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Tesla’s missing post – The Goat

The forecast of rain didn’t stop 8 PAX from showing up on time in the early morning gloom.

In typical Tesla fashion, 5:30 rolled around and the Q was MIA. Having planned for this eventuality, YHC and Watts Up led the mosey across the bridge to the pavilion where the pax performed a series of exercises on the benches.

The Thing:

20x each dips, ‘Mericans, Step Ups, CDD, stacking up the ladder with a lap around the park in between each rung.

Workout Q did show up at some point during the workout and proceeded to take over the balance of the work.

We moseyed back to F&B for some Mary, COT and pledge.

Backblast courtesy of YHC

continued prayers for:

Anchorman, Jackson Curti, Termite



Extinction run 5/18 – donations, sign ups and volunteers needed

Younglife golf tournament is 5/13 and there is still room available for teams.

4/15 LifeLine vinedressing

9 Pax showed to work and 2 poked their faces in towards the end. Something about a golf tournament excusing the need to work out…


Started with Pledge and a quick disclaimer and a light mosey around the church to the rear parking lot. Some SSH to get muscles moving, then on to the real thing:


Tabata with weights. 5 sets of 10 exercises followed by a short mosey. 25 seconds of lifting and a 10 second rest.

-Bicep Curls

-Front arm raise (with one unnamed PAX deciding he should straight arm it for a 1-rep max)

-Single arm rows (25 seconds and flapjack with no rest)

-Kettlebell swings

-Tricep Extension

-Rocky Balboa

-Shoulder shrugs


-Heels to Heaven



As the time ran short, YHC introduced an exciting change up from the Bear Crawl Slalom–Bear Crawl Racing.

Pax lined up in 2 lines and raced up the hill, with a plank at the top for the 6.

3 renditions of this, and we friendship moseyed to the front for Mary:

-Homer to Marge

-6 Shooters

-Mericans IC


Ended in a COT and prayer, followed by devotion/coffeeteria



  • @Cakeboss (F3 The Fort) runs in the Boston Marathon today
  • @Turtleman, @Anchorman, @Huckleberry
  • FCA Golf Tournament today
  • Jackson Curti is on Day 5 of 9 chemo treatment today. Prayers for him, the bone marrow transplant upcoming
  • @Toothfairy is looking for work in RE Development
  • Praise @Mayor’s daughter does not need further (invasive) GI testing



John 15: 1-9

  • Discussion on Western vine dressing vs Basket vine dressing in the Middle East
  • Discussion on pruning, joy vs. happiness, trials, Family leadership, and distractions of work and the world that blind us to leading our families
  • Chocolate pretzels by YHC’s shortie, Kaylin.

First 5 are the M’s

8 Ruckers and 7 runners took the DRP and braved the early spring wind with an 8° chill factor to improve their Fitness this morning.  COT ended with a passing of the flag for The GOAT to Ocho for site Q due to Bubba Sparxxx travel schedule. Coffeeteria followed with a discussion around the M.

**HIMs were challenged to take a step forward in accelerating this week by making their first 5 minutes at home exclusively dedicated to taking time to talk with the M. Doesn’t have to be just 5 minutes, but the priority is to immediately make a beeline to the M and focus on talking with her as soon as work is finished.**


  • Foundation run 4/13
  • Extinction run may change dates. TBD. Ruck sack still available—reach out to BOS or Anchorman for details on raffle tickets. Donations still needed.
  • Metro beer ruck 4/13
  • Convergence 4/13–all other AO’s are closed. Convergence will be at the Ballpark downtown. 


  • Jane Fonda slept at home last night!
  • Jane Fonda wedding 5/18
  • Anchorman
  • Turtleman
  • Hall family

3/21 Bulldog

3/21 bulldog

3/21 – Bulldog


Mosey around the parking lot



Fng – none


10 Side straddle

10 Imperial walker



Bicep curl to overhead press

Duck walk

Mike Tyson


Part 2:

Overhead carry or farmers walk while the rest of the pax do the following: 

  1. Bicep curl
  2. Front raise to overhead press
  3. Single arm rows in groups of 5
  4. Kettle bell swings
  5. Tricep curl to front raise
  6. Rocky Balboa
  7. Big boy
  8. Partner passing
  9. Lateral lunge switch Row
  10. Single arm overhead press (thrusters)
  11. Heels to heaven
  12. Reverse lunge overhead press


Mary with remaining time




  • Foundation Run 4/13
  • Convergence 4/13
  • Metro – beer ruck 4/13
  • Buckshot with the Q at the Yank Saturday
  • 4/20 Extinction run @ primal, registration starts 8-9. Run at 9.
  •  Young life golf tourney 5/13 – sponsors and teams needed. Reach out to Ocho, Breaker Breaker or Buckshot for more info. 
  • FCA golf tournament? (Hot corner with info to come)



  • Jackson Curry update?
  • Turtleman
  • Jane Fonda – moving in
  • Montana
  • Jackson hall family
  • Anchorman
  •  Orangeman brother – heart issue? Went to ER Saturday
  • Huckleberry recovery
  • Stogie
  • Tesla


Flinstone, Nutria, Stagecoach, Hunchback, Winehouse, Clavin, Orangeman, Ocho


Nap Time

5 runners, no ruckers at the area’s premier 4:30 am AO – FRC.

Trump, Biden, Gummies, and the height of Seuss were discussed in the lead group.  Breaker Breaker can somersault.

We debated the proper timing of the COT.  (you can find out at Q-school on Saturday, March 2)


-Q-School March 2 – Gashouse

-Speed for Need needs runners at the Community Foundation Run in April

-2nd F Lunch coming in March

-2nd F Friday at your local watering hole


-Breakers step dad recovering from Surgery

-Breakers Aunt recovering from several ailments


-Holdbrook School Family and the family of the child who passed yesterday


Breaker Breaker took us out.


What do you think you’re a gD General? F3 Defcor D2D

YHC has run the D2D twice before and knows it sells out in an hour or two, so it was time to HC and get that registration.  With no team in mind, I decided to volunteer my shieldlock to run it with me as a four-man team.  Being that the Mortimer is early this year, a good relay three weeks before will help us BTF (Big tough frogman) up to get after it.


Going on one and half hours of broken sleep, YHC arrived at Boudin’s at 0245, ready to take the “elite” race vehicle to the start line in Lexington. SC.  Whoopee had texted me that there were no lights on in Stroganoff’s house but not for long as they got to Boudin’s right on time as well.  We drove down to Lexington with lots of great shieldlock type talk about the Prodigal Son and other lessons to learn along with many jokes per usual.  We arrived at the start line FORTY-FIVE MINUTES early!  GOOD…more time for Stroganoff to pee multiple times.  Boudin got coffee.


It was cold and windy at the starting line, and we lollygagged around waiting for the start of the race.  YHC had the first leg and we were off.  The D2D is a pretty straightforward race.  100k from one dam to another, while running through mainly rural farmland and some sketchy areas, while stopping at small churches along the way for EZ’s and usually barely adequate bathrooms.  This year the race raised over $45000 for the churches and various charities in the region.  It is probably the best relay race around and it well worth the price of admission, especially if you do it with people you have a good time with.  We certainly enjoyed it.

Started off at 0515. Four kills on leg one. Whoopee got a few more on Leg two. Got to see F3 Team F & B from Belmont made up of Tiger, Tesla, Orangeman, Breaker Breaker, a kid, and a couple ladies. Come on guys, you can’t put F3 in your team name if you are rolling with the ladies!  There was some concern about Tesla not having lights, and his bib was upside down, (but not when he looked down at it.)  They lost precious time at the EZ’s trying to sort it all out.  There may have been some candor being thrown around, especially by Tiger or so I have been told.


Stroganoff had peed three times before his first run.


Along the way, we made jokes, laughed a lot, and gave Breaker Breaker lots of grief for drinking sub-par protein drinks.  His weak stuff wasn’t even grass fed!  Breaker is part of Team HRB and is used to this kind of candor.  We discussed which Mortimer legs he wants to run this year and it seemed to me like he wants some more challenging legs this year!


After Stroganoff’s second run, his calves were twitching like a meth head going through WD’s.  We looked down and said, “Good, you will be able to stretch them out on your next seven-mile leg”.

On our last runs, we all kept going strong.  There was some worry that as we were waiting for Whoopee to come to his last EZ, we saw Breaker Breaker on his six catching up.  Tiger mentioned that if Whoopee gets passed by Breaker, he will never live it down!  That didn’t happen as Whoopee handed off to Stroganoff and went off to recover and change clothes.

We headed out to go to the last EZ and drove up on Stroganoff clicking off the miles.  We offered him a can of Jocko GO but he waived us off, looking comfortable and running strong.  When we got to the EZ and were waiting for him, we received a four-letter text message that starts with F.  A picture of Midol was immediately texted back to him so he would have some encouragement.  A conversation occurred regarding how Stroganoff was likely walking and costing us precious minutes instead of running…i.e., running for himself and not the team.  Some talk occurred about how the perfect number for a shieldlock is three and not four, etc.  Stroganoff “Beat the French” and ran into the finish with rather straight knees and cramping toes and Boudin left the EZ to run the Glory Leg and finish at the Dam at Lake Greenwood.

Stroganoff went off to change clothes in the car.  When he emerged from the car his seat cover got stuck in his underwear and was hanging out the back of his shorts like Buford T Justice walking out of the diner with toilet paper stuck to his glasses.  Without hesitation, Whoopee and YHC both said “Nice Ass” in unison.  You had to be there but that was good stuff.

At the finish line, Breaker Breaker came to our car, and we pulled out some fine IPA’s and toasted to another great D2D race.  We watched Boudin come in hot and we celebrated with cold fries, a burger, and a picture at the finish line.  A quick pit stop at the porta jon’s and we were on our way home, arriving safely back to Boudin’s by about 5:15.

Along the way we ran or conversed with guys from F3 Lake Wylie, F3 Shelby, and F3 the Fort.  I encourage you to get a team next year and make it happen.  You can’t beat one day relay races and it makes me want to spearhead another 50-mile F3 Gastonia relay.  Do you hear me Defib?!!!


The mumblechatter and laughs were outstanding and there was no slack given, and none expected.  All of that carries over into life when you are having a tough day, you need someone to tell you to get over yourself.  Check your Ego folks.  Do hard things.  We finished 13th in the Men’s Open category and 60th out of 110 teams.  We didn’t win any pint glasses like 2020 but who cares.



Tequila Sunrise 1/26/24

Started off the morning watching the FRC hold an unofficial COT while we enjoyed a few minutes of fellowship in the warm weather before our 5:30 start.

Began with the pledge, then 5 burpees for the train



mosey to the basketball court, counted off and began the warmup:

Side straddle hops

Gravel picker

Don q

Mosey to the tennis courts for the Thang:

1. Pain train

  1. Hand release Mericans > bear crawl > shoulder jacks 
  2. 1+ lunge walk > Mike Tyson > high knees back > shoulder jacks > run
  3. 1+2+ duck walk > v-ups > karaoke > Mike Tyson > high knees > shoulder jacks > run

2 . 4 corners stack, run a lap in between

  1. Sumo squat
  2. Lbc (making sure to get our back evenly wet)
  3. Cdd
  4. spider man

What goes up must go down. Removing from the stack with a lap in between

3. Dora

  1. Merican x100
  2. Wall sit  hold 2 laps each
  3. Low plank hold 3 laps each

Run back




  • Monday lifeline Cherie berrie vq and devotional/coffee
  • Koaid q at Ts
  • Sammy’s 2nd f tonight 5:30
  • Rice and beans Feb 13. HC to anchorman


  • Ocho job
  • Virus father in law
  • Flinstone mom – virus and health issues
  • Bubba sparks and Montana healing
  • Whatsupp back issues

Siren call of the fartsack

Apparently the fartsack was a siren call to the PAX of Gastonia this morning.

We had a good start with 3 PAX and no rain. Started with the pledge and mosey around to the front of the school where we did some sides straddle hops imperial walkers and begin our gear workout with 11s Mike Tyson on one end and squat thrusters with the blocks on the other then Moved into Circle work with the blocks and rotated between farmers carry with two blocks down to the end of the row with a step up of each leg and back while the other two packs per performed exercises ranging from bicep curls to overhead press chest press, big boys, World War™ threes And so on.

Out with five minutes of Mary and mosey back to the flag for COT  and name-o-rama

The Goat’s meteor shower

We started off the day in a balmy 32° weather with clear skies and burpees, then moseyed around downtown Cramerton and back to the start for some more Burpee’s by the train and headed up the hill and ran the paint train twice, then four corners under a sky riddled with shooting stars. We then moseyed on back to the parking lot for five minutes of Mary.

Excercises performed:



Side straddle hop

Mike Tyson




Mike Tyson

Bear crawl





Rocky balboas

6-shooters (apparently with different size chambers on the reload)

Windshield wipers




  • Beer mile 12/30 @ Sargento’s house (or just show up this weekend randomly per Ocho)
  • 2nd F Wednesday hickory tavern Gastonia
  • Christmas Day all ao closed
  • Breaker breaker Q tomorrow tequila sunrise


  • Jane Fonda
  • Jackson curry 2nd round chemo complete
  • Turtleman in a tough spot
  • Montana
  • Orangeman 2 friends 1 mom is not doing well the other has been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Mayor has a friend going through a lot need prayer deiorio
  • Tesla sister passed away
  • Rebar son had surgery
  • Mayor’s knee
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