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Day: September 19, 2022

Nice Sunday

YHC rolled up to the club after just a few hours after a long trip to Raleigh to see the Pack roll the Red Raiders. Luckily, I paid my dues and was allowed in. It’s for Members Only, you know. This is what happened…

Tesla and I ruck walked down the street and back. The others who started before us were out doing their thing and we coalesced at the end.

Prayer requests – Huck, Turtleman, Tooth Fairy’s daughter went home!, Living Hope Church now meeting at DSBG

Announcements – JJ5k 9/24, 2nd F lunch 9/28 @ Me Viet Kitchen, Amoeba Ruck 10/8 from near downtown Gastonia, Convergence 10/15 @ Bulldog, Christmas Party 12/3 @ Lewis Farm

island suicides

Thanks to Flintstone for the reminder yesterday about my Q this am, otherwise would not have been prepared. We started AT 0530 with Disclaimer, Pledge, and Warm Up. Flintstone requested a 5 burpee penalty during WU-had to be there to know why,  then we moseyed to turd shack to knock out the mandatory hip slappers despite the lack of enthusiasm. It made me sad to hear the lack of passion for such a magnificent exercise. I got over it quickly then we moseyed over to the picnic tables for step ups and Derkins. We did a bunch and I counted so that the mumble chatter was not affected. Maybelline and Cinderella counted on the sets of Derkins then we moved over to the parking lot for the main event (sort of). Island Suicides: start at far end of lot, mosey to an island for a burpee then back to start. Mosey to next island and stop and each island for burpee. Every time (coming and going) do this and do a squat (coming and going) at each light. We made it to about 7 or 8 islands then called it. Next time will do more reps of exercises (not just 1). We still had time so we did 11’s with BigBoys and Jump Lunges-Watts Up had done a bit of gravel spreading (2 tons) over the weekend and wanted to avoid upper body stuff. Bet you will feel those jump lunges tomorrow…think I’m already feeling them now. At this point, I was in the mood to cause some complaining so we started doing SSH and went to 50 IC. I don’t think anyone stopped as far as I could tell. We moseyed back to start with a squat at each light post on the way home. At some point we talked about EHing and what that means. You might think that was for the newish Amazon to hear, but I was really talking to ALL OF US (MYSELF INCLUDED). Actually, Flintstone did not need to hear this, but the rest of us, we all needed it. Flintstone might be the headlockingest mofo around, at least when it comes to Kotters. Give him an attaboy next time you see him Sargento. I know he’s making you proud.

We got back right at 0615 for COT and got outta there.

thanks guys-Whoopee

Big Dogs at TRB

It was going to be a wild ride at TRB as YHC realized some big dogs and a kotter posted. All platitudes aside, we had work to do!

After a the requisite warm up, it was off to Tha Thang.

Mosey to the bottom of the back lot for a 4 corner escalator.

Corner 1 – 5 burpees, karaoke to corner 2

Corner 2 – 5 burpees, 10 diamond merkins, bear crawl to corner 3

Corner 3 – 5 burpees, 10 diamonds, 20 Bobby Hurley’s, karaoke to corner 4

Corner 4 – 5 burpees, 10 diamonds, 20 BH’s, and 40 reverse crunches, BC to corner 1

After a 10 count, bear crawl back to corner 4 and start the escalator down

Mosey to the top of the lot for a group suicide. It went something like this: sprint to the second parking spot on the left, touch the ground, sprint back to the start, begin squats until the 6 shows up and performs 10 squats. Sprint to the 4th parking spot, touch the ground, sprint back for squats until the 6 shows up for 10. Keep suiciding every other parking spot until the parking lot ends.

Mosey the long way to the track, stopping at the steps for some “Dirt”y calf raises (we miss you, Tiger… er Dirt). Once the pax made it to the track, it was time for a Bataan Death March with the HIM at the back getting some merkins in before sprinting to the front. Two revolutions around the track, a little mosey to the start for some Mary, and time was called.

We did some announcements and prayer requests, and YHC took us out.

It was an honor to lead -Orangeman

Insert Title Here.

What a great morning to get after it!

The Pax came rollin in Slaw was giving me details on where to get a great Margarita, Wire Nut was glad no calls while being on call as we started to begin. Blart Leisurely comes strollin in like he had a wild night of Shenannigans.


Lets get werkin!

warm Up,

Mosey to the court house for some descending 10’s

LBC’s on one side go up the stairs, then Seal Jacks on the other. Start at ten down to one.

Next we did some corner work at the town square. Dips, Derkins, Balboas, and squats.

instead of stacking the exercises we did four laps, 20 at each station.

We made it to our final station of the day.

Kotters Hill. Triple Nickel.

American Hammers at the bottom and fox holes at the top.

I had to Omaha the last few due to time. We said the pledge just outside of the police department.

finished at the beginning and time.

The weather is getting to be very Nice. But more importantly I have noticed lately that it seems to be the same men who Q while others have yet to step up to the plate and Lead. Men F3 is designed to help you grow encourage the ones around you to start something.

The next time you are finishing up a workout and get to C.O.T. look around, see who has not been a Q yet.

Encourage them to step out and do something.

Take it from me, I’m an ex smoker with High Blood pressure overweight and was never successful at sports. Before F3 I would get tired putting on my shoes. I did not let any of these things stop me from taking a Q. I know there are several of you that may feel an obstacle is holding you back. But really its not. You have the support/mumble chatter of all of us around you. Stop holding yourself back, start moving forward to being that Man you are meant to be.

Now Who’s Next to take a Q?

Cause… The Bed Pan is Full!!

Slaw Armstrong

13 PAX including 1 FNG posted to Crossroads on Sunday morning. Pretty even split on riders and runners I think. Bedpan brought an FNG we named Wiki Leak(Joshua Robinson) as he is studying IT security in school. SA skipped out on his 0600 meetup with Seuss and Roundup then showed up late and unprepared for the 0630 meetup. Then on top of that made them slow down to his pace! You hate to see it. Slaw took his new bike for a stroll. He has quickly become a canoe on a bike. Passing by people going uphill effortlessly. Who knew this would be his thing. Balljoint showed up on his banana seat bike sporting his little sisters lululemon yoga shorts. You hate to see that too! We had a good crowd for Q-Source even though we had to rush through it after waiting 10 minutes for the 20 splenda packets to get put in Wirenuts cafe’. Insert pinky out gesture here.

The Shortsale Hustle

11 men posted at Gashouse/Painlab on Saturday. 7 for the bootcamp and 4 for pain lab. Time Frame said the pain lab guys did work and asked me to include them here. That’s all I can say about that. The bootcamp on the other hand was an old school group with a lot of years and post between us.


Sealjacks, merkins, Don q’s, etc.

The Thang:

I had worked up an old school classic workout of things and places we have regularly used in the past. What appeared to be an Army group of some sort had taken over Grier doing their PT test. That along with a fence changed my plan. Oh well adapt and overcome. I’d like to not that as we took of on our mosey Shortsale was hustling. I mean he ran out and vultured us a couple of times. He was running backwards up Garrison! My man was ready to work. No meows today!

In the school parking lot we did triple nickel with tiger squats and mike tysons hopping back and forth.

Next we moseyed over to the big steeple church stairs for some Dora 1,2,3. Shoulder taps, back scratchers, overhand claps. Run the stairs and back. Some went deeper than others and some went deeper each time. You had to be there.

Still modifying my plan we used the side road that goes up the same hill as the stairs for some more partner work. Starting in the middle do 1 booyah merkin. Partners run in opposite directions and back to meet and do 2 booyah merkins. Switch directions and keep going until you get to 10 merkins.

I had written down to look for a wall to do wall ups on and it just so happened we found the perfect one at the top of the hill next to the building. So P1 does WWI’s while P2 runs to the wall,  gets up on it 1 time and runs back. Do this 5 times each.

Next we moseyed over to Bosshog’s office to the slanted parking lot. Triple nickel. Calf raises and well I don’t remember. I seem to have lost my weinke. It’s probably still in my shorts pocket. Anyway we bear crawled up the parking lot hill and crawl beared back down.

To finish things off we moseyed over to the Schielle wall for several rounds of wall sits and planks.


Prayer Request




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