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Day: September 26, 2022

CSAUP – Amoeba Ruck 10/8/22

Grab your four-man team, and a ruck sack.  Empty your steel, rocks and foam blocks out of your sack.   Fill your sack with canned goods to donate to the Dallas Christian Ministry and lets explore Gastonia!

Saturday 10/8/22 @ 0900.   Launch Point: First ARP Church (317 S. Chester St.)   Four-man teams will navigate their way to six checkpoints before pulling into the finish at Pita Wheel (110 S. York St.)

At the start you will receive a team packet containing addresses of the checkpoints and a picture of the “thing” you need to find when you get there.  With your team phone take a team selfie with the “thing” and text it back to YHC.  Now move on to the next until you hit all six.  Each checkpoint will include a few reps of one of your favorite F3 exercises,

Once you find all six checkpoints get your team back to Pita Wheel to the finish line for your weigh-in.

The team carrying the most weight will be rewarded!


Estimated mileage ~ 8 miles by road.   (If you are creative, it should/ could be less.)

Estimated time ~ 2.25 hours.   Back in time for lunch and a beer.


Rucksack – This does not have to be an official GoRuck rucksack.  Grab any backpack and fill it with canned goods for the Dallas Christian Ministry.  Don’t have a backpack?  Still no excuse.  YHC has three loaners if you need one!

Hit YHC up with questions.


‘Crotch Crickets’, a tail by ‘Dickens

Seemed a show was in town, as I was approaching the chatter you could feel the intensity increasing.  A lot of HIM’s, glad I’m not running the show today.  Why; the Q would need to be strong, vibrant, maybe even in shape.  Possibly one that posts frequently.  And certainly not one who spent all last week sick.  I secretly excreted internal merlot realizing that I am the one stepping in the middle.  No worries, it’s like riding a bike, right?  We’ll see…….I call out 2 min’s til gametime, Nantan let’s me know it’s more like 30 seconds.  Off to a great start………………….



Warm Up:  SSH – 15 IC, Squats – 10 IC, LBC – 10 IC

Mosey to the first picnic shelter

Arrived, still alive.  Round of Lindsey’s or Forties.  30 dickens (oh man, did I really just say that?), I mean derkins.  Sort of putting the pedal to the floor on all that F3 guy loneliness thing.  At that point I had to chase half the group down as they were looking for Whoopee  begging him back for a repeat Q.  Okay guys, I meant Derkins.  Quickly forgiven, 30 Derkins and 10 dips.  Finished, mosey to the road and back.  Rinse and repeat increasing/decreasing by 5.

25 derkins / 15 dips:  Zombie walk to the road

20 derkins / 20 dips:  Bear walk (really?), bear crawl to the road and back.  Full disclosure, I was probably the only one who could not make it.  Finished by bear walking.

Modify:  10 derkins / 30 dips

Mosey to the Concession area:  It’s here I realized that I had nothing written down on the weinke that I did not even have!

Mosey back to the parking lot.   Mosey back to the concession stands.  I felt really bad for dissing the concessions, so we did a round modified Mary’s using imaginary coupons.

On your six, first exercise is Homer/Marge.  Wait, add stirrups to the lineup, we now have modified homer/marge, open crotch/feet in stirrups beginning position holding your six inches (um…….feet above ground).  I’m confused how I kept everybody with me as I reflect back.  So many, (10 I think) in cadence.  10 Big Boys oyo.

8 homer/marge open crotch/feet in stirrups in cadence  beginning position holding your six inches (um…….feet above ground) – 20 LBC’s oyo

8 homer/marge open crotch/feet in stirrups in cadence beginning position holding your six inches (um…….feet above ground) – 20 American Hammer’s oyo

Mosey to the parking lot.  Okay men, count off  Good, okay 1, 2, 3…..wait wait.  Start again, 1,2,1,3…….what?  Flintstone corrected our ignorance, somehow we got to a 1 team and 2 team.  Even with 12 of us I think there were more 1’s than 2’s.  Anyway, group 1 hold a merkin plank, group 2 run around the island.  Swap and repeat.

Round 2, Group 1 holds an Al Gore and group 2 runs around the island.  Swap and repeat.

Round 3, Group 1 holds their 6 inches (um, feet above the ground) and group 2 runs, you get the routine.

Round 4, Group 1 holds a downward stirrup feet spread squat while levitating their butteth in the air, basically crab plank, group 2 runs and so forth and so on.

Nantan sounds off the 10 minute alarm…….

At the bottom of Martha’s parking lot we start a mosey back and forth for space ultimately culminating in at least four to five mosey and sprints at called distances.

Time nearing, one round of dora, partner 1 back to homer/marge and partner 2 runs, Rinse and Repeat one time.

I’ll meet you back at Martha’s.

Time for one round of LBC’s (I think)



October 8 – Amoeba Ruck

2nd F lunch – This Wednesday – Me Viet Kitchen (corner of Cox and Franklin, behind the Walgreens)

Adopt a Highway Cleanup this coming Saturday at Gashouse

Gashouse will be hosting a past Nantan parade of Q’s.  First up is Freight

10/15 convergence

Defib with Q next week at the Sandlot

Kudos to site Q’s using innovation and creativity.  Only successful or will work if men post

Prayers and Concerns


Roscoe’s Neighbor – Loss of Husband

Wisdom/Knowledge and Insight for those struggling or going through tough times

It was quite intimidating walking up to the group today.  Though I’ve stayed active my posts are way down.  Same excuses, and it feels great to stay in bed.  Like Flintstone says, sleep is overrated.  Every time I post I would agree.  Today was special because my focus and concern was to be a HIM for those who came out to support me.  It was an overwhelming amount of appreciation I felt for this group of HIM’s.  Thank you for posting and the opportunity to Q.

Honored to lead, even if it was from behind.


Tuesday Burrito

Warm Up:

In this exact order, exactly –
Grass Pickers, Plank Jacks, Merkins, Squats, LBCs – 10 each

Beast Position:
– Left hand to Right knee x 10
– Raise Left arm & Right knee x 10 (like superman)
– Flap Jack
– Sundial Merkins x 10
– Curls 10

Squat Knee backs w/ Kettlebell 10
Monkey Humpers 20
Plank – KB Pulls x 10
Side Plank 30 seconds SWITCH
Calf Raises

Squat Curl Press 20
Lawnmowers 10 per
Curls 10

Crunchy Frogs 10
American Hammers 15
Peter Parker 10

Zombie Walk
Big Boys 10
Calf Raises

That’s a wrap!

Rescue Mission

10 of the faithful posted to Old School on Saturday. Launch point was relocated to Ingles due to a 5k in the area. This is what happened.



I don’t know the usual stuff

The Thang:

Mosey over to Pine st and partner up. Bear crawl catch me if you can with 10 in/outs for 1 block.

Wheel barrel for 1 block, switch as needed.

Stopped off at a parking lot for some ab work.

Mosey to the back of the school to a wall. Do a wall-up(climb all the way up on top of the wall), get back down and do 5 diamond merkins. Do 10 rounds.

On the track we split into 2 groups. 1 person is injured and we as a group must carry him. We did this for 1 lap rotating positions. 4 to 1 isn’t bad. During growruck they usually make us do this toward the end. You have your rucks, 1 person will take the injured persons ruck, and 3 people will carry the person.

Mosey over to the playground parking lot. We discussed some cones that were there and did some more ab work.

Partner up, on the playground 1 partner does a hang while the other does 5 burpees. Switch x 5 rounds.

Back on the street crab walk catch me if you can with 10 hillbillies for 1 block.

Partner carries for 1 block. Wirenut took most of this for our team as if I wasn’t even on his back.

For the final block another round of bearcrawl catch me if you can with 10 imperial walkers.

We finished up with some more ab work at the flag.


Announcements-10/1 adopt a street cleanup need some volunteers, 10/8 ruck csaup, 10/15 convergence at bulldog

Prayer Request

Namerama-you hate to see this order of closing


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