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Somebody made the naughty list!

The gloom was in full effect this morning when YHC rolled in a little before 5:45 to get in some training for the Biloxi Half with Freight, SA and Gold Digger. Quiche and Buckeye were already logging miles and stopped back by to meet up with Sargento, who was the scheduled Q and had committed to some EC. After standing around in the rain waiting for our fearless leader, newly appointed Nantan, pusher of all things rocky and generally good guy to show it became evident that he had chosen to abandon his tribe this morning and was most likely still enjoying the fartsack. I guess he spent a little too much time with Allen Tate at the Christmas Party last week and developed some of his bad habits. No choice but to leave him at this point, maybe he’ll show for the regular start time.

6:30 – Quiche, Buckeye and Virus at the AO, but still no Sargento

6:45 – Seuss arrives at the AO after a run at Crossroads, but still no Sargento

7:15 – Everyone back at the AO after various distance runs, but still no Sargento


What could have happened? Is everything ok? Should we go to his house and check on him? Turns out all is well, he evidently just had a late night and possibly a little too much egg nog. Gonna take a while to live this one down brother!



Convergence at Midoriyama 1/1/2022 at 0700

Tequila Sunrise moved to 0700 start on 12/24

Yank open 12/25 – 0700 start all other AO’s closed


Prayer Request

Broke’s mom

Tiger’s family

Buckeye’s sister with new baby


YHC took us out.
I’m Broke

Make it up as you go along…



***PSA – if you’re planning to come to the Christmas Party please go on the Preblast and sign up “officially” so that we can get a good count and make sure we have adequate sides, desserts, etc…

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Christmas Party

As for this morning, YHC intentionally didn’t plan the workout and decided that it would be made up as we went along. 8 PAX in total joined in for what might have ended up being a “little” heavy on the upper body, but all in all a fairly adequate workout. It went like this:

All are regulars so they know the disclaimer



Mosey to the bus lot at Rankin for some four corners. 5 Big Boys, 10 Mike Tyson’s, 15 Squats, 20 Mountain climbers. Double the reps and repeat. Double again and repeat. Math is getting too difficult for YHC at this point, so lets do something else.

Mosey to the wall in front of Rankin for some Lindsey’s. 10 dips / 30 derkins, 15 dips / 25 derkins, 20 dips / 20 derkins, 25 dips / 15 derkins, 30 dips / 10 derkins.

Mosey the long way through town to the BB&T wall and knock out some 11’s. Hip Slappers (IC count) on one side and Burpee’s on the other. THIS SUCKED!!!

Time’s almost up, so back to the flag and we’re done.



Christmas Party Dec. 11th – sign up on the Preblast (link above) and vote on a different Preblast (link below).

2021 PAX Awards – Let the Voting Begin!


Prayer Request

Broke’s mom

Bubba Sparxx brother with eye injury

Bubba Sparxx parents and grandparents

Huffstetler family

Pilgrim Progress friend Dewey Tyler


YHC took us out.


Strong group of guys out this morning. Upper body may be a little sore later today, but we’re all better for showing up and getting the week started off right. This is a solid AO, so try to make it out when you can and reach out to Freon to sign up for a Q.


I’m Broke

9 Rounds at Midoriyama

11 PAX at the premier afternoon AO in Gashouse for a simple, yet effective workout. Disclaimer (no FNG’s), Pledge (no flag, Site Q fail!!) then a warmup (might have been some poor cadence called by YHC).


Mosey to the far turd shack for some 9 rounds:

9 – Hip Slappers then a lap

9 – Dirty Hookups then a lap

9 – Mike Tysons then a lap

18 – Hip Slappers then a lap

18 – Dirty Hookups then a lap

18 – Mike Tysons then a lap

27 – Hip Slappers then a lap

27 – Dirty Hookups then a lap

27 – Mike Tysons then a lap


Partner up – one plans while the other performs exercise. Flapjack until reps are reached.

90 Big Boys

180 American Hammers

270 LBC’s


Head back to the flag stopping at each light pole (9 total) for 9 calf raises, 9 Rocky Balboa’s and 9 IW Squats. Alternate between high knees and butt kickers on the runs.


Time was up.



YHC didn’t have any words of wisdom prepared, but being the HIM he is, Defib stepped up and provided some inspirational thoughts.

Luke 12:48 – “From everyone who has been give much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

We are all very fortunate compared to most and should strive to give back in all that we do.



Christmastown 5k

Give 2 Give

Rice and Beans

Thanksgiving Trifecta

Christmas Party


Prayer Request

Broke’s mom

PAX going through various things

EZ Rider family members


Hokie took us out.

I’m Broke

Don’t Be Skeered!!!

Been a while since YHC has had a weekday Q at Folsom and it was good to be back in the gloom with a great group of guys. 12 total this morning, all on time and ready to work. Some thought that Sparky might show, but others informed them that he was campaigning for the year end “Fartsacker of the Year” award and would likely sleep in. I guess he’s like Sister Act and will do anything to get another medal. Here’s what we did:






Mosey up to the road that runs behind the AG Building to get started with The Thang.

Start at one end of the road with 5 Burpee’s, then run to the opposite end for 10 HR Merkins. Back to the start for 5 Burpee’s, then to the opposite end for 20 Imperial Walker Squats. Continue in this manner with 30 American Hammers, 40 Mountain Climbers, 50 Big Boys, 40 Mountain Climbers, 30 American Hammers, 20 Imperial Walker Squats and 10 HR Merkins. This routine took a while, but everyone was pushing hard and got in a couple of miles in the process.

Time is a little short so lets stop at the triangle in the road for a quick Dora. One partner runs up the “steeper” side of the triangle while the other does the work.

100 SSH

200 CDD

300 Flutter Kicks


Back to the start right as the clock hit 0615.



Too often we let fear control our lives. A fear of failure, fear of being ridiculed or fear of something being too difficult consumes us and dictates how we live. The Bible teaches us that God is with us in all that we do and our strength and endurance comes from Him. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to trust in the Lord with all our heart and he will make our path straight.


Remember – Dead Last Finish is better than Did Not Finish which trumps Did Not Start!



Christmas Party Dec. 11th at Lewis Farms – be on the lookout for a PreBlast with sign up’s for side dishes and a link to vote for Year End Awards

Rudolph has his final Q this Saturday at Gashouse – come out and support an OG Gashouse PAX

Chad 1000 this Thursday at 0500 at Bulldog

Blood Drive

Check the Clown Car channel on Slack for upcoming opportunities


Prayer Request

SA and family

Big Pappy and family

Co workers of multiple PAX have illnesses

Our Country

Mayor’s M


YHC took us out.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning and for the strong showing by the PAX in attendance. All were pushing hard and it was great to see the guys finish up and then go back and jump in to push someone else!


I’m Broke

Modified IPC at The Bunker

Most of the PAX went to boot camp for the Gator VQ, but 3 stayed behind at The Bunker. After Gator handled the warmup, here’s what we did:


Modified 2021 IPC Week 4

Perform exercises in sets of 25. After 25 reps, jog 25 yards and perform 3 flying squirrels. Jog back and continue with exercise.


200 curls w/coupon

175 LBC’s no coupon

150 OH press w/coupon

125 American Hammers no coupon

100 goblet squats w/coupon

75 tricep extensions w/coupon

50 lunges no coupon

25 HR Merkins


Finished one round and joined up with the boot camp PAX to finish it off.


See The Yank BB for announcements and prayer request.


I’m Broke

Loose Change

Been a while since my last Q at Mt. Hollywood and it was good to be back. 6 PAX made it out this morning, ready to start the week off right. Disclaimer, pledge, warmup and off we go.


Mosey down to the First Presbyterian parking lot with stops along the way for 25 Merkins, 25 Imperial Walker Squats, 25 Big Boys and 25 Shoulder Taps. Time to go to work…


Four Quarters

25 Merkins and 25 Imperial Walker Squats on one end of the parking lot, run to the opposite end and do 25 Big Boys and 25 Shoulder Taps then run back.

Repeat x4


Short mosey across the street to the BB&T wall where the PAX lined up on the wall and performed called exercise. Each PAX took a turn doing called number of Burpees while others did the exercise.

Peoples Chair / 5 Burpees

Wall Jumps / 4 Burpees

Peoples Chair with marching / 3 Burpees

Dirty Hookups / 2 Burpees

Hip Slappers / 1 Burpees


Mosey back toward the start with a stop at the Library for a Triple Nickel.

5 HR Merkins on one side, 5 Burpees on the other x5


Back to the start for a minute or two of Mary and that was it.



Verse of the Day

Matthew 7:7 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Be careful and don’t take this verse out of context. This is not meant to imply that you can ask for anything you want and God will give it to you. You must first have a relationship with God and seek his will. He will hear your prayers and answer them according to his will.



Extinction Run Nov. 6th

Blood Drive Nov. 10th at South Point UMC

Christmas Party DECEMBER 11th


Prayer Request

Praise and prayer request for Gold Digger and his M on her ordination as a minister

Mayor’s M

Pilager’s recovery


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke

Schooling at Crossroads

6 PAX ran, 1 came for the COT and 5  stayed and went to “School” at Crossroads this morning.


Going away party for T-Square and Rudolph today at Martha Rivers

Blood drive

Christmas Party

Extinction Run


Prayer Request

Mayor’s M

Gomer’s grandmother

Broke’s 2.0

Wirenut’s daughter getting married


YHC took us out

I’m Broke

Pit Stops at PB

10 PAX were scattered all over Dallas running at Prison Break this morning. Quite a few hit the porta johns at the park, Mayor ended up with more medals than Michael Phelps, Gear Wrench has gone from an FNG Monday to passing AT on the all time posts list, Red Ratchet made it back to the gloom and Montross skipped the COT so he could get in some more miles. Great work guys!



Rebar VQ at the Yank on Saturday – come show him some love!

Blood Drive Nov. 10th – sign up on Slack

Extinction Run Nov. 6th – sign up on PreBlast

Christmas Party Dec. 13th at Lewis Farms – sign up on Slack


Prayer Request

Mayor’s M having some tests soon

SA’s 2.1

Slaw’s mother having surgery

Bedpan’s stepbrother and family is adopting another child


Thanks to Montross for “voluntelling” me I had the Q. Nothing wrong with that, push guys to step up!

Mayor took us out.

I’m Broke

Shoulder Burn at The Storm

12 PAX made it out to The Storm this morning and the weather was about as good as it gets, mid 40’s and no wind. Short disclaimer, pledge, quick warmup and time to go to work.


Mosey to the traffic circle in front of the school. Start with 50 LBC’s and 50 Flutter Kicks then run the lower drive to Lakewood stopping at each speed bump for 50 more of each. Plank for the six at Lakewood. Repeat the process back to the traffic circle but this time the exercises are 50 squats and 50 calf raises.


Mosey to the side of the school for some Dora 1-2-3

100 Dirty Hookups

200 Hip Slappers

300 Merkins

One partner works while the other runs across the parking lot and back. The PAX had been mostly quiet up until this point, but the Merkin Haters Club started to get a little rowdy during this routine. Something about being too swole to take off their shirts??? Or maybe too sore???


Back to the start for a little Mary and time was up.



Maybelline VQ at Labyrinth tomorrow – come out and support him and this AO (YHC has the Q at Prison Break so go to Labyrinth instead)

Rebar VQ at The Yank Saturday – again, come out and support

Blood Drive Nov. 10th – see Slack and sign up, only 10 slots filled

Extinction Run Nov. 6th – see Slack for sign up info

Christmas Party Dec. 13th – see Slack for sign up info

See link on Slack to “Pioneers in Skirts” forum about equality issues. Good for those PAX with daughters


Prayer Request

Baldwin family

Bubba Sparxx job search and upcoming interviews

PAX moving, on IR and dealing with issues


Great to be back out at The Storm and thanks to Pilgrims Progress for the opportunity to Q. Tough bunch of guys pushing the rock here, so if you Q, bring a beatdown!


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke

It’s getting a little cooler

The weather is starting to cool off and Midoriyama is the place to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm. 10 PAX came to get a good beatdown, but YHC may have disappointed a little with an average workout. Too much running and not enough bootcamps lately resulted in YHC having to back off the weinke a little. Here’s what we did:





Head over to the small parking lot beside the horseshoe pits and line up at one corner. 5 HR Merkins, 10 Low Slow Squats and 20 LBC’s. Take a lap around the lot, running the long sides and bear crawls on the shorts. Rinse and repeat x4.


Mosey down the park road stopping at each light pole for 2 burpees until you get to the turd shack in the back.


11’s – Hip Slappers IC at the turd shack and Big Boys on the other side of the lot


10 Monkey Humpers for the new park signs saying all the fields must be reserved


Back down the park road with the same stops as before for burpees.


Round 2 in the small parking lot. 5 Diamond Merkins, 10 Imperial Walker Squats and 20 pretzel crunches. Run the long sides and karaoke the shorts. Rinse and repeat x4. Finished right on time.



James 5:16 – “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

Extinction Run 11/6 at Primal in Belmont


Prayers for Wojo, Lil Sweet friend from church battling cancer, Freight’s Dad, PAX moving, PAX doing 1/2 marathon, Huck’s Mom


Blart took us out


I’m Broke

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