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Day: September 25, 2022


3 ran 5 miles. For 1 it was routine. For 2 it was first or second time in many weeks. Overall was great, especially when Roscoe showed with his shirt on backwards. Defib showed for Q Source and we learned about Consistency.

Burning Man

While some of us live normal lives, others are travelling the United States living it up. Welcome back Hermie. We couldn’t wait to hear about his experience at Burning Man 2022. But lets get to work first. We split the group and Whoopee takes Clavin and Amazon on a brisk jog to the park. And Stroganoff did a 10k solo marathon. We are going to stay here and bang some coupons to Chevelle.

Set 1: In circuit formation we alternated Burpees, flys, over head press, squat kettle and weighted Moroccan nightclubs. Moseyed around the parking lot. Late to the party comes Tax Break, better late than never👊. Repeat set 1

Set 2: We riffle carried our coupons to the trail. Stopped at the bridge and did single leg glute bridge, assisted pistol squats and side lunges. :Let riffle carry our coupons to the picnic table at the back of the parking lot. There we did laying donkey kicks and step ups. Return to the Eagle circle.

Set 3: In circuit formation we did shadow boxing, curls, merkins, jump ropes, triceps extensions and crunches and more curls. Moseyed around the parking lot. Repeat one more time.


We back with the others and share announcements. We asked Hermie what Burning Man was like. He said it was kinda of like a hippie fest with a focus on art with responsible people, some of which choose to go topless and more. There were about 85K people there. Apparently it is everything you read about. 

Good work men!


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