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Day: April 26, 2022

Downtown 3/25

This workout was planned around the Q  with no upper body work as Your’s Truly decided to trip, fall, and beat myself up at the Pub The week before.  Thanks for your patience and hangin with me!

Warm Up

Gravel Pickers

Seal Jacks




Route 66 to HH Ballpark w/ Squats

Suicides parking lot of HH BP


Running around BR stopping middle and corners with PAX chosen ab work.


Prayers F3 Family Members and Friends

Triple Nickel Time!!

Picking up a last minute Q, I wanted to stay close to the start for I have a relay coming up and I wanted to keep it simple!! Finding a few PAX pulling in after me for some EC, we jumped out on the roads for a little fellowship run. I had to stop for an RR break and the guys met back at go time. Bouquet brought a FNG brother-n-law along for the day. They jogged in and our FNG brought a weighted pack with him and Bouquet said that I’d better bring the heat! With all things said and disclaimers given, let’s begin!! 



IC x 10 





Nolan Ryan 


Let’s  explain the work for the day.


This will be the Triple Nickel of all Triple Nickels.  Mosey down to the stop sign for our first station.  

Triple Nickel is 





Mosey up to the police department’s parking lot for the next set.  

Triple Nickel is 


Lunges or walking Lunges ( count one leg ) or IC 

Dying Cockroaches IC 


Mosey to the stop sign at Center St and 9th.  Our last station. 

Triple Nickel is. 

Diamond Merkins

Hillbillies  IC 

Flutter Kicks IC


Complete 5 rounds of all 3 sets. We only got 3 rounds in before we  ran back to the start for 3 minutes of  Marry. 



Smarter than a 5th grader next Tuesday.

Communicating with your Family

Beautiful morning at Folsom for a good old fashion butt kicking.

Warm up:

Gravel pickers IC x 10

Moroccan Night clubs while I explain what we are doing next.

The Thang:

1 burpee, 5 merkins, 10 shoulder taps at every light pole and split in road for a total of 10 to entrance to park.

circle up for 3 rounds of cherry pickers


Divide into 2 groups and Indian Run with one burpee in back to bottom of large parking lot.

YHC had set up 12 cones with below exercises. Group 1 starts at cone 1 and Group 2 starts at cone 12 working clockwise and counter clockwise respectfully.

Once complete first exercise, run a lap around outside of all cones back to current cone and lunge walk to next cone and repeat until all 12 cones are finished.

After helping the 6 finish all 12 cones, we moseyed back to flag for a round of Iron Hulk.


YHC shared the following from Proverbs 24:3,

Communicating with your Family

The storms of life will test whether or not you’ve done a good job with your family. And an important key to succeeding at home is communication. So ask yourself these four questions: (1) How well do I communicate with the people I love? You may unwittingly have adopted a style that doesn’t work well for you. For example, do you retaliate? That has a degrading effect. Do you dominate? That has an intimidating effect. Do you isolate? That has a frustrating effect. Or do you co-operate? That has an encouraging effect. If you’re in the habit of using any communication style other than a cooperative one, you must work to change it if you want to build a good relationship with your family. (2) Have I identified my communication killers? The Internet, cell phones, texting, and TV are among the chief culprits. Would it surprise you to know the average couple spends less than an hour a week in meaningful conversation, and approximately five hours a day watching TV? (3) Do I encourage everyone to speak their mind? And when they do speak freely do you criticize, pout, or retaliate? Differences of opinion can be healthy. The Bible says, “Iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17). Handled respectfully, different opinions can make things better for everyone. (4) Do I think creatively? Do you spend time together as a family? Do you call your mate during the day and try to meet sometimes for lunch? Do you drive your kids to school or sports practice so you can talk to them? Communication can happen anywhere, but it only happens when you make it a priority.

Prayer Reqeust:

Big Pappy and Family


Def Leppard



Stripers borther


bucket o turds

I almost missed by Q. Fortunately SA texted me to ask if I had the Q at the Storm and reminded me. It was quickly followed by a Mr. Bean gif yawning and a comment saying it would probably not be worth his time. In my head, I thought…..sorry, can’t put that on the inter webs….I just might run for office one day and I’ve already got enough skeletons in my closet. No need to add any more. I politely replied that I would bring my angry eyes and would look for him in the morning. Since I go to be early by most people’s standards (except Stroganoff-BTW, anybody seen him lately???? if not, how about reaching out to him to check on him), I had about 30 minutes to come up with something so…..I texted Boudin to see if he could bring his sandbag then went to the garage and got a bunch of stuff and threw it in the back of my truck and got to work.  During the night I had a bit of an upset stomach due to an early Taco Tuesday meal (thanks Caroline), so I ran to the garage and pooped in a bucket, put a lid on the bucket really tight, then threw it in the back of the truck thinking SA will love this…..

It’s 0530, let’s get started. WU with SSH, Merkins, then some burpees while we looked at the things I  had brought: 40 # sandbag, 60# sandbag (thanks Boudin), two 20#-ish pieces of granite wrapped in pool noodle or towel, 5# medicine ball, and a 5 gallon bucket with approximately 20-30# of processed Taco Tuesday. During the WU we listed the 5 core principles.

Then came the marching orders: Today would be Triple Nickel ALL. DAY. LONG. After a quick Q fail on the actual performing of said “Triple Nickel” we actually did the “Triple Nickel” correctly. On 1 end we did 5 burpees then picked up 1 of the above objects and moseyed to the other side of parking lot. At that point we did 5 BigBoys for a total of 5 times. We finished this with some $itching and complaining, mainly from Seuss and SA… know how Seuss complains so much. The only good thing about it was that SA kept his whiny mouth shut and listened while Seuss was complaining.  Next we moseyed to the wall for some REAL FUN along with the toys. I let SA pick the first exercise. He wanted to do Grass Pickers.  I told him hell no, we are doing some real f’ing exercises and quit his be-atching about everything and grab some wall. It’s time to do some dern Hip Slappers. The other exercise was going to be LBCs but Dirt suggested Flying Squirrels-even better so that is what we did.  We moseyed across the parking lot with the toys between exercises because that is how the old Triple Nickel works. Again, 5 sets thus the term triple NICKEL. Even you Folsom boys can follow that math, right?

We stayed in the same spot for another round of Triple Nickel, this time Step Ups and Merkins. After a couple bat flippers did their 5 sets (I think), we convinced them they had only done 4 so they did another set with us. We were almost out of time so we started another round of Triple Nickel without the running so Shortsale pointed out it was really just Double Nickel, but Triple Nickel sounds a lot cooler so we did a version of triple nickel where we just didn’t move anywhere. We did 8 count body builders and baby makers (no music or comments on needing a plumber, sorry) for a few sets then moseyed back to start for a few quick rounds of Mary.

Overall it was a great morning for me. Again, the only down side was the 2 complainers that will go un-named (Seuss and SA).

Fortunately for me SA chose to poke me the night before which saved me. That is sort of the thing about F3 though. We all seem to help each other out, sometimes even when we don’t realize it. During the workout, we talked briefly about how being in F3 keeps you on track. Not posting for a workout or hanging around these guys allows the bad habits to start, the wandering mind to go places it shouldn’t, and the guardrails to fade away. I know we say this a lot, but F3 really makes us better. More importantly sometimes, it keeps you from getting worse. It raises our standards so that we don’t end up being a Jackwagon and doing something stupid that ruins our day or even worse. Bottom line is, we all need this in our lives. And not just for a few months or years, but every month as much as possible. Life is hard. It’s much harder when you are stupid. F3 makes you smarter at life. Don’t forget that.

thanks for the text SA. You made me look a little less dumb….at least for 1 day.


Return of the Bearmuda Triangle

12 men gathered to put in work on this beautiful Tuesday morning at Folsom.

10 Gravel pickers in cadence

20 Moroccan night clubs

20 side straddle hops

5 Burpees


Mosey to shelter


Grab a picnic table repeat 3 sets

20 step ups each leg

20 incline merkins

20 squats to the seat

20 Flutters count right leg only


Route 66 in bottom parking lot towards the top.  Doing Merkins, once we hit the 11th line we’ll turn around and do Route 66 again with LBC’s but we’re crab walking between spaces

Bearmuda Triangle

Three cones at equal distances, one burpee at first cone, bear crawl to second and do two burpees, make two laps around the three cones increasing burpee count by one at each cone.

Indian run to the AG center flag pole


Head back to starting point, each light pole on the way back do 5 hillbillies and 5 Mike Tysons



SMR this weekend

Csap possibly next month


Prayer Requests


Beetle Bailey

Stripers brother





Def Leopard

The Goudelocks

Wichitas family


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