• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 07/22/2022
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Stogie
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gear Wrench, Easy Rider, Gavel, Captain Stubing, Purple Haze, Mayor, Tonka,

Warm Up:
20 Side Straddle Hops in Cadence
15 Gravel Pickers
10 Mountain Man Poopers

20 Moroccan Nightclubs in Cadence
10 Forward Arm Circles
10 Backward Arm Circles


Tha Thang:
Mosey to bridge… Squirrel Walk/Crawl
– 2 Burpees or Flying Squirrels and then bear crawl forward 5 movements  and then 2 squats  – repeat to the end of the bridge!

Mosey across the road and down to the lower parking lot behind the police station.

Partner up – Dora
100 – CDDs
200 – Hillbilly Squats
300 – LBCs – Count one side

Partner 2 runs up the stairs and does 5 Flying Sqirrels or Burpees and then runs back down the stairs to partner.

We omaha’d this after the squats because it was taking too long and I had other stuff planned.

Split up and line up at the bottom of the stairs.
– Invisible, meaningless bonus points to half of the Pax who decided on their own to do this because I thought with only 8 Pax we’d be fine with one line, but was wrong. I originally had down to split up, but didn’t call that out. Splitting up the group actually worked out pretty perfectly. Thanks men!

10 Calf Raises each step…
20 Squats at the bottom, landings, and top of the steps.

Mosey back toward the pavillion.

Mosey straight down to Main Street…

Turn right and mosey toward south street… stop and do a burpee at each light post, increasing by one each time.

Cool Down:
Fellowship Mosey back to the Pavilion for some Football line drills around the pavilion (run straight, karaoke sideways, NUR down, and then run back to start) – two laps

20 LBCs – in cadence
20 Flutters – in cadence
20 Penguins – in cadence

This was my 6th Q in a row. I started Sunday and Q’d at 5 different AOs, even hijacked someone’s Q (still were supposed to show up Sparky, but thanks for giving me your Q). Looking at my Garmin app today actually marks 12 days in a row working out. The stupidity of Qing 6 days in a row was at least intentional. It’s probably good I didn’t realize the no rest day for almost 2 weeks straight or I may not have Q’d one of these days and broke the streak.

Firstly thanks to the good Lord that I didn’t hurt myself (aside from some body soreness and blistered toes (thanks for the info and help with those Freight)). But I want to thank all the guys who helped push me and support me through the week. Even this morning, I was being pushed through my own Q (which is great).

This is the reason I Q! I tend to push myself more when I Q because I am the one leading the workout and have to keep up more, or try to be out front more, in order to lead effectively. I also have heard that you’re supposed to call exercises you hate the most when you Q in order to push yourself (and the Pax) even more. I feel like I did that this week.

The other reason I thought to do this is because I have not been the most consistent in the 3 years I have been part of the F3 Nation. I don’t Q very much during the school year from catching too much crap about leaving early to get my kids ready for school. I feel like I have my moments, and let’s just say this was one of them. This is something I have been trying to work on this year, more consistency. Sure, I was consistently posting Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday… but that was it. So, I started posting those same days, but going to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday as well. I am still, often, the six at a lot of the workouts and that’s just how it is until it’s not.

So, I don’t know that anyone has Q’d six days in a row during the same week. It’s awesome if they have, but, seriously…  if me (the six) can do it… anyone can.


– Dad’s 2.0 workout Saturday, July 23rd at Gashouse @ 7am – THAT’s TOMORROW
– Tubing Trip – July 30th – Green River
– Blood Drive – August 19th
– NEW Gas-House and Prison Break Shirt Pre-Orders available NOW!

Prayer Requests:
– Gear Wrench’s brother
– Striper’s brother
– James Goudelock and his family
– Sarlaac’s Daughter and family
– Purple Haze’s Family
– Huckleberry
– Turtle Man
– Really, pray for all the folks dealing with Cancer and their families
– Pax on IR
– Tesla’s Family
– Gastonia Police Department and Police Officers everywhere
– Mayor’s Gate Guard at work passed away – pray for that family
– Easy Rider’s Family