• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/07/2022
  • AO: The Sandlot
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BOS (R), Captain Stubing, Watts Up (R), EZ Rider (R), Tricycle, Linus (R), Maybeline, JJ, Nutria, Flintstone, Roscoe (R), Defib (R)

Thanks for Flintstone for pushing his creative mind and organizing the Redwood series for Monday mornings. His goal simply is to find Q’s that are came from the original year GasHouse was planted (3/21/15). My start date was later that year on a Saturday in early November, so I have officially clipped 7 years and I guess that counts for something. Little known fact my first ever Q was at The Sandlot – known as Martha’s House in those days. Like all VQ’s, it was a struggle but I had music and a lot of cardio in true Tabata style. That type of workout has been one of my staples over the time. Work has been a crusher lately and TBH as the kid’s say, my body battery is well under 100% in bad need of a re-charge. But life keeps moving on, so we all press on.

For the workout, I felt appropriate to review my folder of weinkes with smeared marker, dirt, mud and other germs from my Q history. I knew I was going to begin with a throwback to my first workout which was based on an Insanity workout. The rest would be a mash-up of other stuff. Without further ado, let’s get this trainwreck mov’in.

A veteran line-up required little disclaimer. I had music to accompany us and the speaker was not charged, promptly going out after a song or two (QFail). Warm-up: SSH, Toy Soldier, Chest Openers, Bent-over twists (mumble chatter suggested a better name), side to side lunge, and Imperial Walkers, all in cadence at 10 reps. Stopped for the pledge.


Like my VQ, which we never left the parking lot, we remained in the circle. Four exercises, 30 seconds each with a 30 second rest between the three total circuits:

  • Single Line Suicide
  • 4×4 (4 merkins, 4 mtn climbers (count 1 side), stand-up, repeat until time)
  • Squat Jack Twists
  • Ski Abs

The great thing about this set is the cardio hits quick and even attempts to chatter at the Q are spoiled by the rising heartrate. Once that was complete, we moseyed out of Snoballs toward Martha Rivers park near the turd-shack and covered picnic shelter. I offered the PAX options A, B, C or D. Defib chose C which would be the Cora. This is essentially a core focused Dora. Grab a partner. P1 runs the parking lot width while P2 performs the exercise. As you’re aware, the partners flip flop to complete the aggregate exercise total of:

  • Crunch Frogs x 100
  • Freddie Mercury x 200 (count 1 side)
  • American Hammer x 300 (count 1 side)

Which option is next? PAX chose B. We moved to the Turd Shack as the walls were needed. Individual work here:

  • Mike Tysons x 10
  • Donkey Kicks x 10
  • Dirty Hook-ups x 10
  • slight break between and did 3 total rounds

Option A or D? PAX went for D – move to the picnic shelter as the benches were needed. Modified 11’s where instead of running to a destination, the PAX would perform 5 SSH’s after each set of 11.

  • 10-1 Derkins
  • 1-10 Dips
  • After each set of 11, 5 SSH’s

We ran out of time for Option A (Partner Triple Nickel with a boo-yah merkin between; yeah, it would have been a mind scramble to complete. Linus was already struggling with the adding and subtracting, so good thing we avoided it this morning). We moseyed back to base and had time for some Mary.

Annoucements: Christmas Party and Christmas Town 5k – inform Broke if you’re able to participate. Prayer requests: EZ Rider’s family, Turtleman, Huck, and others. I took us out.

Moleskin: Flintstone asked for some words of wisdom. Not so sure if I have wisdom to share. I can say of the impact F3 has had on me. I will often think if I didn’t have this brotherhood of men with all the guidance and opportunity, what would life look like? As I mentioned, work has been a grind the last 2 months with a government exam requiring significant time and focus. As a really good procrastinator, I easily convince myself that sleeping will help me be alert for the day ahead and to squeeze the workout in later. Looking at my calendar where I log my efforts, there is a lot of blank spaces. It’s easily been the worst performance from a fitness perspective in the last 10 years. But here is where F3 kicks in and maybe this is true for you. Before F3, it was just me to keep accountable and not doing a workout didn’t result in missing anything. But I know you guys are there working, and I miss it, as much for the 2nd F as the 1st. How else would I have ever been running down an isolated road under the stars in NC, SC, and KY, excited to spend time in van with 6 other men commiserating over running various routes and being deprived of sleep? Where else would I have got the gumption to run a half marathon? Where else do you get up on a cold morning to push yourself when a warm bed would have been the easier answer? So the simple point is I know I’m in a much better place having joined this group of men. I’m sure you feel the same. Thanks to Flintstone for the opportunity to lead.