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Day: September 10, 2022

50 mile Relay CSAUP

Of all the CSAUPs I have participated in this was perhaps the toughest mentally to get up for.  All week I had texts from Pax about the weather predictions.  But as we all know the point of a Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless event is to push oneself outside of your comfort zone.  I’m not saying posting at a bootcamp workout is not difficult but if you do this and nothing else you do not really grow.  As I arrived at 3:30 at Ingles I noted that I was not the first one there.  Gavel was already waiting for the suck to start.  Too excited to sleep he was there 30 minutes early.  Over the next 30 minutes all Pax who signed up showed up despite a sure forecast of steady rain but at this point all was dry on the homefront.

After a quick update on the purpose of the relay and a prayer for safety the first runners were off.  Round-up, Golddigger, Quiche, and Balljoint set the tone early on (or perhaps they know if they ran fast they could avoid the rain which had not yet started.  Either way they smoked the first leg in a sub 8 fashion.  Next Seuss, Def Leppard, Broke, Gavel took off accompanied by Buckeye and Golddigger (YES he just kept going) to race to Sims field.  YHC promised sidewalks most of the way but this leg was not one of them  In addition it was time to start getting wet.  These runners were not so lucky to avoid the rain. For the pax waiting at Sims Sargento had the answer with a pop up tent that kept us dry!  But the wait for the runners was not nearly as long as you might expect with Seuss smoking it running sub 7!  Wow wonder what he could do if he was healthy.

From Sims,  Hacksaw, Pockets, Roscoe, and Boudin (along with Golddigger who yes just kept on going) ran through the hood (good thing there was a cop on the route to keep us safe – thanks Roscoe) to Gashouse where JJ was waiting  (having run from the pub!) to support us for a couple of consecutive legs.  We were also greeted by Flintstone and Virus at Gashouse.  At this point the rain was light and almost pleasant so off with the next group which included Freight, Sargento, JJ, Radiohead and YHC.  This completed everyone’s first leg and surprise no one melted in the rain.

With all the pax settled in it was time to grind -and time for the skies to open up.  Doodles met up with us around 5:30 and rode his bike in the rain to support us most of the morning!  There’s a true HIM!  Flintstone and Virus showed up again as well on leg 5.  Buckeye joined the regulars to run legs 5 and 6 consecutively and of course Golddigger was still going for his 5th consecutive leg!  What a beast!

Leg 6 took us through downtown Crammerton to Goat island.  The pax were not showing any signs of fatigue with Seuss and Buckeye leading the way.  Of course by this time (6:30/7) several pax noted their GI tracts waking up – thank goodness there were public bathrooms at the Goat – or if you were lucky enough to drive past your house you could enjoy your own throne (Sargento).  Leg 7 took the pax up and around Stuart Crammer and up and down the hills behind the school and to the yank, but watching the pax come in you thought they had a walk in the park.  Shoutout to Hacksaw and Pockets who pushed the rock hard.

Leg 8 was the leg that mother nature took her revenge.  Freight, Sargento, Radiohead and YHC swam up 273 to Mt Hollywood.  Mother nature would not let up for the rest of the relay but there was no stopping the pax now that we were 2/3 done by 9:00.  Leg 9 saw Golddigger return to action to get miles 20-25 in –   Chugging down Catawba to McAdenville at a pace that no one could keep up with – although Quiche, Balljoint and Roundup gave him a push.  Lucky for these runners – they were done and could enjoy the rest of the race in relative dryness.

Leg 10 took the runners to Midoryama.  For those unfamiliar with this route – it is not flat.  The climb up to Poston park nearly took out Def Leppard but that man does not say quit – I sure hope I’m still doing CSAUPs at 56.  Leg 11 was perhaps the hardest leg for these runners – 5 miles with two significant hills in pouring rain – If this does not challenge you nothing will.  But Hacksaw, Pockets, Roscoe and Boudin cmade that route their Byotch.

With just one leg to go Freight, Radiohead, Sargento and YHC took off down New Hope back to Dallas/ Ingles.  By this time nothing could stop us.  Sweet victory was in our sites and could not be denied.

There were no losers in this group. Everyone pushed themselves to or beyond their perceived limits.  You really do not know what you can do until you try.  After a quick recap and a prayer of thanksgiving in the car wash several pax met up at Pita Wheel in Dallas for fellowship and a meal.  In addition to pushing ourselves it is important to remember that we do these things not really for ourselves but to be a leader for those around us.

The pax also came through with donations for Least of These Carolina totaling $404!  Thank you men for your push, comradery, fellowship and generosity! I know I am better because of you and I can not image a better group of men to spend a rainy Saturday morning with!


Until next time Defib out

Buttermilk For Folsom

I put together (at least in my mind) a great football-themed weinke for Folsom this morning. I figured with it being the kickoff of the NFL season, the timing was right. However, I didnt think sprints and lots of ‘change of direction’ movement was the best idea with rain coming. After talking to Gearwrench last night as we watched our kids battle it out on the football practice field, I decided to put that workout off a few days and recycle the best tabata workout I have. (The football weinke is coming to Folsom on Tuesday though)

I told Gearwrench last night if it was just us 2, we were going to Waffle House instead! Fortunately, we had 7 men this morning ready to push the rock and the breakfast will have to wait.

The story on buttermilk – F3 Gastonia legend Tesla used to always talk about serving up buttermilk. It is his way of saying a disgusting beatdown that you will not enjoy is headed your way. Back on 2/13/21, I Q’d The Yank and, being Tesla’s home turf, I figured a Buttermilk WOD was the perfect way to appreciate and also tease him at the same time. Much like today, it was pouring rain and a great day to work under a picnic shelter! Also, much like that day in 2021, Tesla was not present for the workout but I sure he would approve. Get ya dang cups ready!

No warmup today!

Each set is 30 seconds on, 20 seconds off (we moved to 30 secs off about midway thru). We did 4 sets of each exercise with 1 set of burpees between each letter.

B – Burpees (yes, 4 sets)
U – Up and Down (squats)
T – Mike Tysons
T – Tricep Dips
E – Elbow to Knee Crunch
R – Rosalitas
M – Merkins
I – Incline Planche Merkins
L – Lunges
K – Kickstarters (we really did Big Boy Situps but I encouraged everyone to do add the extra leg kick in honor of Def Leppard)

After butter, we took a quick pause to share some facts about buttermilk so that everyone better understood the greatness of this -uh- wonderful drink. Here are a few.
– Buttermilk doesn’t contain butter, it is actually the milk leftover after churning butter.
– Therefore, it has less fat that regular milk
– Most buttermilk in stores is made using bacteria cultures and is not a butter byproduct. Who knew buttermilk was cultured?
– Buttermilk stays fresh longer than regular milk. Insert freshness jokes here.
– It provides all macronutrients needed. You can survive on buttermilk.

We finished a few minutes early and Gearwrench was a little short of 600 calories so we grabbed an extra set of burpees and then hit the deck of death. I called time but some of the guys still got in 100 extra calf raises.

Skating Sept 17
JJ5k 9/24
10/8 Convergence at BullDog

Prayer requests:
Striper’s brother
Snelling family – Gearwrench’s friend
Liza’s family (Memphis runner killed)
Us and families
Discipline for is all!

I like huddling up in a shelter and just putting in work. Some good music and good banter helps motivate us all! I appreciate those who showed this morning. I saw rock pushing! If you didn’t walk away smoked, work harder next time!!!

  • Montross

perfect weather

66 degrees, moderate rain, minimal wind…..almost couldn’t get any better. Hardest part was the first few minutes when the alarm went off lying in bed listening to the rain. Today was going to be tough, but I knew like Every. Other. Time. I would be glad I did it once it was over.

I got to GasHouse and Stroganoff was zipping up the rain jacket-that meant he was running, and Voodoo was sitting in his truck probably trying to decide between the obvious and Waffle House. Thankfully Waffle House did not win. A few others rolled in including “CLEAN SHAVEN” Clavin. Not sure he qualifies as a Kotter, but I haven’t seen him in a long time so it was good to spend some time with him again.  We had a quick discussion on the plan for today which was the weekly IPC. The Iron Pax Challenge did not involve running so Voodoo convinced the potential PainLabbers to roll as 1 group today. We quickly did a modified disclaimer and warmup which included climbing the fence while Stroganoff moseyed the long way to the field. Stroganoff did his thing which actually included getting on his back in the rain for exercises and not just running while we did the IPC week 1: Care Bear Square thing. Gatorade bottles were set up in a square at 25 yard distances. Starting at the bottom right part of the square we did standard bear crawl to the top right then did 25 squats. We then did slide-to-the-left bear crawl to the top left part of the square for 25 Merkins. Next we “crawl bear’ed” (bear crawl backwards-yes it sucked, no really really really really really really……..SUCKED) to the bottom left part of square for 25 big boy situps. The final leg of the square we did slide-to-the-right bear crawl to the original starting point for 25 burpees. And this sucked too in case you are wondering. This was the cycle that we repeated for a total of 45 minutes. The rain felt good, the grass was sticky and felt like grasshoppers in my nose a few times (could have been grasshoppers but probably just grass) and the crawl bear and burpees traded spots as the worst part depending on where you were. We walked back the long way as a group while Strog kept going until time was up.

We finished with COT then 3 of us went to breakfast. In case you are wondering, CDA has really good breakfast, fast service, and ONLY TAKES CASH. Thanks for bailing me out on the breakfast Tube. I’ll get you back later this month hopefully. I should know by now about the only cash thing, but it’s been awhile since I have eaten there.

Thanks for posting in the rain guys. I needed the push.



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