• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/17/2022
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Bed Pan
  • FNG's: Mushu,
  • PAX: gavel, Wirenut,,tipman, purple haze, Gear Wrench, Captian Stubing, Ball Joint, Easy Rider, Camelia, Tonka, Beatle Bailey, Hush Puppy,

What a nice morning to get after it.
the Pax came rolling in 13 total with an FNG.
5 core principles, disclaimer.
Warm Up SSH, 5 burpees, flutter, 4 burpess, gravel pickers, 3 burpees, abe Bagodas, 2 burpees, Mo rockin night clubs, 1 burpee.


Let’s mosey,
321 wall for some Australian Mountain Climbers, then my favorite the Monkey Humper! not enough cars came by on the first round so we did some more to make sure the people of Gaston county got a show.

Fox Holes per light post.
Fox Holes are 2 WWI and 1 merkin per light post until we made it to the flashing red light in the middle of downtown.
A man was out watering flowers and it brought back memories of Medicine woman playing in the water feature near the pavilion.
I asked for a mist of water over the pax but apparently water used for flowers does not help Men Grow.
We did this back and forth.

McQuitters Wall
Dips and step ups we started at 25 each and worked down to 5 in increments of 5.

Parking deck
Slow mosey to each level with an ab exercise per level.
Once at the top we did 5 burpees then took the stairs down for 25 LBC’s then back to the top via the road and worked our way down to 4 burpees stairs 25 lbc’s until we finished the burpees. time was cutting close so we Omaha’ed back to the flag to name the FNG.

Hunter is the new FNG. If you have ever eaten at the Chinese place in Dallas the mans name is Hunter who owns it. two different people but several of us know the place and if you call in an order he always says “about 15 minutes” FYI ball joint has his own off the menu combo that sounded really good. we tried 15 minutes as a name but too long much like this BB. out of the blue some one calls out Mushu and it stuck. So welcome Mushu! great guy that was Eh’d by Gearwrench!

F3 Dads at folsom, start time is 07:00 am for this event.
PT test coming up 6/25 with adopt a highway clean up to follow!

Prayer request several

The Bed Pan is Full!