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Day: September 4, 2022

Tequila in the morning

When you’re thirsty for a beatdown the best thing to do is grab a bottle and head to the best AO on Friday in Belmont. I love Tequila in the morning! There were 17ish HIM doing various things this morning, all to achieve the same goal, acceleration! This is what happened…

The men gathered and I gave a disclaimer. No FNGs unfortunately. That means extra pain. GOOD!

Pledge of Allegiance

Warmup – Don Quixote’s, Air presses, 5 burpees for the train

Mosey all the way to the covered area where the kids get picked up for some Chabata. Power up the trusty JBL Flip for a custom playlist of Tequila themed music, most of which was country but that’s ok. The time was set for 1 minute of exercise and 15 seconds of rest for 3 rounds. The exercises were CDDs, LBCs, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Heels to Heaven and Dips.

Take a lap around the parking lot to shake out the swole and do a few laps of encouragement around Roscoe who was doing his Iron PAX Challenge workout.

Muster back at the map of the United States for the next thang, 11’s! At one end do Big Boy Situps and mosey to the other end for Goofballs. This was lots of fun!

Circle up for some Mary which we took turns calling for the good everyone. We did this for several rounds until time was up. That was fun too!

Announcements: 50 Mile Relay 9/10, Skating with Mayor 9/17, JJ5k 9/24, Convergence 10/8

Prayer Requests: Tesla’s son & family, Breaker’s uncle, Huckleberry, Turtleman, Nutria’s sister in law recovery, his brother in law going through Chemo & his sister in law’s mother  who passed, Tigers family

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men, it was great!!!

04-Sep-22 > St. Bobby & Pitchin’ Woo @ Crossroads

Normally I write concise backblasts, but today is different.

We had a good bit of folks show up for the ride and a couple of runners.  Glad to See Capt. Stubing, EZ and Slaw on wheels as well as an FNG. We had the route courtesy of Freight and off we go.  Turns out that Bessemer City is about 3800′ above Dallas in elevation.  On the way back, I asked Gearwrench if he heard what Freight said.  The answer was Cloninger to Ratchford to Philly Church Road.  I dropped back to make sure we had all and GW thought I was getting updated information.  I made another push to the front and off we went with my original information.  Turns out, GW and Freight had a discussion and GW and his pal went another direction and in his rage, threw his phone down twice.  They put in some extra work and the chatter was fun and the group was large.  AWESOME.

At the end, we noticed Wirenut pitching some woo to a woman at the gas pump.

Qsource was a particular lively one with starting the Q2 Live Right.  Shots were fired in all directions and YHC ended up taking a lot of shrapnel.  Blart and Gearwrench are no longer allowed to sit beside each other.

On the way out, Wirenut was once again chatting with a lady.  Dude has just got it I guess.


Announcements:  9/10 Relay, 9/17, Skating, 9/24 JJ5K, 10/8 Convergence @ Bulldog

Prayers: Huck, BOS, Turtleman, EZ, Wirenut, so many others

Missed the rain by this much

It looked like it was going to be a rainy mess this morning but when YHC got to Members Only it was clear but humid. I saw a few cars of ruckers and two runners getting some EC. 0630 came so I headed out on another solo run. We all came back in one piece and finished COT just as the rain started.

Pledge of allegiance


Prayer by yours truly

Gavel out.

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