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  • When: 03/09/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Linus (Bootcamp) VooDoo (Painlab)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: OompaLoompa, Hippa, Moses, Marco, HunkaJunk, WattsUp, VooDoo, Stroganoff, Clavin, Linus, Heyzus, JJ

Another Schiele slumber party, parking limited.

Gather, circle, no fng’s, watered disclaimer, first exercise is Side Straddle Hop, starting position move, in cadence, EXERCISE…..

SSH-20 ic

Merkins-10 ic

LBC’s-20 ic

Squats-20 ic

12 PAX total, Painlab (7) will venture into eager hands of VooDoo, balance (5) with me.

Up sidewalk past Grier, yhc heaving at the light, glad it was red for a moment.  Moseyed across over to FPC parking lot at steps leading to the PAD.  Love the easy route guys, back to the basics.

11’s – Merkins on the bottom, Squats up top.  Stroganoff and Moses held true to correct counting form, balance of Pax followed me which may have been a mistake.  Thinking it is better to start at first exercise and work your way down, I did the opposite.  Which, like George Costanza I have found I would be much better to do anything in life ‘opposite’ of the way I figured was correct.  Other than some traffic confusion on the stairs we finished this event with only 58 1/2 minutes to go.  Whew, dang……hope my weinke is strong enough to cover the morning.

Mosey to bottom of ‘hill’ leading to the Pad.

Dora 1, 2, 3’s

Leg Raises – 100,  LBC’s – 200,  Flutter Kicks, 300

Partner 1 exercise, Partner 2 halfway up the ‘hill’

Sherwood – 

Turns out this was Stroganoff’s inaugural visit since his graduation in 1979.  Same partners, Partner 1 will hold his ‘Al Gore’ position, partner 2 in the parking lot, up the ‘hill’ and 5 Burpees up top.  Real burpees mind you, not the standing crunch that ‘mums’ around the world are celebrating as a record feat.

Stroganoff ready to go again, hold tight sir.  Next round let’s change up.

Round 2 – Partner 1 plank, partner 2 up hill and 4 real burpees

Round 3 – Partner 1 hold feet at 6″ (not on the damn curb mind you), partner 2 up hill and I forget how many burpees.

Back to the Sherwood track

Same partners, partner one AMRAP Monkey Humpers while partner 2 ‘sprints’ to next corner, partner 2 MH’s while partner 1 sprints to catch up.

Round 2 – LBC flutter

Round 3 – Sigh…..let’s continue round 3 back at the church.  I understand the notion and through some readings that Stroganoff has led me to I try to formulate my understanding’s of other’s thoughts based on how they process and feel.  All said and done however I did my best (at least I thought) to avoid this nice lady on the track who ultimately expressed to us of how terrified she was of us.  I think what get’s me the most was I was not even wearing my ‘blue’ leg bloomers!  Try that on for scary….For what it’s worth, I’m sorry she felt that way about us and for any grief and discomfort I caused the guys in tarrying through the public properties trying to get our work on.  What is weird is that I’m not sure what lesson I have learned  but do feel like I’ve grown some from it.  Whatever, finished round 3 at the church, AMRAP merkins.

There was just enough time to do some bear crawls.  Much to the chagrin of Stroganoff, JJ, Heyzus, Moses, and Linus (wait that was everybody, why are we doing this then?) we BC’ed about 50-75 feet and finished with 10 merkins.  To some sympathetic relief, we shortened the distance the 2nd round for crab walk and then did not do 10 dips at the end?

Speaking of no dips, I forgot the pledge in the beginning.  Luckily I stood front and center at the COT staring right at the flag, good reminder.  Let’s knock out a pledge.

Summary:  Uphill to FPC, Steps at The Pad, Hill at The Pad, Hill drive at Sherwood, Hill back up FPC and well it was sort of ‘down’ hill from there.

8:00, time……


Community Foundation Run – April 13, should have 4 track commanders, 2 hard commits, 90% on 3rd, Pizza Man working on 4th, April 13

Belmont Classic 5K – Coming in May (28?), sign ups now, should be another SFN event with two chairs, Hunka will be directing traffic

Convergence – Folsom, March 30 will be at 0700, Epic Painlab will be there

May 5 – Mt. Mitchell event with Mr. Gastone

Every Friday night – Tiger has 2nd F at The Station in Belmont, 5:00 pm

Allen Tate, start hosting a men’s Bible study at his house, 2nd Thursday of month (check that), 7:30 pm

Concerns and prayer out

Honored to lead…..Aye, Linus