• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/30/2022
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Stogie
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib, Easy Rider, Flintstone

Wojo couldn’t Q this morning… and I haven’t Q’d in a little bit. I had been thinking I need to Q more Saturdays (since I show up early and leave early during the week and catch too much crap when I try Qing during the week).  The other thing is, I am lazy and don’t always want to Q. So, I swallowed hard… waited 10 minutes for someone to say they’d pick it up… and when they didn’t I said I would take it. Having been through a Wojo Q a time or two before I thought, “I can probably, actually, run something similar to his type of Q and it be a good workout”.  I was only sorta correct with this assumption.

Collective Pain Lab/Gashouse Warmup:
20 Side Straddle Hops – in cadence
15 Gravel pickers – in cadence
10 mnt man poopers – in cadence
15 Imperial Walkers – in cadence

Gashouse “Slowseyed” (slow mosey) to the track…

The Thang – Dynamic Stretches 50yd in field (side line to side line)…
Karaoke (switch sides on the  the middle)
High Knees
Goose Steps

Repeat in reverse order!

Countdowns from 10 to 1 a little rest between – Thanks for the Pax counting these to keep the pace higher than my own.
Stogiefied Mike Tysons (horizontal squat – Mike Tyson with no merkin)
Mountain Climbers

1 mile (4 laps) of In and Out:
Speed Walk the straight aways and then run/sprint through the curves (blue line to blue line).

Pair up! – Tortoise and the Hare:
Zombie walk (two lung walks and a squat) and 5 Flying Squirrels.

We made it halfway around the track before we needed to start heading back to the COT. So we “slowseyed” the rest of the way around the track back to the gate. Once there we picked back up with the Tortoise and the Hare up to the top of the sidewalk.

We then “slowseyed” back to the COT for some Mary until it was time:
– Flutters
– Oblique Crunches
– LBCs
– Stogified Gaspumps/box cutter

So, I asked Wojo for a partial wienke, or a link to an old backblast. I took about 75-80% of what he had and then added my things (or swapped out an exercise here or there). I then barely made it through the workout without merloing. If I tried actually running the last lap on the track (and not jog it) I am pretty sure whatever was left of the glass of water I had before the workout would have come up. I am not much of a runner (and told the Pax this), but had my mind set we were going to follow this workout (and that I could do it). The Pax were very gracious to working out with me, allowing me to lead, but also making this me vs. me. This pushed me as well as allowed me to not strive to keep up with a pace that would cause me to fail. I think we all did out best and it was a good workout overall for everyone.

Announcements: None

Prayer Requests: 
– Relays
– Turtleman
– Guys on IR
– All the Fartsackers that didn’t attend
– Bondo’s “Aunt” Cathy with brain cancer

YHC took us out in Prayer. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

~ Stogie