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  • When: 03/02/2019
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  • QIC: Tiger
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  • PAX: Orangeman (R), Doodles, Freon, Blow Hard (FNG), Tiger

0650 and not many cars at the Yank.   0655 here comes a care we don’t recognize, welcome FNG Aaron Mashburn!  Small crowd but big effort made up for it. 0700 let’s get rolling.

Warmup: Disclaimer and 20 burpees

Mosey up the Nichol’s hill to parking lot at First Pres.  Team up for some Dora: 50 diamond merkins, 100 wide arm, 150 stagger, 200 merkins partner runs to end of parking lot and back.  Arms and shoulders blasted after this one.  Train penalty.  Break for just a moment to name one principle of F3 – men only. More Dora but this time 200 bobby hurley, 150 squats, 100 smurf jacks, 50 sumo squats while partner runs.  Another principle of F3- free of charge.  Train penalty.  Mosey to the wall in front of First Baptist for box jumps 10, 15, then 20 with a round of 10 dips in cadence in between.  Third principle – always outdoors rain or shine.

Get in plank position and plank with feet on the wall, not too high.  Hold for one minute.  Another round for 45 seconds.  I think this is the most difficult ab exercise we do.  You really have to engage your core to hold the wall, especially if your body is in a straight line.

Mosey to turd shack for three rounds of hip slappers (10) and wall sits with 25 shoulder presses.  Fourth principle – peer led workouts.  Mosey to the Yank.  Pledge.  Fifth principle – end in COT.

Strong work today men in a tough workout.

Announcements: Convergence on March 30, order Storm shirts by today (March 2), Q Source Sunday mornings at Coconut Horse and Crossroads.

YHC reading a book called Endurance.  Premise of book is the brain’s role in endurance performance, basically exploring how to train your mind to take the limits off performance.  But also how the same principle applies in other areas of life, in particular spiritual life.  Often we can days when the evil one is going the extra mile in tempting us or pushing obstacles in our life that cause us to want to seize control ourselves.  But always know God is the ultimate strength, we can train ourselves to rely on Him more and more by consciously turning to Him each day and again when we feel the pressure mounting.

Prayer requests:  Doodles has a friend that is going through a difficult time and attempted suicide a few days ago, Orangeman has friend of friend who had a baby but wife died giving birth so new dad lost his wife and the child’s mom.  Remember our weekly Pax in prayer, Arial, Tyson, Bubbles, Sly, Cheesehead, DDC, Rockabilly, Slaw, Sly.

Always an honor to lead