maitre d dressed to the nines , but telling me today’s menu is buffet and I might be dining alone . Wait! Headlights! WattsUp!
    Whoopee gives directions on what he’d have done if he stayed so we follow his lead and head over to the Hairy Peeter and do 4 corners with squats of 5-10-15-20 and back down …. mosey back to wall at South Bank passing only one couple also enjoying a night stroll from the Pub ) and we do three rounds of dips incline merkins and 10 each leg step ups ( only once on these …. ouch)

matrices back at start with 20 to go so 20 more squats and time!

usual announcements

prayers for Watts Up 2.0

only my second posting here and no Whoopee either time …. I’ll get him sometime that wascally wabbit ! But as he was called in to more important things ( work) it’s all good and understandable . In between the P200 and work schedules …. numbers sure are down …in fact Whoopee said he won’t be able to Q next week and was gonna post it and I saved him the trouble and grabbed since he knew his go to man Voodoo wouldn’t be present either. That way I can officially Q the Sammich and check that off my other list ( yes , someday I dream of being a big boy and Q ing all AOs …. but that s for another time !)