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  • When: 03/02/2019
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  • QIC: Montross
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  • PAX: Montross (QIC), Ratchet, Allen Tate, Rudolph, Clavin, Watts Up, Sledgeomatic, Hunk A Junk, Marco, Queen Bee (FNG), T-Square, Voodoo

I had a FNG committ to joining Painlab today so I planned to meet him there.
Seeing that HIPAA had an open Q slot, I volunteered. Painlab is a good change of pace amid P200 training as well as a step out of my comfort zone. I talked Ratchet into joining me as well to get him a flavor of other AOs.

As I built a weinke. I thought about the actions this week of 2 turds named Medicine Woman and Sparky who stole Allen Tate’s “Chief” title and named an FNG with it. It was time for a return of Trail O Tears, a Chief (Allen Tate) inspired workout with plenty of lunge walking. I scooped up some coupons from Sparky last night and roll into the parking lot about 6:45am to get setup. I throw some Waylon and Hank 3 on the boombox for pre-workout music (playlist pics below)

7:00 comes and my FNG is a no-show!
Dang! Whoopee proceeds to put down a hell of a warmup that resulted in 30 (edited) burpees amd 15 Side Straddle Hops! Geeez Whoopee! Already winded, 11 men head over to.the lab for the thang. Wait, what is that I see? A white Dodge. Oh snap, THE Chief Allen Tate pulls in. My spirit animal is here for Trail O Tears. This is gonna be good! Correction – we now have 12 for Painlab.


Trail O Tears:

Route 66 down the middle of the parking lot – lunge walk to each parking lot line. 1st line – 1 Mike Tyson, 2nd line – 2 Mike Tysons, 3rd line – 3 Mike Tysons…finish at 11 Mike Tysons.

Route 66 in the lower parking lot row – Bear Crawl to 1st line and 1 Air Squat, 2nd line – 2 squats, etc ending at 11.

Grab a block. I adjust the music to the hard rock portion cause we are turning it up another notch!

Cross the parking lot and do 10 curls and 10 overhead presses at each line. We did about 10 or 11 lines (I lost count)

Back to where we came from on the lower parking lot, do 10 cinder block swings (like kettlebell swings) at each line. I called it around 8 lines.

Put the blocks up, the tears have been shed. It is time for Core with Montross (a name also borrowed from AT).

3 circuits of:
15 LBCs in cadence
15 Rosalitas in cadence
10 Big Boys OYO

2 circuits of:
15 Flutter Kicks in cadence
10 Reverse American Hammers in cadence (we did American Hammers the 2nd time)
10 X-crunches single count

Tubthumping! AT brought it to Folsom a few weeks ago so I brought it today.
This was BRUTAL! Side Straddle Hops through the song a do a burpee everytime they say “I get knocked down”. They say it A LOT!

One more circuit of abs as I pull myself together!
15 LBCs in cadence
15 Rosalitas in cadence
10 Big Boys OYO

I decide to alter the weinke and go to a round of Mary. We did:
Cross-leg LBCs
Box Cutters
Morrocan Night Clubs
10 Burpees (called by THE Chief himself)
Imperial Walkers (Ratchet can NOT count LOL)
Side Straddle Hops
Freddie Mercuries
5 Star-jump Burpees
There were a few more as all 11 men (other than me) called an exercise, but I can’t remember them all. Great job by all!

Time was up, Thanks guys for each of you carrying a block to the Yukon for me! Some even lunge walked! We rejoined Whoopee and the Gashouse guys for the CoT.


I love my Folsom brothers and there is no place like it IMO. However, I do like to get out and see other AOs from time to time. Many of you guys make the extra effort to Q at Folsom when I ask and step out of your comfort zone so I intend to do the same and Q every site in F3 Gastonia this year. The Storm, Hollywood, and Goat will be tough for me and my schedule, but I will find the opportunities and make it work.

Thanks to all the guys who came out today and especially Ratchet and CHIEF Allen Tate for making their way south of 85 with me. Q juice was flowing today. I was gassed a few times but pulled it together with your support to get it done. I gave Painlab about all I had today. I saw lots of modifying out there and that is ok..that means I pushed you to your limits too. I am not the fastest or strongest, but I will always show up prepared and give you my best. Looking forward to next time.

Montross – Assistant Chief Rockpusher of Folsom