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  • When: 02/08/2019
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  • QIC: Buckeye
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  • PAX: Pedal, Clavin (r), watts up, Gastone, Sister Act, sparky, anthrax, turtleman, JK2, Bedpan, Def Leppard (r), Rudolph, captain stubbing, Spider-Man, Buckeye (QIC)

Thanks to bedpan for allowing me to lead on this morning. Thanks to SA and his patience with getting this bb posted.

Ssh, arm circles, imperial walkers

short mosey for some coupons.

Partner up. 3 sets of each exercise whilst your partner runs to the end of the parking lot and back. Music of choice this morning – Frank Sinatra. If you want the music changed you and your partner will have to perform 5 wolverine burpees.

Deep see divers, shoulder flies, crunchy frogs. I think. It has been a while since this actually happened. I had to call out some runners as I think they were actual lay faster than they were portraying.

SA and leppard did not like my music so they completed 5 wolverines on top of the other exercises.   At some point we add a farmer carry for all pax to carry 45 lb plates to the catering van and back.

circle up for some core time.  Extended cross, real big big boys, reverse hammers, extended cross and new favorite figure eights where we were lead by some music pax in “he’s got the whole world in his hands”

running low on time.  Few plank exercises and then mosey back for pledge.

Prayer request

  • community with the flu going around

-the pax


-top hats family



-rooster 3-2-2019

-Q Source Sunday’s at the coconut horse and crossroads

-Gastone is organizing a hike at mount Mitchell May 5th 5.5 miles up the mountain and 5.5 more back

Sparky takes us out in the BOM