• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/08/2022
  • AO: The Storm
  • QIC: Doodles
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dr Seuss(R), Bouquet, Whoopee(R), Oscar, Fannie Mae, PosiTraction, Kipchoge, Buckshot, Franz, Pilgrims Progress(R), Olsen, Vidal Sassoon

It’s a RED Blood Moon on Election Day … a sign of things to come? Who knows … but I do know that we are about to sweat it out at The Storm for a sequel to an earlier Q of mine this year … Jumping Jack Flash 2!

The Warmup

10 Gravel Pickers IC, 10 Imperial Walkers IC, Right over Left for 10 count, Flip Flop … Lets Mosey

A short Mosey to the Football Field for the Pledge

The Workout

Mosey to the Lower Lot by the Football Field House … where I explain that we will start at 5o reps of a called exercise and work our way down by 5 at each stop until we reach 5 reps of a called exercise! Each set will begin with SSH(Jumping Jack) and end with a Sprint(Flash) … thus, Jumping Jack Flash!

Stop #1 … 50 SSH, 50 LBC’s, 5 Burpees, Sprint

Stop #2 … 45 SSH, 45 Squats, 5 Burpees, Sprint

Stop #3 … 40 SSH, 40 Bonnie Blairs, 5 Burpees, Sprint

Stop #4 … 35 SSH, 35 Merkins, 5 Burpees, Sprint

Stop #5 … 30 SSH, 30 Freddy Mercury’s, Sprint

Stop #6 … 25 SSH, 25 LBC’s, 5 Monkey Humpers IC for the Bus Drivers, Sprint

Stop #7 … 5 Burpees for the Train, 20 SSH, 20 Squats, 5 Burpees, Sprint

Stop #8 … 15 SSH, 15 Bonnie Blair’s, 5 Burpees, Sprint

Stop #9 … 10 SSH, 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees, Sprint

Stop #10 … 5 SSH, 5 Freddy Mercury’s, Sprint

Mosey Back to Flag for 10 Burpees … TIME

If you’re keeping score at home … that was:                                                                                                                                                                      2+ Miles, 275 SSH, 75 LBC, 65, Squats, 55 Bonnie Blairs, 45 Merkins, 35 Freddy Mercury’s and 60+ Burpees

The Announcements

Go VOTE, Get Better … Get to Q Source, HC for McAdenville 5k to push Chariots

The Word

John 10:10, The thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy; but I, Jesus, have come that you may have life. and have it more abundantly!

It’s up to us, HIM … to show this world the way, the truth an dthe life … that is only found in Christ!

The Prayer

Pray for the Sick among us, pray for our country!

As always … it’s an honor and privilege to lead leaders … and that’s twice in a matter of 5 days! Go out there men and shine the light in this dark world always in all ways!

Doodles Out!