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Day: April 1, 2022

Feelin’ Guilty (No Foolin’)

YHC passed the site Q onto Radar the previous week, but failed to have any future Qs lined up, so, feeling a bit guilty about that, Radar’s first Q was all set.

We started off with a little warm-up with 5 rounds of 5 SSHs and a burpee. A bit of stretching using the patented right over left technique and the Pax was ready to go… wait!! Who’s that moseying in from the parking lot, obviously late? No, not Tesla, it was CPAP. Imperial walkers to kill time, and we took off, slowly, since YHC can’t see the holes in the parking lot.

In a nod to the previous week’s Route 66, Route 666 was called. Same 11 utility poles (mostly), same merkins (of course), but now throw in the Jack Webb air presses (1 merkin to 4 air presses). Finishing at the American Legion, time for the pledge.

Mosey down the hill for some 11s with LBCs and monkey humpers, and there is not enough time to head to the old middle school for some Dora, so Davis park we went for the standard dip/derkin/step up routine at the benches. Three rounds with 5 burpees for the train and some squats for good measure and time to head back to the flag.

Five minuets of pax called Mary with 15 seconds of burpees and it was time.

Announcements: tomorrow is the convergence at The Yank, all other AOs will be closed. Reach out to someone today and bring them to The Yank. Also, BOS is again collecting worn, but in good condition, shoes for the men’s shelter and Soles for Kids. Bring them Saturday, or schedule a pickup with BOS. Also Saturday at 9am is Keep Belmont Beautiful. Check in Slack for the upcoming Baseball outing and Checkers (Metro Pax). Next Saturday is the Community Foundation Run, remember F3 Foundation, and the following Saturday is the F3 Adopt a Highway gig at Gashouse. Whew, that’s a lot going on!

Please remember in your prayers the kids heading to the prom, Tesla and his family, Max Foster (Tesla friend), Huckleberry, Big Pappy’s son, and Turtle Man.

It was an honor to lead -Orangeman

Against the Wind

3 HIM gathered to run together this morning. Two were already out doing some EC. Seems everybody wanted to sleep in today. This is what happened…

We left the Pub heading north on Gaston Day School Road in search of some miles. All three of us said we felt worn down. There was a hill in front of us, we conquered it. We took a left, a right, and another left where Buckeye admired the pretty black-light motif at the substation as we ran by. We turned right at the bank, kept going down the hill and turned right onto Gaston Day School Road or whatever it’s called right there.

WIND hit us upside the head! It was like we were running in place. We kept going. More WIND! See Bob Seger song “Running Against the Wind.” The song sucks but does capture our experience. Up the hill, down, back up, down and left into the Pub. We made it, barely.

Announcements: Convergence Saturday, Community Foundation run April 9, Adopt A Highway cleanup April 16 from Gashouse, 2nd F lunch THURSDAY April 21, Honey Hunters April 24

Prayer requests: Turtleman, Broke’s leg, Huckleberry, Tiger’s family, SA’s daughter, Teachers, Living Hope church plant (YHC’s church)

Thank you men for the opportunity to lead.

Always Be EHing!!!

Flaming Cropduster

9 total pax for a beautiful day at Midoriyama to suck in all the pollen that we could. Leppard had the Q but pushed his wife down the stairs again so he had to take her to the doctor. I’m always willing to step in so I dug through the archives and found one  that I had saved that I could tell was going to have a high suck factor. It did not disappoint.


SSH x 10ic- Broke is starting to look like a cross between Leppard and Tesla while doing these now

Low slow squat x 10ic

I’m not much on the warmup this late in the day so let’s get busy. We grabbed some blocks and hit the parking lot on the other side of the turd shack.

The Thang:

10 blockees-Oh the moans from the crowd!

20 Thrusters-yet again more moans

30 Hand Release merkins-the moans stopped as the pax let defeat settle in

40 Lunges(count each leg)

Run 2 laps around the parking lot

Rinse and repeat.

We did this for the entire time and it was terrible. I started blacking out at one point I really felt like I was going to go out. Mayor almost puked 13 times. Blart had a bet going for when Mayor would puke. Termite said he laid enough block and refused to pick one up. Oompa started but pulled a half flaming cropduster. He just walked off with his block to the woods. We thought he was going to leave but he came back eventually to do a modified version. Wirenut didn’t think it was hard enough and did his lunges on the curb so that they would be deeper. Speaking of deeper there was a surprising amount of sexual innuendo’s during this workout. I mean we usually have some but this one was a little disturbing at times.


Announcements-Convergence this Saturday at The Yank, SMR meeting after, Community run 4/9, Trash pickup 4/16

Prayer Request-Mayor took us out

Pledge-Led by Oompa


This one was so good Blart even said goodbye to me. It was from his truck and he was giving me the California howdy but he did at least say bye!


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