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Day: April 14, 2022

Tesla returns to the Fighting Yank!

Been awhile since YHC led at the Yank so this was going to be a good one! Had a little bit of a short crew due to the Community run but no prob! Went like this:


SSH burpees X 5

IWs X 20

Grasspickers X 20


Mtn. Climbers X 20

Roscoe takes the Bunker guys, YHC takes the bootcampers

Time fro some half pipes X 2

Top: Plank jacks X 5

Shelter at bottom: 1 burpee

Top at Main street: 5 ass to the road monkey humpers.

BLIMPS on the field:



Imperial walkers


Plank Jacks


P1 runs the filed and does 5X of the work. Returns and does the work while P2 runs. We do this together meaning we wait for the 6 in plank on each round before we go again.

Up to the Corner of Knowledge for bench work:

Round 1 10X


step ups


Elevated big boys:

Run to the other end for 5 burpees.

Run back by the road, rinse and repeat above, same number.

Return to the field for our favorite thing – Bear crawl Slalom! Why wouldn’t we!

Post BCS, a little soccer goal obstacle course:

1st goal: CDD X 10

2nd goal: LBC X 10

3rd goal: BH X 10

4th goal: SSH X 20

Still time for a half pipe! So we did one and went to COT at the Yank.


Small but dedicated crew today. We left it all out there. The way it ought to be! Lots of good work got done.

Pleasure to lead as always and thanks to Roscoe for leading The Bunker!


Changing Paces

Strong showing of 13 men showed up to start a fine Wednesday morning.  Here’s what we did:

The Thang:

  • 15 x Goofballs (IC)

Head to the track for a quicker paced warm up:

  • Mosey 1/2 Lap
  • 10 x Don Quixotes (IC)
  • Mosey 1/2 Lap
  • 10 x Hillbilly Walkers (IC)
  • Mosey 1/2 Lap
  • 10 x Mahktar Ndiayes (IC)
  • Mosey 1/2 Lap
  • 20 x Freddie Mercuries (IC)
  • Mosey 1/2 Lap
  • 10 x Mike Tysons (IC)
  • Mosey 1/2 Lap
  • 10 x Mahktar Ndiayes (IC)

We were back at the parking lot at this point, and we headed to New Hope Presby for some core work.

  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches (IC)
  • 20 x Penguins (IC)
  • 10 x Heels to Heaven (IC)
  • 20 x Freddie Mercuries (IC)
  • 10 x Flutter Kicks (IC)

During the core work, we varied the cadence, slowing things down for the Cockroaches, Heels to Heaven and Flutter Kicks.  We focused on controlling all the movements.  Turns out, slow Flutters add another layer to the madness.

Once we finished up, everyone got a parking spot and we planked on the parking spot, then side crawled (?) from one end of the parking spot to the other.  Each time we got to the other side, we did 1 merkin.  Timer was set for 3 minutes.  Repeato.

Turns out, the parking lot is built for boats.  The parking spots were long, and there was a good bit of complaining.  But you can do anything for 3 minutes, so we pressed on.

Next, we took a quick mosey to Tomshir for a lap around their loop, then back to the church for

Triple Nickel

  • Side 1: 5 x Burpees
  • Side 2: 5 x Burpees

The only way to Triple Nickel.

Solid work all the way around.  We pushed each other, and got it done.

Next we did another round of the 3-minute-parking-spot-merkin-side-crawl-fest, or whatever you’d rather name it.  It still sucked.

Next, back to the flag for one last round of core work

  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches (IC)
  • 20 x Penguins (IC)
  • 10 x Heels to Heaven (IC)
  • 20 x Freddie Mercuries (IC)
  • 10 x Flutter Kicks (IC)

Again we varied speeds.  Also, true to form at the Ricky Bobby, we had to scatter as Mrs. Breaker tried to run over PAX like Carrie Fisher in Blues Brothers.

And that was that.


Great push by the group today.  A rare day too where the no- Respect crowd significantly outnumbered the Respect crowd.  A good crew of fresh faces too, with Umbro, J2C, and Offshore.  Also, welcome back to Stone Cold, with a Kotter off an injury.

Finally, if you’re reading this far and haven’t Q’d at the Ricky Bobby in a while, or at all, what are you waiting for?  There’s neighbors to wake up, Sentinels to see, and Nantan’s monkeys to hump.  Hill work, track work, ball fields, parking lots of all sizes, shelter, and PAX arriving by foot make the Ricky Bobby a great place to start the day.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead

Yabba Dabba Doo

No BLOCKS at Folsom

Beautiful weather this morning at Folsom, thought for sure we would have had a shirtless Wichita running around. But we did get another celebrity Midoriyama appearance at Folsom this week, there was a Leopard sighting.

10 Gravel pickers in cadence

20 Moroccan night clubs

20 side straddle hops

5 Burpees

Mosey to shelter

15 step ups each leg

15 dips

15 Derkins

10 step ups

10 dips

10 derkins

5 step ups

5 dips

5 derkins

Catch me if you can

Partner up, one partner Nurs towards the flag pole at the AG center, the other does 10 diamond merkins then catches up and takes over the nur while the other partner does their work.  rinse and repeat til we get to the flag at the top  


Dirty 11’s in the top lot- CDD’s and big boys with a Burpee in the middle

Every light pole back to the start do 10 LBC’s

Circle for Mary for the last 10 minutes with a couple extra burpees sprinkled in.


Trash pickup Saturday downtown

Lunch next Thursday at Ray Nathan’s

Runners needed for SMR


Prayer Requests



Big Pappy and his family


Turtle man

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