• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/16/2019
  • AO: Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Virus
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Anchorman (R), Termite (R), Edison, Clavin (R), Dirt (R), Tesla (R), Norwood, Breaker Breaker (R), Orangeman (R), Freon, Virus (R)

As the clock approached 7am we had a Gold Digger and a Tiger sighting as they ran by us…  Breaker Breaker was out running too, but he stayed with us to join the workout.


Side Straddle Hops, 20 IC
Don Quixotes, 15 IC
Cotton Pickers, 15 IC
Planking and stretching

The Thang

mosey to the parking lot behind Sammy’s

the four corners of the parking lot were marked with the following exercises

merkins, American hammers, Bobby Hurleys, big boy sit ups

Pax were divided into two groups and went to opposite corners, do 5 reps of marked exercise, run to next corner – 10 reps, next corner – 15 reps, next – 20… then run diagonally and start again doing 5-10-15-20…  keep doing this for four rounds, at then end you have done 50 reps of each exercise.  Second round, new exercises

shoulder taps, Freddie Mercurys, squats, LBCs


mosey to the bottom of the Hawthorne Hill for some Dora

while one partner does exercise the other runs up the hill to third lamp post, does five reps of current exercise and returns

100 mountain  climbers, 200 LBCs, 300 squats


mosey up to the Corner of Knowledge for 11s

Dips (1-10), Derkins (10-1)

Omaha as time was getting close, mosey back to the Yank

had two minutes left so did monkey humpers and squats

last minute disclaimer… DOH!

Pledge of Allegiance


March 30th :  Convergence, Folsom
April 13 :  Speed for Need – Community Foundation Run
May 5th :  Hike up Mt. Mitchell

Prayer Requests

Breaker Breaker :  praise – mother had successful surgery on little finger, continued recovery
Tesla : son driving back to Mississippi on Sunday
Anchorman :  read a Thank You note from his mother-in-law


Ended with COT